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  • Leadership by Storytelling: The Best Way to Learn Good Leadership Skills

    by Dr. Tom DePaoli
    Can you become a great leader by storytelling? Unequivocally! Dr. Tom DePaoli wrote a book to prove it. With his book Leadership by Storytelling: The Best Way to Learn Good Leadership Principles, he reveals some authentic principles of great leadership. The principles are demonstrated with compelling leadership stories that support the beliefs. Dr. Tom provides twenty-six principles of successful leadership. He notes that the oldest methods of passing down knowledge was storytelling. A tribe st... more
  • Job Hunting. NOW What?: Keeping It Real in the Modern Career Search

    by Lisa A. Holmes MSHR
    Learn the secrets of success in job hunting from Lisa A. Holmes, a human resources expert with more than thirty years’ experience. Her “soup-to-nuts” guide will help you hone your hunting skills, land and keep your desired job in an ever-changing market. This practical guide to the modern career search will help you better understand the emotional journey of the job search, how to create a stellar résumé and develop strong communication skills, and get insider knowledge of what HR and recruit... more
  • Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever

    by Michael Swigunski
    What if you could travel forever while radically advancing your career? College. Graduation. Work a 9 to 5 job, save up and retire on a pension. This isn’t the correct path for everyone. Nor should it be. Global Career: How to Work Anywhere and Travel Forever is a paperback for your backpack, a step-by-step blueprint to travel the world, build a successful career others wish they had, and build a life that most people only dream of. This comprehensive guide is filled with genuine stori... more
  • buy tactical clothing

    by extreem tactical
    Buy tactical gear clothing that contains the seven layers of protective shield from the snow and cold. There is a bottom layer, an insulation coating, and additional layers that are widely known as shell layers. It is advisable to buy tactical clothing in a wise manner as these clothes are finished for training or multiple tactical operations, plus there are quite a bit lighter than other diverse sorts of milit... more
  • Quality Master: The World Class Insight About Quality

    by Pearl Zhu

    Quality Management is the capacity to improve business systems or processes consistently and inspire a culture of improvement to achieve business milestones and goals across the organization. Quality is defined by a number of factors, such as reliability, reusability, precision, proficiency, effectiveness, or efficiency, etc. In essence, quality is about meeting the needs and expectations of customers with consistency. To systematically lead an organization into good practices to focus on qua... more

  • The Woman Entrepreneur: Business Solutions

    by Rosa Ann Crowder
    Embrace a “List Making” Lifestyle. Procrastination is our enemy. Don’t be controlled by fear! The way to a successful business is going after what you want? Your success is in your hands. Passion - Make a list of services or products that bring out your emotions. It all comes down to how you look at your talents and what you are passionate about and make it into a business. The solution is - to take control of that intelligent mind that is within you. And be the master of your domain. Trans... more
  • Boogeyman Leadership: How to Turn Your Employees Into Listless Zombies

    by Dr. Tom DePaoli

    Have you endured awful leaders in your career? Dr. Tom DePaoli sure has. In his new book Boogeyman Leadership: How to Turn Your Employees into Listless Zombies, he showcases poor leaders and their tactics that inevitably failed. Dr. Tom believes it is very important to know what does not work first, so that an aspiring good leader does not waste time on such approaches. He does not pretend to offer any silver bullet solutions to these poor policies. Boogeyman Leadership recounts many bad lead... more

  • Mastering the Game: Strategies for Career Success

    by Sharon E. Jones

    There’s nothing more frustrating than playing a game without knowing all the rules. Lawyer and diversity consultant, Sharon E. Jones, can attest to this in her professional life. Jones demystifies ten "unwritten" rules of workplace culture and provides over 100 strategies to help women, people of color, millennials, and other professionals succeed.

  • Ems-events

    by Aaron Abbott
  • Who Is Providing High Speed Internet Services In My Area This Year

    by Spectrum Bundles Deals
    I am living in metropolitan, but I think, if I were not living, it doesn’t matter at all the reason is the world in contemporary times is like a global village. Internet is everywhere and now is the age of E-commerce means people are purchasing and prefer to purchase on the Internet. So now we don’t have those benefits of metropolitan that we used to have around ten years before. In fact, life in the metropolitans is so hectic and causing dementia. Where our dependency on the internet is incre... more
  • Benefits of LED Display Screens in Public Places

    by Julie Tai

    LED displays in public places play an important role in today's world of advertising, informing people and disseminating general awareness. Public spaces are perhaps one of the best places to create a digital LED display. LED screens are used for both the exterior and interior of public spaces. But each numeric character requires a slightly different environment so that it can realize its full potential. Here are some benefits of using LED screens in public places:

    Manage an E... more

  • Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches: Use Your Natural Gifts to Attract Your Ideal Clients

    by Sharon Good
    "Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches" shows coaches and other independent professionals how to use their natural gifts to connect with clients.

    by Sarah Weise
    Move over Millennials, there’s a new kid in town. Today, Generation Z (ages 13-24) outpaces Millennials by 3 million. They represent 40 percent of consumers and $44B in direct buying power. This generation is wielding their mighty influence on every other generation, in every industry. Yet marketing departments are still focusing on Millennial research and are missing the massive potential of Generation Z. This generation of digital natives is an entirely different type of consumer—one tha... more
  • Scrum for Non-Techies

    by Antonio Montes Orozco

    Scrum is a teamwork methodology for developing software and technology products. Starting in the 90s, nowadays is still the most used methodology in software development. Used by big companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, BBVA Compass Bank, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, and many more, it helps in the creation of high-performance teams and group intelligence to fulfill any requested task. Scrum is starting to expand in other environments that nothing have to do with software: schools, town ... more

  • B07RX153VS

    by Monica Rubombora
    Government Tenders Don’t Suck! is a no-nonsense playbook for the overwhelmed small business owner who wants to navigate the complicated government tendering process and win. The book is a comprehensive guide for business development and RFP. It has been designed to help—the “little gal and guy”: 1-Avoid common pitfalls and make the most of your business understanding, skills, and experience to purposefully win profitable Government Contracts 2-Compete for business through structured and... more
  • [BLOG] Starting a Successful Blog: Share Your Passion and Turn It into a Business ( A Step-By-Step Guide To WordPress Magic)

    by Sara Sandhu
    ‘Starting A Successful Blog: Share your Passion and Turn It into A Business’ is a book about how to start your blog in a Step-by-Step process.