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  • Hard-wired to Lead: ReConstruction for Women's Leadership

    by Carmela R. Nanton
    The inescapable blocks that have kept women from sitting behind the CEO desk, on the Board, or in office, are not inevitable. Leaders, followers, paradigms, ethical patterns, and practices of the status quo must be reConstructed to be more inclusive of women's leadership. Practical steps such as radical learning strategic networks and a formal structure of individual and organization development are starters, but a single solution will not suffice for this problem's complexity. Company-wide coal... more
  • Hard-Wired to Lead: Power Secrets and Women's Leadership

    by Carmela R. Nanton

    This sobering, candid discussion makes an uncanny and disturbing connection between the power and control of domestic violence and the pervasive company and leader's abusive behaviors and unequal treatment of women based on gender, sex image, money, and the church in society.  There are laws in place to identify professional misconduct, boundaries, and discrimination, but contemporary leaders find inexcusable ways to circumvent them and create barriers for women who aspire to lead. Is there a... more

  • Hard-wired To Lead: The Culture of Silence and Women's Leadership

    by Carmela R. Nanton

    Silencing is used as a way to intimidate and control women's access to leadership and self-determination. The author exposes the culture of silence, leadership narratives, or shades of truth presented as myths and spins or metaphors that shape perceptions of women's leadership experiences. An illustrative case study is provided to highlight the multi-layers challenges women encounter when seeking top positions for the first time when women are hard-wired to Lead.

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  • Many Happy Returns

    by Phil Brown

    A compelling, highly enjoyable feast of advice and findings for the professional marketer who wants to excel at the art and science of direct mail. This book delivers 145 instructive anecdotes that demystify the intricacies of direct mail design, strategy and math. A revealing marketing treasury that opens up on any page with a new idea for direct mail success.

  • How to Use your Credit Rating to put you on the path to Debt Freedom

    by G.E.S. Boley Jr
    I am here to tell you there is always a way and sometimes the way is right in front of you! So many people are not financially literate in our country. This book, "How to Use your Credit Rating to put you on the path to Debt Freedom", will change that fact. I am sharing what I have learned from the importance of credit. To how it is used and rated with agencies so you can make those adjustments in your life to set yourself free!
  • Best Marketing Strategies For Restaurants

    by Restaurant Funnel
    Get the best marketing strategies for restaurants to increase the production, and sales. Let us guide you with the best tips and ideas for sales and production funnels.
  • Furnished House for Rent

    by FOX Corporate Housing LLC
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  • Employeeless?

    by Per Damgaard Husted
    In today’s Age of Artificial Intelligence, are you concerned about how it can change your business and its competitive landscape? Do you want to understand how to use the technology effectively within your business? AI serial entrepreneur Per Damgaard Husted’s book "Employeeless" explains why AI will redefine the way you conduct business – and how to manage those changes so they benefit you as the business manager! This is not a technical book. It won’t provide 50 tips on how to get star... more
  • Human Resources A to Z

    by Ted Smith
    Aimed at ambitious, mid-level HR & OD people, it’s full of practical tips and tricks to move from being good to great, with insights into the ways that you can influence others, get change accepted, and make things happen. A to Z style, so that you can dip in and out, or go straight to an issue.
  • More About Family Prosperity

    by rachel george

    No matter how hard families try to amass wealth over generations, it is not an easy job to keep the momentum going. As generations come, most will be unlikely to know what their ancestors did to keep their wealth going up and beyond. The younger generations of the family may not have the best understanding of what kept their businesses succeeding and the strategies that they followed to keep it that way. That’s a real concern for many business groups when there are statistics saying tha... more

  • Don't Be a Jerk Manager: The Down & Dirty Guide to Management

    by James Monroe
    This is the companion book to "Don't Be a Dick Manager," but with a title that may be more palatable in professional settings. Take a successful employee, promote them into management but give them no management training and there’s a very good chance you’ll create a defensive, insecure, unsuccessful, jerk manager. Here is the management training you never got! This honest, straightforward guide reveals the things nobody talks about–knowledge that only comes from real-world experience in t... more
  • Picapic Gift Store

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