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Business & Personal Finance

  • The Real Estate Journey: Overcoming Obstacles

    by Alicia Hurtt
    This book will help anyone is going through hurdles that hinder them from buying a home. Through trials and tribulations of life I have been able to successfully fulfil the "American Dream" of homeownership. In this book, I did not hold back at all in sharing details of hurdles that at times made me ashamed and defeated. There are stories when I almost gave up on the dream of homeownership. You will read my personal journey facing bankruptcy, foreclosure, bad credit, being turned down by lender... more
  • Sales Skills To Live By: Volume 2: Mastering the Art of Persuasion and Closing

    by Jay J.P. Peak
    re you tired of losing potential clients and missing out on great insurance sales opportunities? Do you wish to improve your insurance sales game and achieve unparalleled success in your career? Look no further! "Sales Skills To Live By" is your ultimate guide to mastering the art of salesmanship and elevating your closing skills to new heights. In this comprehensive and insightful book, renowned sales expert Jay Peak takes you on an enlightening journey through the world of insurance sales. ... more
  • The Visionaries Blueprint: Transforming the Future of Entrepreneurship (The Ultimate Business Building And Marketing Book Series

    by Jay J. P. Peak
    Introducing: The Visionaries Blueprint: Transforming the Future of Entrepreneurship Are you ready to transform your entrepreneurial journey and unleash the visionary within you? In " The Visionaries Blueprint," you will discover a comprehensive guide that combines powerful insights, practical strategies, and real-life examples to help you unlock your full potential and achieve unprecedented success. In this book, renowned National Best Selling Author, entrepreneur and visionary thinking ex... more
  • Success Mindset In Business And Entrepreneurship: Unlocking the Secrets to a Success Mindset

    by Jay J.P. Peak
    Presenting "Success Mindset In Business And Entrepreneurship" By Jay J.P. Peak! A business mindset helps you master the process of evolving and running a business while piloting your company through all arising challenges. It is the cornerstone of your success, as it allows you to approach things from the right angle and make the most profitable business decisions. This educational book helps you develop a successful business mindset that encourages you to keep taking steps toward your goa... more
  • The Flourishing Effect

    by tonille miller
    What does it take to win in the talent pool while succeeding in today’s evolving business landscape? It’s more important than ever for companies to unlock the highest capabilities and performance of their people and organizations. Yet, they increasingly create environments and experiences that repel, stifle, and disengage their employees, and as a result, customers. But there is a better way. In her thought-provoking book, Tonille Miller unveils the untapped potential in our companies, ... more
  • The Profitable Odyssey: A Hero’s Journey to Financial Independence for Female Solopreneurs (Using the Keep it Simple, Solopren

    by Deb Evans
    In The Profitable Odyssey, Financial Coach and Tax Specialist Deb Evans invites you to embark on an extraordinary adventure towards financial freedom in your own business. In this empowering guidebook specifically designed for female Solopreneurs, Evans creatively weaves the timeless structure of the Hero's Journey into a practical roadmap for business success. Drawing from real-world examples and her own experiences, Evans’ engaging storytelling style captivates and inspires her fellow Solopren... more
  • Sales Toolkit

    by J. A. Benedict
    Unlock the secrets of successful selling with this comprehensive Sales Toolkit! Whether you're new to sales or a seasoned pro, this book offers must-know tools, tricks, and strategies to close any deal. Packed with real-world examples, you'll learn to build rapport, create trust, and make stellar first impressions. From one-on-one sales to door-to-door selling, you'll find foolproof ideas and subtle psychological tactics to master negotiations. Overcome objections, boost credibility, and start c... more
  • B0C85SRK4X

    by Rajesh Minocha
    Retire how you want, not how others want you to! Retire on your terms is for you if you have been struggling to maintain a work-life balance, or are in a job just to pay your bills, and not because the job is aligned with your passion. This book helps you achieve financial freedom and prepare to lead a happy and meaningful retirement life. This book provides a practical action strategy, and checklist and alerts you on mistakes to be avoided. All of us strive for financial security. Financial Ind... more
  • Developing a Winning Strategy: A Guide to Effective Strategic Planning

    by leila ghodratabadi
    In today's competitive business landscape, creating a winning strategy is more important than ever. "Developing a Winning Strategy: A Guide to Effective Strategic Planning" is a comprehensive and practical guide for entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives who want to develop and execute effective strategic plans to propel their organizations to new heights. Some of the key topics covered in the book include: The importance of strategic planning and its role in organizational success Th... more

    by Reiner W Lomb
    Conventional wisdom says that emotions have no place in business or leadership. ASPIRE will tell you that is a fallacy. You must master seven critical emotions to be an effective and empowering leader who creates positive change. Whether you are in a formal leadership role or are a rising leader, entrepreneur, or changemaker driven by a desire to use your voice to create change, in Reiner Lomb’s groundbreaking new book Aspire: Seven Essential Emotions for Leading Positive Change, No Matter W... more
  • The 5-Day Job Search

    by Annie Margarita Yang

    Discover the ultimate guide to landing your dream job and receiving multiple job offers in just five days! Renowned finance expert for Millennials, Annie Margarita Yang, presents The 5-Day Job Search, a groundbreaking system designed to transform your job-seeking experience.

    Tailored for job hunters across all industries, this comprehensive book offers a fresh, pragmatic approach to job hunting, ensuring you can secure multiple job offers even during severe economic downturns.
    ... more

  • Foresight Investing: A Complete Guide to Finding Your Next Great Trade

    by James Lee

    If you want to be in the right place at the right time, it pays to show up a few minutes early.

    Fortunes can be made by finding "the next big thing." Some of the best investments over the past few years came from Silicon Valley. Over the next decade, we'll see even bigger opportunities from the internet of things (IoT), 5G, augmented reality, cryptocurrencies, automation, artificial intelligence, longevity science, and new sources of energy.

    Foresight Inves... more


    by Dennis Guzik
    My new book “Find A Job That Fits Your Life” by Dennis Guzik is out! This book can be a life changer for you. If you are: Stuck in a job and want to move on, but are not sure how, Interested in changing careers, but are not sure what comes next, About to graduate, but are not sure where to start your professional life, Transitioning or retiring from one career and want to start another, but are not sure where to begin, Looking for that special gift for a new graduate that will make a... more