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  • Safety-First Retirement Planning: An Integrated Approach for a Worry-Free Retirement

    by Wade Pfau
    When we properly consider the range of risks introduced after retirement, integrated strategies with insurance and investments support more efficient retirement. Safety-first retirement planning helps to meet financial goals with less worry. I explains how to evaluate different insurance options and implement these solutions into a retirement plan.
  • Content Writing Course in Kerala

    by Akash Menon

    Now, content writing courses are introduced in Kochi to brighten the career prospects of budding writers and identify their inherent talents. During the course, they can become introduced to all fundamentals in content writing, understand the different career options available to them and become qualified as professional content writers.

  • Mommy is a project manager

    by Mei Y. Lin
    In reading stories to my son, I realized that there were very few books written that focus on working mothers.  I wrote a book that I could read to my son, so he could understand how my two roles as Mother and Project Manager relate to each other.  This book will strive to highlight positive examples of working mothers as role models in today's world. Additionally, the intent of the book is to have a story that parents will enjoy reading for their children. And finally, It has vibrant illustra... more
  • Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent

    by Troy Hall
    DID YOU KNOW that 63% of employees are actively searching for a new position? In today's war for talent, the focus should be on talent retention, not just talent attraction. C-Suite Executives, Company Founders, and Sr. HR Leaders need to develop an organizational culture where employees want to belong. Dr. Troy Hall helps you create a "Best Places To Work" environment, where your employees love to work, and stay to work.
  • Atlanta Estate Property Movers is the top national moving companies Kennesaw GA

    by Alice John
    For moving proper planning is needed that involves the best strategies to have a stress free and safe moving experience. From packing to unpacking you need to have a well-managed and effort consuming process. Moving can be very hectic as well as emotionally breaking. Whatever the reason moving comes with, it can be heartbreaking to leave the place you have spent so much time. To reduce the stress of moving it is best to hire a professional and reliable national moving companies Kennesaw GA. Lett... more
  • Bailing Out the Company Canoe: Become a Better Boss

    by RH Franck
    Bailing Out the Company Canoe: Become a Better Boss is a non-fiction business book which takes the reader from the earliest days of the Founder's company, through the heady venture fund raising, code writing, a product launch period, through building its early adoption customer base, and then through the stall and demise of the company. Bailing was written from the perspectives of its employees across a wide range of business professions. It is a useful business book because the authors descri... more
  • Internet Services In My Area

    by betty lodges
    About Internet Services and How to select the best of the internet Services?
  • Why You Might Need to Consider Upgrading Your Rotary Cutter Parts

    by Subhajit Khara
    Whether you’re simply beautify and maintaining your property, or have large amounts of land to keep up, you most certainly need rotary lawn mower parts you can rely on season after season to provide you with the dependable performance you need to tackle all kinds of mowing tasks. Whether it’s important to your life or to your work, good agricultural equipment that you can rely on is a must. And no matter how nice your machine, you must remember that your equipment is no more than the sum of its ... more
  • What It Takes To Be Free

    by Darius Foroux

    “Liberty is slow fruit. It is never cheap; it is made difficult because freedom is the accomplishment and perfectness of man.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

    This book is for people who also believe personal freedom is the most important thing in life.

    In our free world, we can do what want, spend time with people we like, and have a career that gives us joy. And yet, we don’t use our freedom. Why is that?

    The problem is that we’re held... more

  • Lunching with Lions: Strategies for the Networking-Averse

    by Katherine McGraw Patterson
    What if you'd rather jump into a cage of hungry lions wearing a meat suit than wade into a room full of strangers? We're taught networking is important, but few of us are taught to do it well. For many people, networking causes real social anxiety, discomfort, and even distress. In Lunching with Lions, the author shares the strategies she used to go from being terrified of networking to founding one of Denver's leading women's networking groups and becoming an influencer in the women... more
  • PMO Governance: Practical Strategies to Govern Portfolio, Program, and Project Delivery

    by Eugen Spivak

    A practical guide to maximize your benefits, and improve delivery of your corporate strategy!

    To stay competitive, companies need not only forward-thinking vision, but to effectively execute that vision. In this book, Eugen Spivak focuses on excellence in execution of corporate initiatives and serves as a strategic partner for establishing, improving, and running world-class PMO.

    The book is written from a business-transformation perspective, offering an abundance of specific reco... more

  • Dominate Real Estate: A Master Plan to Build a Thriving Real Estate Business with Actionable Sales and Marketing Strategies for

    by James Tyler
    A Master Plan to Build a Thriving Real Estate Business: Actionable Sales and Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Professionals The Dominate Real Estate book is a practical step-by-step guide to help real estate professionals nationwide find wealth and happiness. The author, James Tyler, focuses on overcoming the challenges of business development, marketing, and sales to help build a profitable and scalable real estate business and eventually, an enjoyable lifestyle. Dominate Real Estate... more
  • Activities To Do In Puerto Penasco

    by Arron Jhon

    Activities To Do In Puerto Penasco


    Looking for a way to escape the city life and go on vacation to a far off place? Puerto Penasco is one of the best vacation spots this summer. Although the population of the Puerto Penasco is approximately 62,000, the city-town offers so much for everyone! Puerto Penasco is a favorite spot for tourists because it offers different things for different people. If you are planning to go vacation this summer, ... more

  • Take Your Shot: How to Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients, and Make More Money

    by Robin Waite
    TAKE YOUR SHOT is the story about Russ Hibbert. Russ is a hard worker, dedicated to his wife and children, and building a career as a golf professional. But one day he wakes up and realises his business is going nowhere. A chance meeting with a business coach, David, leads to a dramatic change and an opportunity, for Russ, to design the business that he always wanted, and start on his own entrepreneurial journey. TAKE YOUR SHOT is ultimately an answer to the question: “How can I make more ... more
  • The Four Levels of HR Excellence

    by Adi Adi
    Have you been accused of not being a strategic partner? Is it a headache you lived with for many years? Now is the time to achieve the HR excellence and to be that partner through a model-based HR strategy. If you have been asked to prepare HR strategy that support and align with your organizational strategy then you will have your answers written in this book. Don’t be afraid anymore from not being able to make a real difference in your organization. The four levels of HR excellence will pro... more
  • B074SY3X6Q

    by Andy Cunningham
    From the marketing strategist who helped Steve Jobs launch the original Apple Macintosh comes a groundbreaking guide to positioning any company for industry dominance Andy Cunningham has been at the forefront of tech and innovation since day one, and she’s been helping companies create new product categories ever since. Now she reveals the winning framework she uses to transform markets and industries. Get to Aha! shows how to establish the kind of foundation world-class brands are built o... more