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Business & Personal Finance

  • Foster Your Passion: A Guide to Finding Your Passion and the Tools You Need to Foster It.

    by Hayley Foster
    In Foster Your Passion, Hayley engages and entertains her readers through personal stories and lessons she's learned throughout her life and her career. By reading her book or attending a workshop, you will discover how to: •\tdefine your vision to craft a personal mission statement •\tshift your mindset to embrace fears and jump out of your comfort zone •\ttrust your gut and not your ovaries to make better decisions •\tunleash more confidence and power in all aspects of life •\tmanag... more
  • Melbourne Airport Transfer Services

    by Silver Star Cars
    Wants to reach the airport on time? Silver Star Cars always provide reliable and Prompt Melbourne Airport Transfer Services to their customers. From wherever you can book luxury cars on your mobile at any time. Their chauffeurs always concern all needs of the customers.
  • Principles to Fortune

    by Scott J Bintz

    In his page-turning debut, Principles to Fortune, Scott Bintz shares hard-core experience and practical actions any business can take to create a winning workplace culture. It has received praise from business leaders like Chip Conley and Tony Hsieh. Learn how and why a company, that started in a basement, grew to over $100+ million in e-commerce sales. Winning best place to work awards and ranking on Internet Retailer s top 300 mobile and top 500 e-commerce lists. Learn how and why putting p... more

  • Debt Cleanse: How To Settle Your Unaffordable Debts for Pennies on the Dollar (And Not Pay Some At All)

    by Jorge P. Newbery
    Jorge Newbery erased his debts without filing bankruptcy. Now you can, too. In this book, Newbery - who was once plaged with $26 million of debt after a natural disaster devastated his business - reveals his proven debt-cleansing methods. Debt Cleanse shows you how to gain leverage over your creditors. Stop making payments — and turn that to your advantage. Uncover deficiencies that can put money in your pocket. Protect your assets from creditors (100% legally). And much more. You can settl... more
  • Stories of the Indebted

    by Jorge P. Newbery
    Millions of Americans today are mired in unaffordable debt. While breaking the chains of debt may feel like an insurmountable problem, a debt-free life is not out of reach. Jorge Newbery was once $26 million in debt. Today, he is the founder and CEO of American Homeowner Preservation and, both dedicated to helping debtors escape from the financial nightmares he faced. In Stories of the Indebted, Jorge imparts strategies, tools, and techniques to settle debts at big discount... more
  • Building a Showcase Culture, Powerful and Practical Keys for Manufacturing

    by Mark Lado
    A comprehensive manufacturing operations excellence book for building a factory showcase culture. The elements apply to all manufacturing processes including advanced technologies. The 4th industrial revolution introduces more innovation and digital technology, but the lessons in this book will stand the test of time.
  • The Blockchain You Don't Know (The Decentralisation Trilogy Book 1)

    by Daniel Mark Harrison
    The Blockchain You Don't Know is the most authoritative book there is on financial innovation on Blockchain. Written by well-regarded and controversial innovator Daniel Mark Harrison, the book takes you to places no other comparable technical or financial text book will do today.
  • What Should You Expect of Your Farm Equipment Supplier?

    by Mike Langer
    If you’re thinking about purchasing new farm equipment for sale, you know it’s a big investment and you hope it’s going to last you for years. Does that mean you simply run to the closest farm and garden store, hoping for the best? Knowing the importance of the purchase, clearly not. Proximity alone definitely shouldn’t determine your choice of farm equipment supplier. In fact, there are far more important factors to consider when it comes to farm and tractor stores.

    Firstly, what do ot... more
  • Book Smart: The Ninety-Day Guide to Writing and Self-Publishing for Busy Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Corporate Professio

    by Linda Griffin
    Do you want to write a book but aren’t interested in becoming a professional writer? In the past it would take months or years to be published by one of the big New York publishing houses. In these pages you’ll learn how to write, self-publish, and launch a book that teaches or inspires. Based on the same process Linda uses with her private coaching clients, Book Smart includes: •\tHow to avoid common self-publishing pitfalls and produce a well-written, beautifully designed book •\tHow to e... more
  • Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Business Success

    by Odille Remmert
    No matter what is going on in your business right now - whether you're trying to improve the results of your existing business, are starting a new business, or are struggling to take the leap from full-time employment to earning a living from doing what you love - the results you're experiencing are coming from references in your subconscious. This book will give you the details on how your subconscious is programmed, how it is controlling every aspect of your life, and how to change it. Fol... more
  • Delivering Successful Megaprojects - Key Factors and Toolkit for the Project Manager

    by clement Kwegyir-Afful
    ‘The book combines project management, leadership and motivational techniques that will help the project leader achieve their definition of success. The book explores what success really means. Several projects, like the Sydney Opera House, Channel Tunnel Link, and Jubilee line extension, were considered a failure, but can now be considered as huge successes. Are we accurately tailoring the right criteria to define the success of large infrastructure projects, or are we just sticking to the ... more
  • Financial Guide to Life: Managing, Saving, Investing, and Spending Your Money

    by John Kimball

    This book is better than free – it will pay for itself many times over. Get money-saving tips, easy-to-read examples, step-by-step explanations, practical checklists, and hard-learned advice to improve your financial future. Additionally, get links to the best internet sites, tools, calculators, comparison aids, databases, smartphone apps, and resources that will make it easier to manage, save, invest, and spend your money.

    The Financial Guide to Life covers the key things you nee... more

  • Bank Magic: Financial Literacy for Young People

    by K Samuel Murray
    Bank Magic began as Murray’s response to the questions and conversations that came from his clients. He was inspired to provide his clients and in particular, their children, with sound advice on managing their finances. He often heard his clients say, “No one ever taught me about this" or "This is the stuff I wish they taught me in school."
  • Reverse Mortgage 360: A New Perspective

    by Jim Hostler
    Reverse mortgages aren’t what they were only a few years ago! Subsequently, there are many myths, misconceptions, and just plain wrong information prevailing today. This book was written to dispel those myths and misconceptions while sharing how today’s reverse mortgage works, along with its many features. New and accurate knowledge of how they work gives a new perspective of them. Now, a reverse mortgage can be used to provide peace of mind and quality of life in a senior’s golden years. Rever... more
  • The Perils of Real Estate

    by Property Phase LLC
    This book warns investors, homeowners, and tenants of most of the scams in the real estate marketplace.
  • The Stepford Employee Fallacy: The Truth About Employee Engagement in the Modern Workplace

    by Jonathan D. Villaire
    Employee engagement has become the hot topic in business circles over the past several years. Although many leaders have a basic understanding of what it is and how it affects business outcomes, they rely on a set of faulty assumptions about how to create an engaged workforce. These assumptions—mostly carry overs from an old-school management mindset—distort the true meaning of employee engagement. The Stepford Employee Fallacy tells leaders what they need to hear and what employees are too afra... more