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Political & Social Sciences

  • The New Nation Party: A Humanitarian's Fantasy

    by J.K. Hillstrom
    At a time when our nation is tumbling down the rabbit hole of plutocracy and autocracy, this unusual book is a much needed cry for sanity and a call for ordinary Americans to rebel against what the author terms "organized lust for money and power by controlling corporations." Read. Rebel. Organize. Mobilize. - Jim Hightower ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Deconstructed: An Insider's View of Illegal Immigration and the Building Trades

    by Loren C. Steffy
    Illegal immigration is one of the most challenging issues facing America. Histrionics rule the day, and the debate over what to do about the estimated eleven million undocumented workers in the country has become bitter and divisive. Immigrants have long been the source of America's economic strength. Yet our immigration laws have always been ill-defined and arbitrary, based largely on the fears of the moment and aimed at limiting particular groups of people. Deconstructed unravels these... more
  • A Better Future: How We Fix the World

    by Tyler True
    This book describes how to evolve democracy to what it is meant to be - rule by the people. Our current political structure is based around short term thinking, money/greed, and the next election. We can fix that through online voting and direct democracy. The author shows how we can create real democracy and the problems we could solve if we fixed this broken system of government.
  • Separate for a Reason: Re-Examining Separation of Church and State in America

    by Janet Ruth
    What if the Christian hope for America has nothing to do with laws, politics, or freedom? What if the calling of Christians in America has nothing to do with fixing our culture? Constitutional expert, Janet Ruth, points Christians back to the gospel by dismantling misconceptions about the relationship between church and state, religion and politics. In Separate for a Reason: Re-Examining Separation of Church and State in America, you will: • Learn the history of the writing of t... more
  • Rainstorm of Tomorrow: The Ever-Flowing Banquet of Philosophy

    by Renyuan Dong

    Rainstorm of Tomorrow is a tapestry that weaves the threads of different disciplines to create a holistic picture of our segmented and atomistic modern world, isolated by specialization. The book dexterously intertwines the storied philosophical themes of truth, ethics, and aesthetics together with the theories of relativity, quantum mechanics, neuroscience, epigenetics, social Darwinism, utilitarianism, evolutionary psychology, and modern art—from the soberest rationality to the wildes... more

  • Fair Warning, Why Real Societal Solutions Begin at Home

    by Jeff Chavez
    Fair Warning explores the impact of parental leadership on personal behavior and societal outcomes. Author, Jeff Chavez, explains, "There is a direct and undeniable correlation between what's taught in the home and young people's ability to begin making choices that will lead them to inevitable sorrow or unparalleled joy."
  • The Urban Mystique: Notes on California, Los Angeles, and Beyond

    by Josh Stephens
    Josh Stephens grew up in Los Angeles knowing that it was a perfectly pleasant place, with enviable weather, an impressive natural environment, and Hollywood glamour. But, still, he wondered whether a great city shouldn't be something ...more. With a title inspired by Betty Friedan's account of life in the suburbs, The Urban Mystique is equal part lamentation and celebration. It collects some of Josh's work from the California Planning & Development Report and elsewhere, covering everything from ... more
  • The Cyber Conundrum: How Do We Fix Cybersecurity?

    by Peter K. Chronis
    Hackers always seem to be one step ahead of us. So, the conundrum is, what do we do to regain the upper hand? Hacking is now a common occurrence in our digital society and makes headlines every day. Major institutions—including governments, corporations, and technology companies—have to make major changes to be successful in this new reality. In The Cyber Conundrum, author Peter K. Chronis explores the state of American cybersecurity and finds it woefully inadequate to meet the threat. He ... more
  • DEMOCRACY: A User's Guide

    by Joss Sheldon
    THEY SAY WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY. WE ARE FREE AND WE SHOULD BE GRATEFUL. But just how "Free" are we? How democratic are our so-called "Democracies"? Is it enough to simply elect our leaders and sit back, helpless, as they rule over us like dictators? What good is selecting our politicians, if we cannot control our media, police or soldiers? If we must blindly follow our teachers' and bosses' commands, whilst at school and in the workplace, is it not a little naïve to believe that we are the m... more
  • African Americans Resist Slavery

    by Calvin M. Logue
    This book provides the perspective of African Americans who resisted slavery. From numerous interviews with African Americans who suffered under slavery (listed in the Appendix), one learns of their fortitude, public and private initiatives and activities, devotion to family, support of friends, protection of children, desire for reading and writing, pride of dress, skill in workmanship, religious faith, means of grappling with harsh treatment, desire for freedom, and efforts to escape.
  • African Americans Resist Slavery

    by Calvin M. Logue
    Drawing from interviews conducted with African Americans who lived under slavery, African Americans Resist slavery recalls their fortitude, means of grappling with harsh conditions, devotion to family, support of friends, care of children, desire to read and write, pride of dress, skill in workmanship, religious faith, desire for freedom, and determination to resist and escape.
  • Occupational Stress, Job Satisfaction, Mental Health, Adolescents, Depression and the Professionalization of Social Work

    by Francis Bornholm Dumbuya
    Chapter 1 of this book aims to highlight themes covering occupational stress, job satisfaction, and the impact of these on the mental health of social workers who work in community mental health teams and those who work in children and family settings. The second chapter is a look at how poor self-esteem increases the risk for depression in adolescent girls and the practical steps that can be taken by social workers to enhance self-esteem in young people. The third chapter of the book poses the ... more
  • President Trump and My Neighbor

    by Arliss Coats
    I always try to see the positive side of things. If there are enough of you out there that find this story entertaining, I might make enough money to sue the hell out of my neighbor. Now that was not very nice. I have learned from this experience. If someone tries to destroy your life, you should not lower yourself to their level and try to destroy theirs.
  • Yoganomics

    by Paul Cornell du Houx

    The roots of environmental and climate justice: nature’s moral compass by the River of Asymmetry. Yoganomics summarizes Unicycle’s breakout from Hume’s conundrum and the naturalistic fallacy, step by step in the style of the sutras for deductive clarity. A solution to the famous “hard problem” of the relationship between nature and consciousness, mind and body, is presented using the logic of asymmetric change, where the body of the economy needs to breathe in a ... more

  • The Art of Overstanding

    by Countrified Wedman
    These books help the reader overstand life. To overstand is to be aware of all the moving pieces to this world and beyond. As an overstander, you will put thought into your choices and will be harder to manipulate. The books will teach you to identify the manipulators of this earth, their motivation, and to teach you to avoid their traps so your soul can ascend back to the universe. The books have text color that represents different levels of overstanding and touches on a variety of issues ... more
  • Stop Killing Us: My Story and the History of Racism in America

    by Terry Keys
    USA Today Bestselling Author Terry Keys takes aim at the racial divide facing America today in this breathtaking memoir. Who needs to read this book? Everyone. There is education for everyone and chapters written specifically for different groups. Why? So that we can all engage, have healthy conversations and grow as nation. This book is not PRO Black or ANTI White - it is PRO UNITY. What makes this book different? The author has compiled everything this subject needs in one place. Common myt... more