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  • Young Ultraista: the early writing of Jorge Luis Borges

    by Mario René Padilla
    This book aims to broaden Borgesian scholarship by presenting the ignored and suppressed juvenilia, 1919-1923—the poetry, essays manifestos, and criticism—of a “literary genius” who, two decades later, would become one of the twentieth century’s most celebrated authors. Borges aficionados, upon reading this book, you will have to accept that the introverted, half-blind, erudite author of Ficciones (1944) and El Aleph (1949) was once a young, passionate, aspiring ultraísta poet reveling in the st... more

    by James R. Martin

    “Storytelling in the SEO Age" is not just another how-to-write guide; it is a transformative experience. Setting itself apart from traditional writing manuals, this book goes beyond simply laying down rules or techniques for constructing nonfiction narratives. It delves deeply into the very soul of storytelling, emphasizing the vital importance of authenticity, empathy, and respect for the subjects of the narrative. It's rare to find a guide that merges the technical aspects, s... more

  • Outermost Writing from Cape Cod

    by Christopher Ward Ellsasser
    A collection of essays inspired by the outermost beaches of Cape Cod. In the tradition of Thoreau, each essay begins with an observation of everyday life and builds to an examination of the human condition.
  • Reflections On the Class of 1923: The Tome School For Boys, Port Deposit, Maryland

    by Rodney Kelley

    "Reflections on the Class of 1923" presents an evocative collective biography celebrating the centennial of this class at the Tome School for Boys in Port Deposit, Maryland. This masterful tome paints a rich tapestry of the lives of 29 graduates as they journey from boyhood, traversing the hallowed halls of their esteemed institution and maturing into the complex world that awaited them. Delving into the school's origins, the author explores the educational landscape of early 20... more

  • Storytelling: Ideas and Insights from Modern Tales

    by Roemer McPhee
    "Storytelling" is a large collection of short essays, looking for timeless truths and universal insights from modern literature. Literary artists are great investigators, and most all long-term human interests and concerns have naturally found their way into storytelling. This book identifies and analyzes a large and eclectic mix of ideas and insights: insights into humanity and life.
  • Jesus, the Man and the Myth

    by Frederic Seager
    History being the science of causality, the author, a historian, asks a historian's question: what caused the rift between Jesus and his compatriots? When he entered Jerusalem one bright Sunday in April, the crowds lining his route cried out, "Hosanna to the son of David!" His skills as a faith healer and his presumed Davidic ancestry through Joseph gave hope to the Jewish masses in Judea that here, at last, was the KIng-Messiah who would liberate them from Roman rule. Five days later, he was de... more
  • How Did I End Up Here?: (How Do I Always End Up Here?)

    by Mariah Woods

    Have you ever wondered to yourself, "how did I end up in this situation?" Well Mariah lives there. Travel with Mariah as she takes a journey back in time from her childhood years through high school encountering people so vibrant it's hard to believe they are real, and learning many life lessons along the way.

    Where are all of the Black girl coming of age stories? Well here's one. This is the story of my life growing up on the South Side of Chicago during th... more

  • What the Daemon Said: Essays on Horror Fiction, Film, and Philosophy

    by Matt Cardin

    A collection of essays, introductions, and interviews spanning two decades and focusing on the intersection of supernatural horror fiction and film with religion, spirituality, and philosophy. Includes six papers on the works of Thomas Ligotti, substantial essays on a variety of horror topics (Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, George Romero's Living Dead films, the history of the angel and the demon), and selected interviews from various publications in which the author lays out the religi... more

  • The Modern Ignoramus

    by V. J. Cole
    A rational essay on the habits of the modern individual and the effects their manifestations are having on the modern collective: from infantilism and self-victimization to overzealous environmentalism, to communist ideologies. The author explores and critiques the culture of the lazy, the hungry for attention, and the radical visionary. A book against irrationalism and Marxist propaganda, with a splash of historical and philosophical hints, which seeks to elevate the rational nature of man and ... more
  • Appreciating Shakespeare

    by Gideon Rappaport
  • When Life Gives You Risk, Make Risk Theatre: Three Tragedies and Six Essays

    by Edwin Wong
    Essays on risk in life, literature, and drama plus three award-winning plays where risk is the dramatic fulcrum of the action.
  • Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Works (Books 1-9)

    by Cat Ellington, Naras Kimono, Joseph Strickland

    The Complete Works comprises books 1-9 from the popular Reviews by Cat Ellington series. In the making since 2018, this comprehensive reference, compiled by Quill Pen Ink Publishing, serves to wrap up the fascinating seven-year series.

    Featuring bonus material by author Naras Kimono and award-winning filmmaker Joseph Strickland, Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Works (Books 1-9) will end the first era of Cat Ellington's prolific career in literary criticism t... more

  • Kublai Khan

    by Tariq Hameed
    One night, the English Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, was ill! So ingesting, opium based a medication; while reading a book on the Great Emperor, fell into a fitful sleep: and so dreamt about the legendary Khan. On awakening, he began writing his laced dream, Kubla Khan. Unfortunately, he penned only fifty-four lines, before he was brutally interrupted, by an unfortunate bell-toll. Later, his famous friend Lord Byron, urged Coleridge to share it with a larger audience; rather than just h... more
  • Journeys of Discovery

    by Candace Gish
    20 Motivational Journeys by Female Entrepreneurs on Life, Business, and Happiness JOURNEYS OF DISCOVERY is a compilation of short stories from women entrepreneurs, who have overcome obstacles to achieve their dreams. Read and be inspired by these amazing Divas as they share their personal stories of the good, bad and the ugly, with a little helpful advice on the side.
  • Grow Your Leadership

    by Candace Gish
    The twin visions behind this anthology are inspiration and engagement. Read it to be inspired by other entrepreneurial women who share experiences that taught valuable business lessons and a successful mindset. Discover how you can "pay it forward" by using your own business success to make positive changes in the world around you. Let's develop a community of committed women working together to make the world a better place, not just for ourselves but also for future generations.
  • Young Divas That Care

    by Candace Gish
    Think big and follow your passion. That’s exactly what the seventeen young women in Young Divas That Care have done. Through personal struggles with family, bullying, depression, and life-threatening medical conditions and a desire to empower others, these young women combine their passions with volunteerism to make a difference in the world. Today, they are impacting a variety of people across the globe—from young girls looking to enter the field of technology to the disabled people of Sri L... more