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Business & Personal Finance

  • Neighborhoods Uncovered

    by Joshua Dimond
    Neighborhoods Uncovered is dedicated to teaching institutional grade real estate market analysis to local investors. A niche book within the overcrowded real estate investing genre, this book isn't trying to be an all-encompassing investment manual. This book is about giving local investors the edge on finding the best locations to invest and then supporting them with professional financial modeling to reduce risk and help them make the most informed choices.
  • Famous Muslim Astrologer

    by blackmagic mushtaqali
    Famous Muslim Astrologer Miya Mushtaq Ali khan is well known name in the field of astrology.
  • The Arts from the Bottom Up

    by Marsha Schweitzer
    The first of the three mini-books in this volume, Power Play, starts at the bottom, with the mundane day-to-day aspects of life in the artistic workplace, with emphasis on unions and labor relations. The second, In Service to the Art, rises a little higher and sees the arts from a broader perspective, addressing issues of organizational structure, governance, finance, and administration. The third, Peregrinations of a Pensive Artist, stands at the top of the hill and deals with the nature and me... more
  • Get Landlord Insurance And Make Your Life Easy

    by jimmy Malik

    Insurance is a source of protection against any sort of financial loss or damage. A person who buys insurance from an organization or from a person is known as a policyholder or insured. Similarly, A person or an organization who gives you insurance is known as an insurance company, insurer, insurance carrier, or underwriter. After receiving insurance, a person who takes insurance also gets a contract in which certain terms and conditions are written under which the person would get compensat... more

  • Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own Terms, in Your Own Style

    by Susan Baroncini-Moe
    From the Inside Flap: The world no longer defines successful businesspeople by their suit and ties. Today we live in a world where any entrepreneur can create a successful, profitable, enjoyable business in whatever style suits him or her the best. And hey, if putting on a suit and heading for your corporate office is what works best for you, that's great. But if throwing on your favorite pair of blue jeans and heading for the beach works better, that's cool too. In Business in Blue Jeans:... more
  • How To Win Every Battle In Life: The RHHHK Methodology

    by Anshuman Patro
    The book “How To Win Everything In Life” is an explanation of the “RHHHK methodology” - a tried and tested formula curated by Anshuman Patro. RHHHK can be applied across various areas like Sales, Marketing, Technology, Self Help, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. RHHHK methodology has 5 action points: Raise your guards and try to diffuse Hit first Hit fast Hit hard KO Who should read this book? Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Managers who want to boost the productivity of the... more
  • Management and Leadership: What Can MBA Do in My Workday?

    by Alex Stajkovic

    Featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES article, "3 Professors Shaping the Future of Business," Professor Alex Stajković brings his MBA class to life by teaching us how to be more effective managers and how to grow into transformational leaders. Based on decades of empirical research, he shows us how to put sound theory into practice to increase the motivation and performance of our people.  

    Management and Lead... more

  • Clickr

    by Aima khan is the free classified platform in Pakistan for Mobile Phones, Jobs, vehicles, Property for sale, property for rent and much more at Clickr – No Fiker Only Clickr!
  • 99 Financial Terms Every Beginner, Entrepreneur & Business Should Know (Financial IQ Series Book 1)


    Make Financial Terms Less of a Mystery.

    In order to become savvy about your own finances, you need to understand a few useful financial definitions. This compilation of financial terms is a comprehensive list of various financial words or concepts that you are likely to come across in your financial expedition.

    Financial ignorance carries significant costs and results in spending more on transaction fees, get over-extended with debts as you are a ripe prospect for... more

  • Team Quotient: High-Performance Leadership Teams that Win Every Time

    by Douglas R. Gerber
    In business and in sports, successful teams are fundamentally different from ordinary teams. They vary in their composition, their values, and their behavior, and they don't come about just by chance. High-performance teams possess certain traits or attributes that make them excel. In TEAM QUOTIENT: HIGH-PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP TEAMS THAT WIN EVERY TIME, Douglas Gerber illustrates the accomplishments of these teams at well-known companies and presents an Operating Manual or workbook that teaches ... more
  • The Employee Millionaire - Personal Workbook: How to Use Your Day Job to Become a Millionaire with Rental Properties

    by H. J. Chammas
    A No-nonsense real estate investment workbook for the employee side hustler tired of the 9-5 looking for a practical step-by-step process to build wealth while they work An A to Z guide on how to acquire a portfolio of rental properties that will build wealth with every month that passes. Anyone considering investing in rental properties should begin by reading this book." - RICHARD DUNCAN, Author, Economist a and Publisher of Macro Watch. "To help you obtain financial freedom while reduc... more
  • Escaping Oz: Protecting your wealth during the financial crisis

    by Jim Mosquera
    The financial shocks to our economy left the public dazed and confused. How could this have happened? Can’t the Federal Government and the Federal Reserve fix this? Who is responsible for this mess? What can I do to help myself and the country? The answers to these questions are revealed inside. These answers are important not just for your family’s welfare but for the broader goal of our country’s future – both political and economic. Politics and economics will become inseparable in the yea... more
  • Escaping Oz: Navigating the Crisis

    by Jim Mosquera
    After what seemed like a bad dream, the country woke up to find themselves in the Financial Land of Oz. The housing market cratered, stocks fell, and once venerable financial institutions were on life support. The economy struggled. The Wizards stepped in with their own rescue. The economy recovered, but not for everyone. The social fabric tore in Ferguson and Baltimore. The 2016 presidential election split the country even more. The economy and our social fabric can recover, though our... more
  • The New Rules of Consumer Privacy: Building Loyalty with Connected Consumers in the Age of Face Recognition and AI

    by Peter Trepp
    What does it take for companies to survive in today’s fast-changing landscape? The secret: balancing consumers’ often competing desire for privacy, security and convenience. That’s no easy task. Technological innovations have now made it possible to keep consumers safer than ever before, while offering brands never-imagined insight into consumer behavior. And yet, data breaches and privacy scandals undermine consumer confidence on a daily basis. It’s time for a new model. In The New Rules of ... more
  • Web Design & Development Services Dubai

    by Mark Smith
    Wisdom IT Solutions, a multifaceted team of passionate web developers, website designers, marketers, producing brainy & persuasive, the bottom line is driven results. Whether you are a small or large corporation, or a striving Entrepreneur, online or in the real world, our distinct creative services & wide-ranged expertise are what you're looking for. We stimulate brands, focus on strategy, do website design & development, provide digital marketing solutions, and make award-winning mobile apps f... more
  • The Five Year Mark

    by Mike Saunders
    The Five Year Mark is collection of personal stories and lessons I have learnt , while building a business. In short, easy to read chapters, I cover a range of principles and lessons learnt during our company’s first five years, including: vision; leadership; operations; personal development; culture and more. In many ways, this book is something I wish I could have read during the early years of my entrepreneurial journey. It would have saved me some time and money, and I would be further al... more