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Political & Social Sciences

  • Kings’ Dirty Operation: Concise memos of my cooperation with the CIA and Illuminati’s hell

    by Peiman Ghasemi
    It’s a concise part of my cooperation with the White House and the Central Intelligence Agency and Human Rights Watch. I have been all around the Globe. I have stayed in Russia; places so cold that your very bones inside of you shriek. Deep down inside the underground city, where you ask yourself “How is it possible for satellites with their warheads to track me here?” I remember that it was many months ago when I informed the US President, I would like to write a book. It's a great pleasure ... more
  • The Dominican Experiment: A Teacher and His Students Explore a Garbage Dump, a Sweatshop, and Vodou

    by Michael D'Amato and George Santos
    The Dominican Republic is the most visited country in the Caribbean and, according to CNN, the second-happiest place on the planet. However, most of its workers make less than fifteen dollars a day, it has around two million stateless people, and 70 percent of its schools do not offer students safe drinking water. The island is certainly a fascinating place for students to research, so why not take a social justice trip there so they can see it for themselves? That was what Kevin LaMastra had... more
  • Undermining the U.S. Constitution

    by Diane S. Vann
    As a nurse I have been in situations where patients learned very bad news about the state of their health, news that was not received well by them, their families, or even their medical team. When preparing this book, my feelings were much the same as when I was in those situations. The bad news about the health of our nation is, like cancer in a patient’s body, communism (also known as “Marxism”) has grown in the United States. Like cancer, it started with an unnoticed seed and grew insidiously... more
  • Broken Promises of the Conservatives

    by Gene P. Abel
    Broken Promises of the Conservatives is intended help the reader understand the conservative ideology and look at how their promises have been kept. Our country is faced with a series of very serious issues that require solutions. Our huge budget deficit, tax reform, immigration, background checks to purchase guns, funding shortfall of Social Security and Medicare, rebuilding of our infrastructure, educating our children and the creation of living wage jobs to mention a few. This book will help ... more
  • Socialism: Origins, Expansion, Decline, and the Attempted Revival in the US

    by Phillip J. Bryson
    Socialism: Origins, Expansion, Decline, and Attempted Revival in the United States is an attempt to address all the important economic aspects of socialism—the concepts and theories, the historical attempts to implement socialist economic systems, and the endeavor to establish socialism in the United States. The origins and ideas of socialism reflect an aspiration radically to transform the market system, the great advantages of which were explained by Adam Smith. Part II reviews the establishme... more
  • Amerijuana: A Pothead's Perspective on American Justice

    by Karin Jones
    Social justice affects US all, even when we don't realize it. Whether a part of the upper crust, or the lowest of the low, white or black, male or female, gay or straight, all Americans have one thing in common. We live within the framework that is the American justice system. Some of US believe that our system's foundation has been set horrifically askew, while others steadfastly deny any cracks in the mortar. How is that possible if we are the land of equality? If America is US, who are we exa... more
  • Kanga Stories

    by Phyllis Ressler
    The Kanga, a primarily East African cloth, tells a dynamic story of cultural exchange in the Indian Ocean Region. Since the cloth was first produced in the mid 1800's, millions of people across East and Central Africa have treasured this textile for its designs and meaning. The value of the Kanga is closely tied to culture and context and is linked to innumerable life stories. Kanga Stories, is a collection of historic and contemporary information on textile trade, cultural exchange, and history... more
  • This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism

    by Ashton Applewhite

    From childhood on, we're barraged by messages that it’s sad to be old. That wrinkles are embarrassing, and old people useless. Author and activist Ashton Applewhite believed them too—until she realized where this prejudice comes from and the damage it does. Lively, funny, and deeply researched, This Chair Rocks traces Applewhite’s journey from apprehensive boomer to pro-aging radical, and in the process debunks myth after myth about late life. The book explains the roots of ageism—in history ... more

  • The Ignoble Paradox of Man

    by Brian C. McGuire
    The scholarly approach undertaken in The Ignoble Paradox of Man is different from most others. Its purpose is to challenge readers by engaging them in lively controversy about absurdities that cause divergence between cultural systems. Here, you will read how the contexts in which minorities live depends on whether there exists a greater inequality that plagues the mainstay of American life. Although the topic of inequality has, once again, become a mainstream concern, few people and even fewer... more
  • The Humanist Society

    by Joseph Sassoon
    What accounts for the rise and fall of so many civilizations—especially when some of them held more political power than their rivals? Author Joseph Sassoon tackles this question and many others in this, his second volume on self-actualization. As a missionary for humanism, he explores the social conditions that are necessary for the greatest number of people to achieve self-actualization. In presenting his theories, he reviews the work of major thinkers, including Kurt Goldstein and his landmar... more
  • My India: Musings of a Patriot

    by Vivek Gumaste
    My India is a collection of op-ed articles and columns written by the author Vivek Gumaste which deal with hot button issues relevant to modern India and which have appeared in mainstream Indian newspapers like the New Indian Express, the Hindustan Times, the Sunday Guardian and popular news portals like Rediff and Huffington Post (India). Spread out over 290 pages and divided into 11 sections are 59 concise essays that convey a distinct point of view. Topics addressed include India’s secularis... more
  • Democracy on the Edge: A Discussion of Political Issues in America

    by Terry AmRhein

    “Democracy of the Edge, A Discussion of Political Issues in America” presents many of the important issues which are being discussed in the presidential campaign right now.  What is unique about this book is that each issue is discussed in one book,

                - Dodd-Frank,

                - Citizens United,

                - Income Inequality,

                - Obamacare,

                - Wall Street Banks,

                - Single Payer Health Care,

                - "To... more

  • Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife

    by BS Murthy
    When a bunch of apparently non-practicing Musalmans headed by Mohamed Atta launched that fidayeen attack on New York’s World Trade Centre that Sep 11, the world at large, by then familiar with the ways of the Islamic terrorism, was at a loss to fathom the unthinkable source of that unexpected means of the new Islamist scourge. The symptoms of a latent terrorist in the Muslim youth can be traced to the sublimity of Muhammad's preaching’s in Mecca and the severity of his Medina sermons make Islam ... more
  • The Silent Killer In Africa

    by Nelson N Nkwene


    In an attempt to bring to you how life differs amongst people, geographical locations, culture and political systems, I explore the survival strategies used by Africans over the last three centuries; focusing on how African people, leaders, culture and society have adopted and adapted over time to improve Livelihood, Human rights, Women and Gender equality, Civil society, religious advancement and Environment conservation.

    Not ... more

  • A Look in the Mirror: The Disintegration of our Morals,Values, Ethics and Society - Can America be Saved?

    by Darrell Cass

    In this informative, witty, painfully honest Socrates-like "hard" look in the mirror, Darrell Cass re-educates those 99% of Americans and the world that have been bullied, brainwashed, kidnapped, and beaten into delusional submission by master sorcerers. You will laugh, cry, and be ashamed as he illuminates the ingenious ways our self-serving elite have percolated their morals, values, and ethics down throughout society. One that was willingly hypnotized, brainwashed, and duped into... more

  • Reflections: Looking back reminds us who we are, how we got here, where we're going, what it means, and why it matters

    by Jeff Resnick
    Reflections. Looking back reminds us who we are, how we got here, where we’re going, what it means, and why it matters. Written from the perspective of seniors enjoying the fourth quarter of life, even as they wonder about Sudden Death Overtime. Often funny, occasionally melancholy, but always heartfelt, these universal reflections on life are are the perfect excuse for family communication across the generations. And a reason for creating your own family history. Past, present, and future. But ... more