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  • 7 Unicorn Drive: From Startup to A Billion Dollar Sale in 7 Years – The Adventure of Iza and Samo Login

    by Dani Polajnar

    In 2009 the Slovenian tech entrepreneurs Iza and Samo Login set out with the goal of creating a new startup that they would build into a successful business and sell in order to dedicate all their time to philanthropic pursuits. In just 7 years, the Login's sold their $250,000 startup for $1 Billion to a Chinese investment group, catapulting them among the wealthiest Europeans and making them the richest Slovenes. 

    They founded Outfit7 and created the Talking Tom app&mdash... more

  • Running Your Small Business Like A Pro: The More You Know, The Faster You Grow

    by Andrew Frazier, MBA, CFA
    A common sense guide for learning how to run your business as a professional enterprise. It provides a fundamental understanding of the challenges small businesses face with real-world solutions that drive results. It also introduces tools and techniques that any business in any sector can easily deploy to achieve long term stability.
  • Black Magic Removal

    by Love Back By Vashikaran
    Free black magic removal, Free service seems like a lucky fate in the world of today. You know when one goes through the hard times. They are not able to decide which way can be better for them.
  • Tips to conduct a successful mobile app testing

    by Richel Garner
    Software Testing is an integral part of any web or mobile application and software development. In this digital era where everything is just a click away we can see an increasing number of smart phone users from kids to older people. And with this, the mobile apps have become not just a thing of convenience, but a necessity for all. To ensure a bug-free and a smooth user experience, the application interface needs to be easy to navigate and accessible. That is why we need to conduct successful... more
  • How to do proper Product Listing on Amazon

    by olivia smith
    As an Amazon seller, crafting a good E-commerce Product Listing E-commerce Product Listing becomes crucial to attract more number of customers to your product description page. Amazon Listing Optimization requires good knowledge about how things actually work on the biggest online retail website, and seeking proper guidance from an experienced consultancy is the only solution. Here are few tips to write a good listing for your products on ... more
  • Promised Land: The 10 Commandments for Nonprofit Strategy, Communications, and Fundraising

    by Janet Cobb
    Whether your organization is secular or faith-driven, if your nonprofit runs on a wing and a prayer, and your idea of a fundraising plan is to worship the golden calf—Promised Land is for you. If you’re ready to get out of the desert, Promised Land will walk you through the three-plan approach to explore budget-friendly strategic planning, develop effective communications and integrate a fundraising plan to empower others to support your vision. The 10 Commandments outline inspirational and prac... more
  • Waste Management Audit in India | Saahas Zero Waste

    by Saahas Zerowaste

    Waste Management Consulting and Audit - Saahas Zero Waste works with corporate organizations, governments and international agencies facilitating the exchange of solutions and analyzing the best waste management practices. Contact now!

  • The Tao of Pricing

    by Marlene Jensen
    Pain-free pricing strategy. 79 pricing "parables" such as: "Know your customers. If a man known for his cheapness buys from you... raise your prices immediately." Reviewer Bob Bly states, "This book makes pricing so much fun, you might not realize how much you're learning!"
  • Pricing Psychology Report

    by Marlene Jensen
    All pricing decisions are not logical! People also buy at one price and not at another for psychological reasons -- many of which they don't understand. Yet these psychology-based choices have been documented by pricing strategy experts in tests of hundreds of millions of consumers. * How to change your price by a couple of pennies -- and get 10-20% MORE ORDERS. * How to raise prices -- and get MORE ORDERS. You might believe there is no such thing as too-low pricing. But you'd be wrong. I... more
  • 47 Ways to Raise Prices ...Without Losing Customers!

    by Marlene Jensen
    COVID-threatened businesses now have 47 ways to raise prices without turning away customers! It’s a tough time to have a small business! Shrinking sales and rising COVID costs have many entrepreneurs: * Waking up in a cold sweat afraid their business can’t survive * Pouring over financials — without finding anything else they can cut * Sick with worry about having to lay off employees In this economy, there’s only one answer that can help the business survive — you have to raise pric... more
  • Debt-Free ASAP!

    by John Nicholas
    ARE YOU READY TO BE DEBT-FREE? If you're stressed out, maxed out or even wiped out from juggling bills and struggling with debt, then it's time to read this book and start changing your life. Author John Nicholas has built multi-million dollar companies but he's also been jobless, broke and buried in debt. So he knows the pain and anguish debt can cause. But he's learned how to conquer and recover from it - especially after working in the debt-relief industry where he learned why so many p... more
  • Own a Fraction, Earn a Fortune: The Complete Guide to Co-investing in Art and Collectibles

    by Michael Fox-Rabinovitz
    Discover how fractional ownership platforms can empower you to easily buy and sell shares of collectible items such as Art, Sports Memorabilia, Trading Cards, Comic Books, Watches, Classic Cars, and other asset categories which were previously out of reach for the vast majority of investors.
  • The Art and Science of Real Estate Negotiation

    by Gabrielle Dahms
    The Art and Science of Real Estate Negotiation addresses a practice indispensable to real estate success: negotiation. Negotiation principles and fundamentals affect what and how much real estate buyers, sellers, and investors get, achieve and gain. Read this book and become a powerful real estate investor who nets results and dollars.
  • Full lingerie set in India and other honeymoon essentials!

    by akansha Singh
    Full lingerie set in India and other honeymoon essentials. Shopping for a bridal trousseau is no joke! There are a number of categories to shop for and a plethora of varieties to choose from. In this blog, we are talking only about the honeymoon section. Here is the list of all the essential things you need to pack, before you are off to your honeymoon. Sanitary Pads You might be on medications which prepone or postp... more
  • Foresight Investing: A Complete Guide to Finding Your Next Great Trade

    by James H. Lee
    If you want to be in at the right place at the right time, it pays to show up a few minutes early. Fortunes can be made by finding “the next big thing.” Some of the best investments over the past few years came from Silicon Valley. Over the next decade, we’ll see even bigger opportunities from the internet of things (IoT), augmented reality, cryptocurrencies, automation, artificial intelligence, longevity science, and new sources of energy. Foresight Investing provides a remarkable t... more
  • Resilience and the Future of EveryDay Life

    by James H. Lee

    How can we sustain ourselves in a world turned upside-down? That’s the central question of Resilience and the Future of Everyday Life. In this thought-provoking book, financial advisor and futurist James H. Lee explores the unprecedented challenges of the post-modern age. Some see these problems—from financial chaos and exploding debt to career uncertainty and environmental worries—as proof that human society is on the verge of collapse. Lee looks past the doom and gloom and... more