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  • Red Card: The Soccer Star Who Lost It All to Gambling

    by Tony Kelly

    "A blossoming soccer career marred by mishaps which drove him to disaster. Ruined by an addiction to gambling, Tony Kelly lost his career, his partner, and his wealth. Now he has written his story to “invite the public, family, and friends into my secret hell of racism, despair, depression, stardom, gambling addiction and self-destruction”


  • Blackness Interrupted: Black Psychology Matters

    by Nicól Osborne, Tamera Gittens

    Blackness Interrupted: Black Psychology Matters explores the subject of Black psychology as a field or branch of psychology that adequately addresses and explores psychology beyond the Eurocentric perspective of psychology as it relates to the Black experience. A captivating and persuasive analysis of racial bias in educational psychology by Osborne and Gittens.

    It is no secret that the many accomplishments of African Americans in the field of Psychology have not been spot... more

  • Pandemic Musings (1.11.20 - 1.20.21)

    by Denis O'Neill
    A book of essays and observations posted on Facebook during the first year of the pandemic, viewed through a political lens, gathered here in one aromatic bunch. Politics, nature, literature, humor ~ a writer's take on the art of survival in a most dangerous year.
  • Thoughts in Traffic

    by Aramide Salako
    Thoughts in Traffic is a book of thoughts, expanded from quotes to philosophical notes, essays, Shakespearean poems, noetic, and intellectual discourses. You also get to read the Author's: Letter to the World-beater; Letter to the Nigerian Citizenry, Letter to Top CEOs on LinkedIn, Letter to Elon Musk, and even a LETTER TO GOD!
  • Deciphering Shakespeare's Plays: A Practical Guide to the Twenty Best-Known and Enduring Works

    by Cynthia Greenwood
    Deciphering Shakespeare's Plays brings William Shakespeare's 400-year-old dramas alive in a new introduction for students, playgoers, and general readers. The book doesn't just dissect great soliloquies on the page -- it illuminates the essence and experience of the Shakespearean spoken word. It also brings you closer to the heady, behind-the-scenes world of freelance playwriting and the London theatre scene of the 1590s. It lends insight into decisions that theatre people make while acting and ... more
  • The Madame's Business: The remarkable life and tragic death of Malvina Guimaraes

    by Ann Callaghan Allen
    This is the true story of a 19th century woman from rural Upstate New York who defied contemporary gender roles to amass a fortune, only to see it threatened by an unscrupulous husband. Malvina Guimaraes introduced the sewing machine, then a new and transformative device for women, to the South American market at a time when women rarely ventured beyond their homes. She was deceived and abused by her third husband who had 19th century law and conventional thinking on his side. The battle for co... more
  • Mama Tingo

    by Raynelda A. Calderon
    Mama Tingo was born on November 8, 1921 in the Dominican Republic. She was the leader of a group of farmers whose lands wanted to be taken from them. The inspiring story of this courageous peasant woman who didn't know how to read and write is meant to inspire children to be their own brave selves.
  • Little Giants: 10 Hispanic Women Who Made History

    by Raynelda A. Calderon

    Short collection of biographies about 10 Hispanic women and the impact they made in the world. 

  • The Music Man: Our Rootin' Tootin' Hero

    by Jennifer Antonik
    Have you ever heard a trombone in action? How about a guitar? Do you know what they look like or how young must you be to play in a band? What is a band? Follow a hometown hero’s path to a new passion. Joe was a Texas-born United States veteran who traveled the world. He was brave in his own right and finding himself in need of something to do when he retired in Delaware… both times! His passion for music played a recurring tune – he really wanted to play his instruments. It made him happy! Ther... more