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Political & Social Sciences

  • Death & Taxes

    by Jordan Weisinger
    The smell of rebellion is in the air. Not only does the United States suffer from rampant wealth inequality but it is in middle of historic demographic shift, where for the first time ever, a democracy will transfer majority political power from one demographic group to another. Most demographic shifts have resulted in pogroms or genocide, and the United States is presenting the telltale signs for the same risks. The nation is acquiring significant amounts of debt due to a relentless defunding o... more
  • Class Struggles

    by Jordan Weisinger
    Descriptive statistics can be used to create new varieties of democratic representation when econometric terms are applied to institutions and electorates. Class-based themes are introduced into the political process when half of the electorate belongs to the below median chamber and the other half of the electorate belongs in the above median chamber. The highest standard of democratic entitlements applies, with "one person, one vote" and proportional representation applying to the income-based... more
  • Imperial Democracy

    by Jordan Weisinger
    This book explores the benefits of using econometric representation to improve longevity in nations by representing jurisdictions with higher per capita income more than low per capital jurisdictions. Higher per capita income is associated with longer periods of sustainable democracy. When the wealthier jurisdictions earn proportionally more representation than poorer more rural jurisdictions, the modified per capita income (interaction effect of # reps * per capita income) increases along with ... more
  • A Study of Household Spirits of Eastern Europe

    by Ronesa Aveela

    Readers' Favorite 2019 Gold Medal Winner in Non-fiction - Cultural category.

    Eastern European mythology and folklore contain a rich, colorful blend of Christian and pagan tales, customs, and rituals. Many have lost their original significance, but others are still practiced—especially in remote, rural locations. Household Spirits, the first in a series of books, will take you on a journey to discover nine fascinating house spirits you may never ha... more

  • Feeling Blue: The American Republic

    by Elijah R. Owens
    “My book is about the major injustices that exist in America. I spend time explaining various social and economic issues that have since become a burden to the American republic. I go into detail about my viewpoints on the injustices that have caused a myriad of controversy and political unrest. I express my inner voice that greatly appeals to how I view things in general for the sake of innovation and progression: how the world should be. In other words, I believe that the sky is the limit for ... more
  • Cognitive Politics: a Communications Workbook for Progressives

    by Stephen Cataldo
    Are your political conversations becoming fights? Or do you silence yourself to avoid those fights? Cognitive Politics is a workbook that will help you integrate new science with communication techniques — and put heart and hope back into your political conversations. Cognitive Politics reviews scientific discoveries, successful historical campaigns, and communication strategies. We’ll integrate ideas that are rarely combined and explore the contradictions. How does the recent Moral Foundatio... more
  • One Percent Devils and Their Satanic Tools

    by Curtis Alan Woods
    One Percent Devils and Their Satanic Tools addresses the rampant moral crisis in a dozen professions. Moral politicians, religious leaders, news media and economists are allowing One Percent Devils and their Satanic Tools (Republican politicians, preachers and the press) to gradually eliminate and replace democracy, moral capitalism, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with an Anglo-Saxon new world order that would be as tyrannical and immoral as Nazi and atheistic communist orders. Satani... more
  • Top Ten Reasons Nuclear War is Inevitable

    by Mike Smith
    As the world races toward Armageddon, we live our lives in quiet bliss, not knowing the unthinkable is about to happen. While nations teeter on the brink of oblivion, heads of state conspire behind closed doors. In this high-stakes game of cat and mouse, they build their arsenals and plan their moves. But, whatever the move, no one wins.
  • Killing History: The False Left-Right Political Spectrum and the Battle Between the 'Free Left' and the 'Statist Left'

    by L.K. Samuels
    Almost everything about the political spectrum is dead wrong. If the two polar opposites are Communism versus Fascism, what is in the middle? If the middle is halfway between Communism and Fascism, then everyone not on the extreme ends must be half-communist and half-fascist? Nobody believes that, but the old political spectrum prescribes that exact political scenario. So what happened? In an effort to rewrite history, the political dichotomy has been deliberately broken, falsified, sabotaged, a... more
  • Facets of Liberty: A Libertarian Primer

    by L.K. Samuels
    Facets of Liberty is an anthology about human freedom. Many of the thought-provoking articles in the original edition came from the libertarian student movement in the 1960s and 1970s, before the rise of the Libertarian Party. Considered radical at the time, most were penned by well-known authors such as political adviser Karl Hess, entrepreneur Douglas Casey, law professor Butler D. Shaffer, philosopher Robert LeFevre, psychologist Thomas Szasz, Reason magazine founder Robert Poole, space indu... more
  • Where Lilacs Bloom

    by Lois Larrance Requist
    Can American citizens be arrested and indefinitely detained in America without due process of law? Where Lilacs Bloom was published in 2000, before 9/11. Subsequent actions by the US Government illustrate how prescient the message of the book is. In this intriguing drama, religious extremists abandon the GOP and form the GOD party. They bring pressure on the GOP administration to stifle free speech. This is the story of one woman, Amy Flintridge, who is held, and not allowed contact with anyo... more
  • The Ramifications of Innovation Singularity

    by Mark P. Dangelo
    In our rush to acceptance of innovative trends, products and solutions, we are frequently discovering that our embrace of “new” comes with consequences—positive and negative. Innovations are changing our cultures, spearheading movements, and even, altering a foundation of human interaction and touch. Today, we can create artificial intelligence, augmented realities, global dialogues, risk mitigations, terrorism responses, and even download our brains into “the cloud”. Yet, are we prepared... more
  • Once Upon a Time in the Kalahari

    by Viki McCabe

    Once Upon a Time in the Kalahari raises a provocative question: can humankind reverse an impending global food crisis and save the remarkable planet we call home? Author and cognitive scientist Viki McCabe (birth-death) explains the holistic perspective of the world’s most ancient cultures and draws a stark comparison to modern man’s attempts to alter, control, and manage the natural world. Her research illustrates how the race for power and profit in agr... more

  • Nice Place, Shame about the Human race

    by Allan Gilmour
    Present day society has over the last sixty years, undergone immense transformation processes in which because of this rapid development, an attempt has been made to create a greater awareness in our everyday modern attitudes and behaviour. Spending child and adolescent years in the UK and his working life in Germany, the author has concentrated most of his observations upon these two cultures - examining modern behaviour both towards our planet and one another, and of stressing the importance o... more
  • The Breakdown: Where We Have Been & Where We Are Headed

    by Anthony Ciotti III
    A breakdown of the mechanics of the various systems which compromise the current paradigm, how they tie together and the major systemic flaws within that macro-system.
  • The Naughty Bunny

    by Rachel B. Evans and Cameron J. Alvarado
    Tiny, the naughty bunny neither behaves like a dog nor acts like a cat. A fact that is making it incredibly hard to find a forever home. His cuteness gets him adopted but the lack of understanding by others on his bunny ways gets him sent right back to the pet shop over and over again. Eventually, a 9 year-old boy and his mother adopts Tiny but when Tiny the bunny fails to live up to the boy’s expectations, Tiny gets carted right back to the pet shop. The shop owner helps the boy to realize that... more