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  • Attack, Parry, Riposte: A Fencer’s Guide To Better Business Execution

    by Norman A. Katz
    Business is more than just a sport, it is a battle. You have to expertly wield weapons to professionally defeat the internal and external disruptive challenges confronting your organization, to compete against your competition, and combat against the market forces that will oppose you. For the first time ever, Norman A. Katz has applied the strategies and tactics of the martial art of fencing to showcase how to successfully win at business. Attack, Parry, Riposte: A Fencer’s Guide to Better Busi... more
  • Overcoming the Innovation Killers: How to innovate products that thrill customers and break through the chaotic marketplace.

    by Jeff L. Jones
    A huge number of products come to store shelves every year. But many experts estimate 90% of them fail and leave the shelves just as quickly. Why the unpredictability? Why the failures? We believe it’s the absence of clarity and clarity comes when all participants are willing to be vulnerably honest about their needs. The Consumer Clarity Approach is specifically designed to create the clarity required to create great ideas, that meet the consumer’s real needs and can break through the chaos in ... more
  • The Culture of Money

    by De'Andre Salter
    The Culture of Money is an idealogy for creating sustainable Black wealth. Never losing sight of his relentless passion for faith, family, and economic empowerment, Salter is focused on what he calls one of the great civil rights issues of our day- the overwhelming racial wealth gap. The Culture of Money aims to build a Black Wealth movement through the adoption of three community shared values: Know More, Own More, Pass Down More. Using the power of the Black family, Black Churches and communit... more
  • Will my project survive the pandemic?

    by Fabio Turel
    The pandemic creates unique challenges to projects. This book helps project managers identify those risks, estimate their impact on the project and plan adequate solutions.
  • Anti Aging Skin Care Products

    by Nefertari

    Nefertari sells best Sothys Anti Aging skin care products for flawless skin.

    Here are our product range: Noctuelle Detox Resurfacing Overnight Cream, Sothys Energizing Depolluting Youth Cream, Sothys Energizing Protective Depolluting Serum, Sothys Energizing Instant Corrector, Sothys Energizing Radiance Ampoules

  • Before the Mic

    by Glenn Gibson
    To deliver truly captivating presentations, you do not need to be a born performer, a gifted artist or a natural comedian. Before the Mic shows you how to be meaningful, memorable and motivational every time you present. It’s all about the work that needs to happen before the mic. Glenn Gibson—who has delivered thousands of presentations over the past twenty years and trained hundreds of executives and sales professionals—shares practical guidance, helpful templates and easy-to-use tools in t... more
  • iPad iPod Reparatur Backnang, Waiblingen, Winnenden, Fellbach, Weinstadt, Schorndorf

    by Flying Phone

    iPad iPod Reparatur Fellbach, Weinstadt, Schorndorf

    • Wir tauschen ihren kaputten Touchscreen – Glas – in original Qualität. Wir sind Experten für iPad Reparaturen. Hervorragende Technik.
    • Ihr iPad wird nach der Reparatur wieder im neuen Glanz erscheinen. Ein neues Display verspricht
    • einwandfreie Nutzung ihres iPads in gewohnter Qualität. Ihr iPad Reparatur Fellbach repariert Ihnen ein defektes LCD, Glas, Touchscree... more
  • Mastering Your Balance: A Guide to Leading and Living at Your Full Potential

    by Jason Thompson
    What would it take to raise an organization’s level of performance from acceptable to exceptional? This book explores and provides solid answers to that fundamental question. Bill Leider and Jason Thompson, the managing partners of Axies Group, have decades of experience in successfully leading, consulting for, advising and coaching leaders and their organizations, from ambitious start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across a wide range of industries. Taking the lessons learned from their... more
  • BE-ing Leadership

    by Rodolfo Carrillo
    Are you DO-ing leadership or BE-ing a leader? You’re working hard, you’re giving your team all the tools they need, you’ve taken the courses, yet it seems like you have to be involved in every important decision. You know your team can do so much better, something’s holding them back, and you’re not sure on how to lead them to the next level. This book presents you with the SER model which will: Show you how to navigate the inner complexity of being a leader Allow you to understand how, ... more
  • Mastering 21st Century Enterprise Risk Management

    by Gregory M. Carroll

    "Mastering 21st Century Enterprise Risk Management" is an Executive's Guide for transforming ERM from an overhead to a value-adding driver of growth. It covers why existing methods of risk management have failed and looks at how events like Brexit, COVID, and the rise of social responsibility are redefining business uncertainty. Using real world examples, it sets the foundation that will allow organizations to restructure risk management to implement the Future of ERM – AI... more

  • cheap towing nyc

    by johan brandon
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  • How To Choose Hardwood Floor

    by mani

    Rugpads for hardwood plays a vital role in preserving its look and shine. If you have a concrete ground made of wood, considering a padding that could preserve their aesthetics without blemishes of scratches and scrapes.

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  • Explainer Jeeves Inc.

    by Explainer Jeeves Inc.
    Explainer Videos are best for brands. Explainer Jeeves Inc. is a trusted custom animated video company provides Whiteboard, 2D and 3D explainer animation video services.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business

    by Steven Finlay
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are now mainstream business tools. They are being applied across many industries to increase profits, reduce costs, save lives and improve customer experiences. Consequently, organizations that understand these tools and know how to use them are benefiting at the expense of their rivals. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business cuts through the hype and technical jargon that is often associated with these subjects. It delivers... more
  • Labor Versus Capital in the United States

    by Louis Patsouras
    Labor Versus Capital in the United States is a companion volume to Karl Marx and Other Socialists: Problems of Socialism, The Fall of Communism and a Proper Socialism/Ecology, published by Authorhouse. Its main focus is to describe the state of the class struggle between the principal contemporary antagonists: the working class / lower middle class versus the upper middle class and the richest 1 percent in the United States of America. Specific chapters involving the current state of affairs in ... more