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Business & Personal Finance

  • Fouling in Business and College Athletics

    by Gonzalo Fernández

    Using a business mindset, the author lays out a compensation method for fair and manageable to college athletics.

    A review of business wrongdoings over a large time spam highlight how far the wrongdoings went and how, when responsible executives were caught, their price in terns of the prison terms and fines were painfully paid.

    Organized in two parts, Part A explores the greed of business executives who blatantly break the rules in pursuit of profit and explores the improvements ... more

  • Big Lucky: Serial Entrepreneur Jim Markham's Secret Formula for Success

    by Jim Markham
    With five successful companies to his name and over $1.2 billion in combined retail sales, serial entrepreneur Jim Markham has made an indelible mark on the hair care industry. Across six decades, he has built a legacy of innovation that has forever changed how people care for their hair. But the path to success was not foregone, obvious, or easy. In his inspiring memoir and entrepreneurial self-help book, PureOlogy founder, former celebrity stylist and award-winning serial entrepreneur takes yo... more
  • Leading Lightly: Lower Your Stress, Think with Clarity, and Lead with Ease

    by Jody Michael
    A Conscious Approach to Leadership and Life Leading lightly is about looking at what you do through a radical new lens. It’s a way to powerfully transform your performance, make better decisions, gain greater self-awareness, and develop the capacity to manage your work and life with enduring ease and clarity. An alternative to the everyday stress, pace, challenges, and burdens that weigh you down, Leading Lightly shows you how to shift your mindset, live lighter, and optimize your effectivene... more
  • Get Your Startup Story Straight

    by David Riemer


    In a world that’s been turned upside down by a pandemic, social upheavals, environmental disasters, and economic disruptions, the need for reinvention is paramount. While many entrepreneurs and innovators have brilliant ideas, they desperately need the skills to successfully articulate their vision to investors, prospective customers, employees, and stakeholders. In t... more

  • Risk Intelligence

    by Gregory M. Carroll
    “Risk Intelligence” is an executive’s guide on how artificial intelligence can transform business decision-making today. Using everyday language, it lays out how to exploit the latest advances in machine learning and related AI technologies. It shares a wealth of learning and experience gained from implementing artificial intelligence based risk management in Defence and mission critical industries.
  • Rethink Creativity: How to INNOVATE, INSPIRE, and THRIVE at WORK

    by Monica H. Kang
    Innovation is not born from fancy slogans, being artistic, or taking risks all the time. It's born out of people. People who dare to ask questions, try something different, are curious about the difference, and courageously face changes. Everyone is creative. But only a company that fully believes in that, fosters an inclusive, safe environment, and allows diverse voices to exist will be able to unlock his or her company's creative potential. So where do you start to rethink creativity? Two p... more
  • Bulletproof Decisions: How Executives Can Get It Right, Every Time

    by Ruben Ugarte
    We are told from a young age that we should strive to make the right decisions, but we aren’t taught exactly how to do this. Every day, we make over 35,000 decisions in our personal and professional lives. How many of those decisions do you get right? In this book, I will help business executives systematically tackle these 35,00 decisions. Executives are forced to make critical decisions that impact their lives, their employees’ lives, and their customers. Decisions like what products to cre... more
  • The Life You're Made For

    by Heather Penny, PhD
    It's Time to Get Excited about Your Life Again! You've been on this journey called life for quite a while. So why aren't you where you want to be? And why is trying to get there so draining? It's not that you don't have dreams. It's just that the world has a way of distracting you, letting you down, and wearing you out. At some point, the goal became just getting through the day . . . only to wake up the next morning and do it all again. This way of life isn't sustainable. Nor is it the... more
  • 33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Business Emails

    by Anne Janzer
    Business runs on emails, yet we rarely give them enough thought. Too often, our messages are misunderstood, misfiled, or ignored. Learn how to make your emails work for you rather than against you with this short, practical guide. Whether you’re just starting in your career or are adjusting to a newly remote and virtual workplace, you’ll find valuable advice and tips you can put into practice right away.
  • The Ultimate Profit Playbook: A Simplified, Step-By-Step Guide to Picking Winners in the Stock Market

    by Karl Kaufman

    How can ordinary investors achieve extraordinary returns? The Ultimate Profit Playbook is an interactive workbook teaching the step-by-step process needed to evaluate a stock. It will help investors organize their research, dramatically reducing the time required to construct a market-beating portfolio. As the founder of American Dream Investing and a Forbes contributor, Karl Kaufman has provided investing insights to millions of readers. Based on decades of experience, this easy-to-understan... more

  • The Wolfberry Chronicle

    by Gregory Berkhouse
    Since its start in 1969, the family-owned Henry company had been viewed by the Permian Basin oil community as “a little ol’ Spraberry driller,” reliable and determined but quaintly plodding. But in summer 2003, the company inconspicuously drilled two wells on picked-over acreage and quietly deployed an experimental “slickwater” frac. Both wells roared to life at high producing rates, and Henry hushed the results and launched a covert land grab ringing the entire basin. When reports of their ... more
  • This Way To Wall St.

    by Mack Tuggle
    This Way To Wall St. maps out the financial markets and guides investors through getting started. It covers analysis, psychology, the industry, managing risks, and offers actionable steps for beginners. This Way To Wall St. will help its readers to approach the markets, navigate the atmosphere and examine the relationship between price and value with discernment.
  • Burn-In

    by Dr. Patrick Tran
    Patrick Tran was a successful dermatologist living happily with his wife and young son in Northern California when his two-year-old son Adrian was diagnosed with cancer. After overcoming his initial devastation, Tran had an epiphany: rather than obsessing over why his son had gotten sick, he decided to instead focus on the fact that medical advances made it possible for Adrian to beat the cancer with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Tran’s life instantly reprioritized, he saw how much time h... more
  • Ghosts in the Machine: Overcoming Decision-Making Bias in the Sales Cycle with Behavioral Science

    by Ryan Voeltz
    Pretty much every part of the sales cycle—from prospecting all the way through closing—has been thoroughly dissected in countless books and training programs. Every part, that is, except the impact of human irrationality. The innate human irrationality that stalls decision-making at each phase in the sales cycle remains a blind spot for most salespeople. By leveraging insights from behavioral science, Ghosts in the Machine unpacks the common challenges salespeople encounter at each phase in t... more
  • Discerning the Gold in Human Experience

    by Christine Anderson
    This book is a passionate and enthusiastic account of the life of a Religious Sister in the twenty first century. As an Educator and Organizational Consultant the author draws on the resources of professional skills in leadership training, facilitation and consultancy and integrates them with discernment for action. True to the charism and mission of her congregation of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, based on the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola, she writes with energy and vast experienc... more