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  • Things to Do To Avoid a Financial Crisis

    by Upskill Learning
    Often we do not think about what it would be like to get into a financial crisis until we are actually right in the middle of one. It might be a bit too late then to try and make amends and all you can do is make sure that you are ready the next time or better yet prevent one from happening. Sometimes no matter how careful and responsible you are a crisis could happen for many different reasons but you also should know that most of the time monetary issues can be prevented if we know what we are... more
  • Buzz: The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing

    by Roseanne Cheng
    Buzz is the indie author’s ultimate guide to marketing effectively, inexpensively, and excitingly. Within its pages, you’ll find answers to the questions on every writer’s mind: • What does it really mean to “market” my book? • How do I best reach my specific audience? • What are effective ways to promote my book via social media? • Do I really need to be a public speaker? In addition to this, the Wise Ink marketing team has provided sample content calendars, email promotions, a m... more
  • Tips of completing project management writing

    by Subhajit Khara
    Project assignment writing is the way of establishing and focus of scope and also defining the real objective and steps to get them securely. Spearheading with the writing of project homework would be responsible for planning and structure development. Grace under the pressure which is the way and to essentially under the formation and also with the seven other key ingredient to lead and then the project to get success in writing.

    Putting together right team

    Actually... more
  • Different Marketing Collaterals That the Banking & Finance Industry Can Use

    by Ethan Lee
    The fundamental truth of any business organization is to grow their business. Whether the business is a financial service provider or a brick-and-mortar store – marketing collaterals are very important. Marketing collateral should provide important information to the customers about the type of business, products or services, etc which can help the customers to remember your business and make an informed decision before availing the services.

    > For the ... more
  • Call PIP and Get Beneficial Loan

    by Lisa Ruiz
    The UK holds a great opportunity for all its citizens. It is the Budgeting loan. This loan system is formulated to make sure that those who are being unable to cover up their regularly needs by their inadequate income, is being able to meet them. Isn’t that great? Well then, go through the article to know everything about Budgeting loan.

    What is a budgeting loan?

    Budgeting loans as the name suggests, are beneficial programs catering to financial business. It is these loans that f... more
  • Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees!:

    by Dean Kendall
    Smart choices are never more important than when your money is involved. In Stop Paying Hidden Investment Fees! How To Get Unbiased Advice For The Right Fee So You Can Reach Your Financial Goals Years Earlier, financial organizer Dean Kendall lays out a plan to help you become better informed about the investment industry and to understand the impact of hidden fees on your ability to reach your goals. Hidden fees have a massive impact on your ability to achieve your goals and live your ideal l... more
  • The Solar Disruption of 2020

    by Barry Bowen
    We have the missing link, the reason why the Sun as the answer to global warming failed to launch. Scoff if you will, but the proof is coming in 2020 and the scoffers need to get out of the way. We speak of the Solar Disruption we claim will be in full swing in 2020. The Sun will assume its rightful place resolving one of the most serious of man’s problems These are exciting times, and for once in our lives we save money in the household budget. We will get aboard this train because we cannot a... more
  • Essay Writer UK

    by Jennifer Smith
    When it comes to any piece of academic writing, students are always advised to make their piece of writing attractive to the readers by choosing a curiosity arousing title for it. This way the teachers too will grade their essay assignments with good grades. Students can always hire professional essay writing services if they want to get good grades.
  • The Profitable Private Practice, How to Start, Run and Grow your Therapy Practice

    by Melissa DaSilva, LICSW
    Graduate school does not prepare Helping Professionals for running a successful business. This book teaches readers how to start a business and make money so that they can live the lifestyle they deserve.
  • The Essential Guide to Amazon Advertising: How to Attract More Readers And Sell More Books


    Learn How to Advertise with Amazon and Sell More Books

    Amazon has become the second Trillion Dollar company right after Apple. What started - just a decade ago - as a small online bookseller, has a few years later turned into the biggest bookstore, and is now the largest e-commerce reseller.

    With 48 Million books listed (3.5 Million Kindle books), self-publishing on Amazon has become a breeze. Sadly, that also means your books will most likely collect dust without... more

  • 978-0989546416

    by James Pattersenn Jr
    You Can Invest Like A Stock Market Pro is a how-to guide to help investors obtain market-beating returns from investing in stocks in the same manner that stock market pros do to amass their fortunes. Regardless of what you may have been told or what you may believe, investing in the stock market is still one of the most effective ways for most people to build wealth and best of all, a high IQ isn’t needed to do so. You simply need to know how to invest the right way since most people invest the ... more
  • Enterprising Women: A Practical Guide to Starting Your First Business

    by Melina Druga
    “What does it take to run a business,” you’re asking yourself. You have an idea and the desire to become self employed, but have no idea where to begin. Everyone likes the idea of working for herself and being her own boss, but it's not as easy as simply desiring it. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are falsely under the impression that, “if you build it, they will come.” In truth, you cannot expect customers to know your business exists or to even care if they do. Running a business takes har... more
  • Enterprising Women: Practical Advice for First Time Entrepreneurs

    by Melina Druga
    What happens when you ask small-business owners about what entrepreneurship has taught them? Surprisingly candid responses on struggles, life lessons and inner demons. “If I can do, then you can, too.” That is the message the small-business owners who appear in Enterprising Women want you to hear. Set aside fear and embrace success, but know you’ll work hard to get there. These enterprising women tell it like it is, as if they’re having an informal conversation with you over a cup of ... more
  • Cracking the New E-conomy

    by Gary McAvoy
    Advice from some of the areas most knowledgeable marketing, financial, legal, human resources, and sales people for entrepreneurs, not only in software but in high tech as well, seeking basic business information at all stages of a company from the start-up to the mature company.
  • Critical Lessons to Teach Young Employees

    by Elanora Brown
    Every job we have is a learning experience, especially when we are young. Everyone has gone through it: the nervousness of entering the workforce, the anxiety that we are not qualified enough, and the fear of failing, all mixed with the knowledge that we have a lot of experience to gain. If you are a business owner or manager hiring young employees, it’s your turn now to teach them skills they will carry with them throughout their lives. What do your young employ... more
  • Lean but Not Mean

    by Anil K. Singhal
    In his book, Lean But Not Mean, author Anil K. Singhal, takes a contrarian’s view to the question of how to run a successful corporation. Based on his own success in co-founding and growing Net Scout, a leading technology company, Singhal prescribes a philosophy that one should be honest, trust your employees, and drive power down through the hierarchy. By prioritizing employee enthusiasm, happiness and motivation, the result is an innovative, adaptive, structurally strong, highly efficient work... more