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  • The Write Rules: Technical Writing/Presentation and English as a Second Language Guide

    by joan ramirez
    A clear, concise writing handbook that helps individuals to enhance their communications skills -- written and verbal-- as well as improve their English as a Second Language skills and is applicable to all industries for those seeking to open their own enterprises.
  • Alignment: Overcoming internal sabotage and digital product failure

    by Jonathon Hensley
    Alignment is the one thing you’ll find at the heart of every successful relationship, team, and organization in the world. When developed and leveraged, alignment can create the foundation for unparalleled product success. As the internet continues to enable, encourage, and demand that leaders say yes to digital product transformation, now is the time for Alignment. This book provides industry insight into why alignment is so critical to the success of digital products and business transforma... more

    by toptop deal
    A handheld Best Cordless Circular Saw is an essential tool in almost any toolbox, whether for professional or home use. These saws are an effective way of cutting timber and boards to size, allowing you to make fast and precise cuts time after time, and in certain cases, you can even use specialized blades to cut other materials.

    by toptop deal
    Cordless Sanders are power tools that are used for smoothing, scrubbing, or cleaning floors made of wood, plastic, or metal. Ideal for a variety of sanding activities, such as stock removal and ultra-smooth finishing. The brushless motor of Cordless Sanders is precision-engineered to provide enough power to meet the demands of the most complicated tasks.
  • Keycard: How to open doors and get the job you want

    by Monica K. Brante
    Whether you need a job immediately, want to transform your career, or double your salary, your success depends on your ability to position what you can offer. It also depends on your ability to get in the right doors, sway hiring managers and negotiate a deal setting you up for an excellent career for years to come. This book is a practical step-by-step job search playbook that provides all the tools necessary to meet your career aspirations and goals: ●\tFind your natural talents and stre... more
  • How to End Poverty in the World in Just 15 Years

    by Jean-Pierre Twagirayezu
    In this book, a new economic model that can put an end to poverty in developing countries in a few years is presented. For some developed countries that are struggling with high unemployment and economic stagnation, it is shown how the same economic model can be adapted to their economies, and create millions of high paying jobs while generating vigorous economic growth year after year. Some breakthrough technologies that will help this new economic model succeed are also discussed, like ... more
  • +91-7568053908=How to find Online Love Problem Solution Astrologer

    by sanjeev sharma
    WORLD FAMOUS ASTROLOGER SANJEEV SHARMA {PH.D} Call or Whatsapp:+91-7568053908.Unrequited love can have some serious effects on our bodies, STOP BEING STRESSED ALL THE TIME DON'T DIE SILENTLY.Here come a real native traditional healer from mountains to connect you to your ancestors for help, • Love and Lost Love spells • Bring back lost lover in a day • Fix Marriage Problems • Fix Broken relationship • Healing Spells • Love Binding Spells • Home Protection Spells • Family Protection Spel... more
  • Profit First For Minority Business Enterprises

    by Susanne Mariga
    It’s time to level the playing field! You are accustomed to being the first—the first to go to college, the first to start a business. You often enter rooms where no one else looks like you. You’re a trailblazer on a mission to create a new legacy for your family. And yet, despite your success, you still work too hard for too little cash. In Profit First for Minority Business Enterprises, Susanne Mariga, CPA, shows you how to implement the proven Profit First cash management system that... more
  • Essay Writing Service

    by Harry james
    We at EssaysnAssignments Our Academic Writers Know The Art Of Creating 100% Unique Content That Helps Students Stand Out in Their Careers. we provide best Essay Writing Service In The UK.
  • Natural Skin Care Consultation

    by Nefer Tari
    Many types of skins are there so the formula of every skin will be different but don't be panic Nefertari has brought for you the, Best Natural skin care consultation. Talk to whom you can get information about all your skin
  • Business Basics for Authors

    by Hank Quense
    Do you have a published book? Do you know you now own a business? "Business Basics for Authors" describes the operations required to run your book business The book is written in plain English, not business techni-babble Once you have a book published, you own a business.The purpose of the business is to market and sell your book. The implication is that you, the author, can't make ego-driven decisions: the decisions must be business-driven. While you'd rather be writing another book, still,... more
  • Adaptive Selling: How to Succeed During Times of Disruption

    by David Collins & John R Myers
    The most common questions we have been asked by senior executives are; “What makes a top sales performer?” What makes certain people in a wide range of industries so successful at consistently winning big deals while others fail or only achieve sub-par outcomes? Is their success due to random chance, genetics, or do they simply do things differently from less successful salespeople? We have researched those questions with sales leaders and top performers at our customers all over the world to u... more
  • Leading for Justice: Supervision, HR, and Culture

    by Rita Sever
    Leading in organizations working for justice is not the same as leading anywhere else. Staff expect to be treated as partners and demand internal practices that center equity. Justice leaders must meet these expectations, as well as recognize and address the ways that individuals and organizations inadvertently replicate oppression. Created specifically for social justice leaders, Leading for Justice addresses specific concerns and issues that beset organizations working for social justice and o... more
  • The New Small: How a New Breed of Small Businesses Is Harnessing the Power of Emerging Technologies

    by Phil Simon
    A small seafood restaurant attracts new customers with virtually no marketing budget. An iPad case manufacturer generates more than $1M in revenue in four months with only four employees. A voiceover company is able to connect thousands of artists with opportunities, all without expensive hardware and software. A law firm increases access to key information while dramatically reducing technology-related costs and risks. And these four companies are hardly unique. A new breed of small busine... more
  • The Age of the Platform: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Have Redefined Business

    by Phil Simon
    Buoyed by the success of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, companies of all sizes are fundamentally rethinking how they do business. They are creating vibrant ecosystems, and in the process, reaping big rewards. In the tradition of The Long Tail, The Age of the Platform demonstrates how the world of business today is vastly different from that of even ten years ago. Today the most successful companies are operating under an entirely different business model–-one predicated on collaboration, r... more
  • Best Vashikaran Specialist In India

    by Astrologer Rahul Gaur