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Other Nonfiction

  • Rut-Busting Book for Authors

    by Nancy Christie
    RUT-BUSTING BOOK FOR AUTHORS, an American Book Fest’s 2019 Best Book Awards finalist, addresses the ruts that would-be and current authors can fall into when writing, publishing and promoting their books. The book includes tips, techniques and strategies from authors as well as editors, literary agents, literary attorneys, publishers, book marketing experts and other experts to help guide you on the path from concept to finished product. It provides information on the three stages involved in... more
  • Yahyah and Mister Caterpillar

    by Malik Osaze
    A young girl's journey learning new things in her environment.
  • Holy Wood: Movies Doing the Bible

    by Philip Scheidt
    What if the pharaoh of Egypt could post on social media using the moniker “@atmakeegyptgreatagain” and he describes his encounters with Moses? In this book he does. • What if eighteen characters are in a movie theater watching dozens of films about Bible stories, and they are free to comment or yell about absurdities and errors they see on the screen? In this book they are. For example, in the famous scene of the parting of the Red Sea in The Ten Commandments, what does a drunken defrocke... more
  • Whatever Comes My Way: Travels in the Netherlands

    by Roger Gaess
    WHATEVER COMES MY WAY is an account of my off-beat travels around the Netherlands, beyond stereotypes, roaming the country up and down, east and west (an eye out for the essence of place), getting off the well-worn track while viewing anew the familiar, seeing what people there were about: always open to chance. For my voice, I fell back onto who I am. That is, I employed a somewhat quirky (arguably iconoclastic) yet informed approach in my narrative. Being myself meant welcoming oddities, s... more
  • The Big Book of Small Presses & Independent Publishers: Small Presses, book contests, university presses, and independent publis

    by Marylee MacDonald
    Have you tried and failed to find a literary agent? Grown tired of pitch sessions and query letters? The Big Book of Small Presses and Independent Publishers lists over 350 small presses, book contests, university presses, and independent publishers that take "unagented" submissions. This book is for you if you have: finished writing your book; given up on finding an agent; waiting months for an agent to call you back; longed for an editor to validate your creativity recoiled at the t... more
  • The Last Trial of T. Boone Pickens

    by Chrysta Castañeda and Loren C. Steffy
    T. Boone Pickens, legendary Texas oilman and infamous corporate raider from the 1980s, climbed the steps of the Reeves County courthouse In Pecos, Texas in early November 2016. He entered the solitary courtroom and settled into the witness stand for two days of testimony in what would be the final trial of his life. Pickens, who was 88 by then, had made and lost billions over his long career, but he’d come to Pecos seeking justice from several other oil companies. He claimed they cut him out o... more
  • Socks

    by Corey Anne Abreau
    Sure, I have fun playing with my toys, making noise, and building with blocks. But nothing beats playing with my socks!
  • Before I Was Born

    by Corey Anne Abreau
    Before I Was Born is a children’s book for new siblings that explains how their baby brother or sister grows during pregnancy—first they’re as big as a seed, then a pear, then as large as a watermelon! Pairing sweet illustrations with a melodic rhyme, this book is the perfect baby shower book or new sibling gift.
  • .The Tale of Broken Tail

    by Chi Varnado
    THE TALE OF BROKEN TAIL A true story of how Gramaset and her granddaughter, Kali, rescued three baby squirrels and raised them until they were ready to live on their own.
  • Global Warming & Human Cosmic Purpose

    by Nobody
    Learn why human-induced global warming is an inevitable stage of unfoldment of a thriving life-bearing planet. Explore the nature of human cosmic purpose & find out why it is intimately connected to the phenomenon of global warming. Understand why attempting to deal with the phenomenon of global warming through reducing the use of fossil fuels leads to needless suffering & death. Furthermore, appreciate why such an attempt could lead to the decimation of life on Earth. Come to know the ... more
  • The Midnight Hour

    by Bud Harris, PhD

    The morning sun is borne in the shadow of midnight.

    In this chaotic, ultra-important election year, Jungian analyst Bud Harris has stepped beyond his role as psychotherapist to speak in this book to our national heart and soul. Culling through his many years of political observation, he muses on the sources of our American discontent, proclaims that we must stop treating each other as enemies, and challenges each citizen to personally invest in a hopeful future. We owe ... more

  • Loving You Infinitely: : Before, During, and After Your Sun Set

    by Amanda Elise Booker
    A mother-daughter bond should be unbreakable. It should be filled with love, joy, respect, comfort, and support. There are times when there will be arguments, disagreements, tough times, and bad days. However, the strength of this bond surpasses all the shortcomings or misunderstandings and reigns over with amazing grace. The day I lost my mom, my whole life changed. It shifted. My life was no longer the same. I was not the same person. Our bond was physically broken, but a spiritual bond was ga... more
  • Myth, Religion and Reason: answers to unanswered fundamental religious questions

    by Lansh Radau

    While religions are age-old, some questions related to them are equally ancient. These questions are as relevant today as in times past: questions, such as why Jesus is considered to be the Messiah, the Son of God and an integral part of the Trinity; why Muslims offer their most important prayer on Friday at noon; why the concept of an all-powerful creator God is so central to Abrahamic religions, such as Christianity and Islam, while it is either absent or mutely alluded to in Indic religion... more

  • Dissertation Maestro

    by Dissertation Maestro
  • Make Me Pretty, Make Me Laugh

    by Jeremy Beth Michaels
    This unconventional how-to beauty book takes a hilarious and easy-to-learn approach to the most commonly-asked questions regarding beauty, skin care, aging, and makeup application. From the mind of an inappropriate comedian and makeup artist, and complete with illustrations, you get the best of both worlds. This isn't your standard beauty how-to book. If you scour social media for the latest beauty videos, or if you love spending your day off browsing the aisles in Sephora, you'll love this book... more