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Political & Social Sciences

  • Solving For Democracy: A democracy without politics, removing the problems that limit our government

    by Tony Bracks
    In spite of its success, the flaws in our democratic decision making have led to tens of millions of unnecessary deaths in the last 50 years alone. Each and every year globally our poor democratic process squanders many trillions of dollars which could be otherwise spent for the benefit of all. This book outlines the many consequences of our current poor democratic process and presents a compelling case for change. The underlying problems within our democratic process are then identified, and si... more
  • Minimal Maximal City Planning

    by Pablo G.D.P.
    An urban revolution to reduce inequality and built great cities for all. A theory of city planning through the lens of hyper-efficient and equitable capitalist markets.
  • Get the Heck Out of Our Way!: Examples of Government Regulations That Are Eroding Our Freedoms, Holding Back the Economy, and Co

    by Dale W. Cox
    Government regulations are increasingly holding back economic development, inflating the prices of most consumer goods, and reducing our freedoms. Dale W. Cox and his wife, LeAnne, know that firsthand as they have operated business of various types throughout the years. What they've found is rules and regulations that constantly change and get more complicated, which hurts their businesses, their family, and their customers. In this book, Cox gives a detailed account of how these regulations ... more
  • Why Black Lives Do Matter

    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    In his new book, Why Black Lives Do Matter, noted political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson, takes a laser look at the history of, and continuing propagation, of gross racial typecasting and stereotypes, that have made African-Americans the perennial target of racial and police violence. The book is sweeping in scope, precise in focus, and even hits harder on the same devastating racial stereotypes of Blacks that he examined almost a quarter century earlier in his important work, The Assassina... more
  • Constitutional Renaissance

    by Richard Monts
    Have you had enough? When will the United States government stop growing? All constitutionally enumerated activities should have been in place long ago. There should be no more expansion in scope, yet there is. What we have now is an overbearing out-of-control central government—expanding far beyond constitutional limits—imposing on member states’ sovereignty. The result is a reduction in competition among states, a stifling business environment, and citizens and businesses suffering under compl... more
  • The Execution of Jesus the Christ

    by Mark J. Kubala
    For seventy years, we have been taught that Jesus died on the cross from asphyxiation (strangulation) because in the hanging position he was unable to exhale. This theory is not based on sound science. This book explains the medical cause of Jesus?s death and why even Pilate was surprised how soon Jesus had died. The dramatic changes that took place in Jesus?s body from the Last Supper until death are described in layman?s terms. To add to the injustice, Jesus?s condemnation to death was illegal... more
  • We Can Fix It: Reclaiming the American Dream

    by V. O. Diedlaff
    Middle class prosperity grew after the Great Depression and began declining in the 1980s. Today most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. What happened and how will Americans thrive as robots threaten their jobs? We Can Fix It : Reclaiming the American Dream is an informative, yet quick-reading, book that tells how our system broke, explains our current peril, and shows how we can reclaim our American democracy. The book draws from history, economics and neuropsychology, and includes a bibliogra... more
  • Confessions of an Old Man, How Millennials are Being Robbed

    by Munir Moon

    The future is being stolen from the millennial generation. Baby boomers have much to answer for: a legacy of economic instability, poor job growth, and an environmental disregard. Confessions of an Old Man is a statement of collective guilt that places the responsibility on the author's generation for dealing a bad card to its children.

    This is a call to action for the MI generation (defined as those born between 1980 and 2018) - a generation with the most to lose if the Un... more

  • Yes, The Eggplant is A Chicken: A Collection of Humor Essays

    by Sravani Saha
    Do you take your phone to the toilet every morning? Do you eat motivation lists for breakfast? Do you have withdrawal symptoms without social media? If you answered ‘yes’ to the questions above, this humorous book is for you. Funny and satirical, 'Yes, The Eggplant is A Chicken' is full of humor and takes a jab at the online lives we lead. A collection of humorous essays, the book also presents the hilarious inner conflicts of ordinary people and their extraordinary social lives. The w... more
  • STOPPNow (Stop the Organized Pill Pushers) Now 978-1-4809-7562-0

    by Janet Colbert
    STOPPNow - An average of 115 people die a day from opioid drug overdoses. Every single one of those deaths is preventable - if human life is valued over profit. In her searing and intimate book "STOPPNow" (2017, RoseDog Books), Janet Colbert describes her battle against the pill mills who supply, the physicains who prescribe, and the politicians who do nothing. Colbert has seen firsthand how opioids have destroyed lives and the community. Colbert has appeared in the Sun-Sentinel, on WSVN -TV - 7... more
  • Save America From Itself

    by Christopher Judges
    Save America From Itself is a straight-talking series of essays. It’s easy reading. But this book pulls no punches. Picture friends sitting around the kitchen table or in the local pub, and they’re dissecting politics, politicians and government in the manner of people who feel comfortable saying exactly what they think. Actually, picture a sledgehammer! What makes his book different than other current political offerings is that in the first part, Christopher gives multiple examples of th... more
  • Nigerian Politics and Corruption

    by Kyrian Chukwuemeka Echekwu
    Corruption is alive and well in Nigeria?and it must be eliminated. Moreover, the Nigerian church can no longer watch it go unchecked. Though conscious of his limitations as a priest and theologian, the author takes an in-depth look at how corruption has taken hold of Nigeria and its people in this scholarly work. He challenges the church as a socio-moral actor and the civil authorities that govern Nigeria, arguing that the nation will collapse if corruption continues. He notes that even thou... more
  • Misgovernment

    by Mark Lipse
    Why are so many countries so poorly governed? In Misgovernment, Mark Lipse presents a compelling theory - that misgovernment is the almost inevitable legacy of lawmakers ignoring natural rights when setting up the legal, administrative and constitutional powers of governments. The result, especially in developing countries, is ?predatory jurisdiction?, or government powers, which, while lawful, and generally viewed as normal and natural, actually have the potential to be massively unjust and des... more
  • POLITICAL MIND GAMES: How the 1% Manipulate Our Understanding of What's Happening, What's Right, and What's Possible

    by Roy Eidelson
    In Political Mind Games, psychologist Roy Eidelson explains how we can recognize and counter the persuasive ploys that the 1% use to advance their self-serving agenda. With manipulative appeals that include “It’s a Dangerous World,” “We’re Fighting Injustice,” “They’re Devious and Dishonest,” and “Change is Impossible,” the rich and powerful prey upon the American people by strategically targeting the most important concerns in our daily lives. Offering timely examples drawn from the realms of e... more
  • Revealing the Wickedness of the American Government: Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment, and Human Experimentation

    by Alisha Louis
    “How a nation starts out will be how that nation will end!” America has heard this statement all throughout history, and yet she still has not taken heed to the warnings of God. She has started out as a wicked nation, so her end will be pure destruction. God has warned America for hundreds of years to repent and turn from her wicked ways, and yet she continues delving deeper in darkness. The ones who are at the helm of all this wickedness is the American Government conducting their covert wick... more