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Political & Social Sciences

  • The Two Faces of Money

    by Geraldine Perry
    By tracing our modern money system all the way back to the man-made god of ancient Babylonia, this book unfolds many of the misconceptions we have about about money and the role government plays. With her Constitutional promise of a true, "democratic" money, America at her birth offered real hope to the world that mankind could at last break free of the heavy yoke of "false" money and its worship of mammon. Yet, with the exception of one brief twenty month period, America has never fulfilled tha... more
  • Human Behavior in Extreme Situations: Implications for K-12 Education in the Twenty-First Century

    by Robert Koff
    Psychologist Dr. Robert Koff’s Human Behavior in Extreme Situations analyzes the response techniques and modern-day tactics for both responding to and preventing violence in schools.
  • A House Alive with Words: Stories from the ABC Program, a Path to College for Inner-City Youth

    by Patricia Zita Krisch
    A new book by sociologist Patricia Zita Krisch tells the story of eight inner-city boys and their experiences as A Better Chance (ABC) scholars, living in a group home and attending an elite suburban high school along Philadelphia’s Main Line. A House Alive with Words brings to life the challenges they met being minority youth in a largely white school, being poor in an affluent community, and meeting demanding academic standards. The book also portrays their adjustment to living in a group... more
  • America We Need A Raise

    by Mark Mullen

    America We Need A Raise is a Readers' Favorite 2015 International Book Award Bronze Medal Winner in the non-fiction government/politics category.

    Stagnated wages! Fewer good career opportunities!  Absence of upward mobility! 

    Middle Class Americans are dying – literally and figuratively – faster than any other place in the world. There is a pronounced wealth divide between the rich and the m... more

  • Toward Peace

    by Lyle Strathman
    Toward Peace is original in that it progresses from the notion that there is objective truth to the notion that the enactment of truth in human activity is essential to the establishment of peace, but also that human beings tend to wander between knowledge and ignorance, and between a good will and a concupiscent will. This is accomplished by interweaving philosophic ideas expressed by Plato and Aristotle with parables and aphorisms expressed by ancient Indian and Chinese wise men, with Judaic a... more
  • Up From the Ashes

    by Bob Mannino
    The book for our times that needed to be written, Up From the Ashes identifies that we are living through a period of societal breakdowns. The book discusses the corrosive impact of Political Correctness on the body politic. Political Correctness’s media bias and the “self-guilt” they propagate are leading to the demise of Democracy throughout the world. Up From the Ashes understands that the true friends and allies of Democracy are beginning to stir and pull back against the tide of Political C... more
  • An American Speaks Out: Enough is Enough

    by N. E. Parks

    In a timely discussion, this book provides some common sense ideas on how to put the government back in the hands of the people who have had their lives turned upside down from loss of jobs, the mortgage crisis, high cost of education and healthcare, risky 401ks, and an insecurity in the future not seen since the Great Depression.

    It outlines how the nation got into such a mess and proposes a Domestic Plan to focus on the national priorities most Americans are concerned about.  It outli... more

  • What Fresh Hell? The Best of Levees Not War: Blogging on Post-Katrina New Orleans and America, 2005–2015

    by Mark LaFlaur
    “What Fresh Hell?” brings together 10 years’ blogging on war and peace; politics and society in the Obama and Bush-Cheney years; infrastructure; and the environment in a time of extreme weather. The New Orleans–dedicated, New York–based blog Levees Not War was founded in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, and now serves up liberal portions of sharp, spirited writing, grounded in a vision of the social contract—a society held together by honoring the Golden Rule—along with interviews with experts, tri... more
  • The Dark Face of Heaven: True Stories of Transcendence Through Trauma

    by Janet Elizabeth Colli, Ph.D.
    How do so many of us transcend trauma? Trauma can initiate a natural evolutionary dynamic, and transport us into otherworldly realms that support healing. Yet these revolutionary findings are overlooked by traditional psychology. Dr. Janet Colli presents compelling stories of spiritual awakening, out-of-body experiences (OBEs), lucid dreams, and near-death experiences (NDEs)—revealed during trauma therapy. Those who experience a dark night of the soul often develop special awareness or enh... more
  • Ancient Spirit Rising: Reclaiming Your Roots & Restoring Earth Community

    by Pegi Eyers
    Come back to your roots! Drawing on cultural studies and social justice work, "Ancient Spirit Rising" examines the loss of our vital ethnocultural connection to tribe and place, and why there is a trend to borrow identities from other cultures. Using indigenous values as our model, an authentic self-identity can be reconstructed from old/new earth-centered societies. A weaving of analysis, evocation and promptings of the heart, "Ancient Spirit Rising" offers strategies for intercultural compete... more
  • Memoirs of an Agent for Change in International Development

    by Ludwig Rudel

    Lu Rudel describes his unique experiences with US foreign economic
    aid programs during some of the most dramatic international
    events since World War II. These include Iran after the fall of Mosaddegh
    (1956-1960); Turkey after the military coup of 1960 to the start of
    the Cuba Missile crisis; India after the death of Nehru (1965-1970); and
    Pakistan following the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1988.
    Rudel’s fi rsthand observations on Iran differ marke... more

  • The Seen and the Unseen: Abortion and the Supreme Court

    by Taylor Carmichael
    The Supreme Court often writes about abortion in the nicest way possible, in cases like Roe and Danforth and Webster and Casey. But there are ugly cases, too, and the Supreme Court has to hear those cases as well. There is Simopoulos and Catholic League and Carhart and Carhart II. For every "nice" abortion case involving liberty and the autonomy of women, there is an awful case representing an atrocity that our authorities want to hide. Why is there a dead baby in a motel room bathroom? Why... more
  • E is for Election Day

    by Gloria M. Gavris
    E is for Election Day is a fun and engaging A-to-Z tour of the American electoral process paired with vibrant, child friendly illustrations. Pages like B is for Ballots, C is for Conventions, D is for Debates, F is for Fundraising, G is for Grassroots Efforts, I is for Internet, and most importantly Y is for You offers a contemporary and relevant resource to teach kids about the sights and sounds of election season and that everyone has the power to make a real difference in their government.
  • Mass Media and Communication in Global Scanario

    by Ratnesh Dwivedi
    The Idea Behind Putting These Research Papers And Research Articles In This Book Is To Give Various Aspects Of Communication, A Platform Where From Readers May Go Through Them At One Go. The Book Deals With The Research Articles And Papers Dedicated To Core Areas Of Journalism And Mass Communication. The Papers And Articles Compiled In This Book Touches The Need Of Students, Academicians And Reserachers On Most Challenging Areas And Topics. In The Collection Of These Papers Author Has Discussed... more
  • Machiavelli for Babies

    by Christopher W. Land
    Whether it's the corporate boardroom or the preschool playground, today's world has become a competitive, cutthroat place. Help give your little one the philosophical leg up with Machiavelli for Babies. Teach them how to acquire and wield great power, and ruthlessly bring destruction upon their rivals. The book features time-tested classic advice from history's most clever and scheming political advisor Niccolò Machiavelli, author of The Prince, accompanied by hilarious photos of babies accompli... more
  • What We're Up Against

    by Andrew Bard Schmookler
    For many years, a majority of Americans have believed that their nation is heading in the wrong direction. We should be asking ourselves: what’s gone wrong in America and how can it be set right? In WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST Dr. Schmookler – a Harvard grad, UC Berkeley/Graduate Theological Union Ph.D., who has served as a radio talk show host, and run for congress – provides an illuminating answer to those questions. He offers compelling evidence that we are headed in a direction where the many a... more