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Political & Social Sciences

  • Reframing Poverty: New Thinking and Feeling About Humanity's Greatest Challenge

    by Eric Meade

    ***Winner of the 2019 Best Book Award, sponsored by American Book Fest, in Social Change.***

    ***Winner of the 2019 CIPA EVVY Book Award in Cultural Studies / Social Issues.***

    "Engaging and engrossing ... avoids simple answers in favor of real insights into the roots of poverty."

    "A provocative book that upends conventional thinking and forces the reade... more

  • The People's Republic of the Disappeared

    by Peter Dahlin

    “You are now under residential surveillance at a designated location. Your only right is to obey.” 

    With these words, Chinese lawyer Xie Yang was introduced to the brutality of Residential Surveillance at a Designated Location (RSDL), China’s rapidly expanding system for enforced disappearances. Little is known of RSDL, or what happens inside. The People’s Republic of the Disappeared will change that.

    RSDL facilities, often s... more

  • Trial By Media

    by Peter Dahlin
    There is something terribly wrong with CCTV, China’s state broadcaster. In China, anyone seen as a threat to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can be disappeared. Some are held in secret prisons, while some are placed in detention centers under false names. Family, lawyers, and even China’s state prosecutors are denied access. Many months later, they appear on CCTV, confessing to vague almost non-crimes, criticizing themselves, or discrediting others. This book, utilizing first-person acc... more
  • Populisms. A Quick Immersion

    by Carlos de la Torre
    Populisms. A Quick Immersion analyzes populism globally and through the lens of Latin America where populists have governed since the 1930s and 1940s up to the present. When populism is analyzed globally, the novelty is not its presence in most regions of the world. After all, populists have challenged the power of political and economic elites since the nineteenth century, and the first self-described Populist Party was formed in the U.S. in 1891. What is new is that populists are in office not... more
  • Why The Left Is Right: The Sociology Of An Ideology

    by Dustin Hartley
    Dustin Hartley argues a strong case for liberalism. Are we bogged down by ideology? Or is having a political leaning perhaps a good thing? The thesis of this book is that there are very good reasons -- moral, economic, and sociological -- for being a liberal.
  • Objection: Disgust, Morality, and the Law

    by Carlton Patrick
    Why do we consider incest wrong, even when it occurs between consenting adults unable to have children? Why are words that gross us out more likely to be deemed "obscene" and denied the protection of the First Amendment? In a world where a gruesome photograph can decisively influence a jury and homosexual behavior is still condemned by some as "unnatural," it is worth asking: is our legal system really governed by the power of reason? Or do we allow a primitive human emotion, disgust, to guide u... more
  • The Power of Words

    by Ann Marquez
  • People Like Us

    by Parker T. Pettus
    People Like Us is a musical comedy about everyday life in the subculture of drugs and prostitution in a contemporary American city. Available for download in EPUB format, the book has 9 embedded songs and audio controls which allow the reader to play the song appropriate for the passage being read. The protagonist meets a prostitute and a relationship develops, kept alive mainly by his Quixotic intellectualizing of the woman until he learns that her interest was only about the money.
  • The Indictment of Tribal Dogmas

    by Collin Stanton Registered
    The book is an indictment of all the major dogmas, and their godheads. The book is intentionally calling for the support of a public indictment to call for the banishment of these false and treacherous doctrines, obstructing the road to global peace, and unity. It also reanimates the soul of Edgar Cayce, back to reveal why he's no longer Christian, and just prior his death, stated under trance, that "anyone who forgives a soul all its sins but teaches it nothing more practical, is a liar and ... more
  • Pulpit Friction

    by Ken Kinton
    We live in world which is increasingly hostile toward those people whose political views do not align with their views. Pulpit Friction examines the challenges facing the church in striking a balance between these conflicting views and the church's prophetic mission.
  • The Yankee Way: The Blueprint That Created America

    by Troy Tyson
    How did America become great? How did this country become the most successful, powerful, and prosperous nation in the history of the world? Was it because of the nation’s unprecedented founding documents? Was it due to the scores of immigrants from all over the world who brought their dreams and talents to America’s shores? Or did America become great, as some contend, through racism, theft, and genocide? Author Troy Tyson proposes a unique argument as to the origins of American greatness: that... more
  • Daily Public Transit Ridership: The Inside Scoop

    by Peter Felton

    Picking up from where other San Francisco public transit historians left off, Peter Felton's Daily Public Transit Ridership: The Inside Scoop gives readers an acute internal perspective as to the routine external operations of the late 20th-early 21st Century-era San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (or "Muni" as it is more commonly nicknamed). Ranging from vehicular characteristics to urban development above and below ground level, Felton provides intricate details int... more

  • Dear Mr. President

    by Kathryn Holliston Ortiz
  • Every Day in the USA: 30 Black Moments

    by Anika Nailah
    Dear person of color, is Becky driving you crazy? This book will make you laugh out loud and show you that you’re neither crazy nor alone. Dear white person, is it possible that you are Becky and don’t know it? Welcome to an undisguised, sometimes humorous portrayal of life in Black America. Designed to spearhead conversation about race and racism that incites change, Everyday in the USA: 30 Black Moments is inspired by Langston Hughes’ Black Misery with 30 b/w illustrations by C. Andrew Willia... more
  • World Economic Meltdown: Supernova of Debt, Credit and Wealth Inequality

    by Khafra K Om-Ra-Seti
    This is a non-fiction book that is focused on our current global economic crisis that may bring about the worse global Great Depression in modern history.
  • How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

    by Paul Skousen
    Have you ever wanted to read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and really understand what they're saying? Millions of others have too. But getting a real understanding of the legal language of 200 years ago can be challenging - and as a result, few Americans know these important documents as well as they should. Recognizing this, Paul Skousen has written exactly the book you've been looking for. It's an easy, step-by-step guide that makes these documents come alive. With his ... more