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Other Nonfiction

  • A Golden Civilization and The Map of Mindfulness

    by George Kinder
    George Kinder invites readers to imagine a thousand generations have passed and humanity has at last accomplished a Golden Civilization. What does it look like? Who are we there? Of all our systems and structures currently in place which of them got us there? And which of them were irretrievably heading in the wrong direction? He challenges readers to immediately abandon habits, structures, and systems that won’t take us to a Golden Civilization and adopt those that will.
  • Spiritualism and the Supernatural: An Entertaining Encyclopedia for Believers and Skeptics Alike

    by Stephanie Hoover

    Spiritualism and the Supernatural: An Entertaining Encyclopedia for Believers and Skeptics Alike is a lively, contemporary take on a centuries-old fascination. Its 300+ entries range from 19th century Spiritualists to modern paranormal parlance. The encyclopedia approaches topics from multiple perspectives: neutral researcher, ardent believer and committed skeptic. This smartly written work appeals to everyone, and reads like an entertaining history of the supernatural rather than th... more

  • The Wealth of Poverty

    by Mindy Johnson-Hicks
    Capitalize: To convert into accessible wealth. Rev. Adam Hamilton, COR, Kansas writing about The Wealth of Poverty says "Often the church’s efforts addressing poverty involve performing acts of service for or to the poor. These acts are sometimes motivated more by one’s own needs or self-interest than by a genuine concern for the poor. Tina Carter and Mindy Johnson-Hicks invite readers to take a different approach. In The Wealth of Poverty they invite readers to develop mutual relationship... more
  • A Break from the Everyday

    by Kelley Albert
    The concept of this book is admittedly simple, but with today’s technology overload and epidemic of loneliness, it could not be any more timely. We need to awaken our senses and reignite our relationships with friends and family. Agreed! But where do we start? Sometimes all it takes is some creative prodding (that’s where I come in), and a little effort and a willingness to get out there and try something new (that’s where you come in). Oftentimes, it’s not just the activity we remember, ... more
  • Southern Bulldog, Northern Bulldog: The Georgia-Yale Series of 1923-34

    by Douglas S. Malan
    What has Athens to do with New Haven? Separated by nearly 900 miles, the casual observer finds no obvious connection, aside from their identities as venerable cities in two of America’s 13 original colonies. History, however, tells a different story. In America’s infancy, Yale-educated men migrated south to establish new lives in Georgia and contribute to the political scene and educational system. As a result, the University of Georgia emerged as the first land-grant university in America, and ... more
  • Real Talk About LGBTQIAP: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Pansexual

    by Tara Y. Coyt
    Real Talk About LGBTQIAP: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Pansexual is a thoughtful conversation about the who, what, when, how, and why of human sexuality, gender identity, and biological sex. Author Tara Y. Coyt explores these questions by sharing a variety of LGBTQIAP perspectives, reviewing history, and distilling expert findings from biblical scholars, health professionals, scientists, and researchers. Real Talk is accessible, informative, and thought-prov... more
  • The Universal Grammar of Story: An Author’s Guide to Writing for the Soul of the World

    by Hazel Denhart

    A mythopoetic writing theory drawing across science and the humanities explores storytelling from the technical to the philosophical: including consequences stories bring to their authors and society. Entertainingly written in rhythmic literary style with abundant examples and thought-provoking scholarship. 32 illustrations. Companion workbook available.

  • Park City Hiking Guide

    by Beverly Hurwitz MD
    Discover and navigate hundreds of miles of manicured mountain trails in the resort town of Park City, Utah. This guidebook provides maps and directions for 45 hikes around the town and ski terrain, and tells how to access trailheads by free public transportation. Learn where to hike with kids and dogs and find invaluable information about hiker health, safety and first aid.
  • The Road to the Future

    by Glimps East Forward
    How we separated our way from the other apes and started to become more and more intelligent? How we are the only human species to survive? How some nations had an early spark but fell behind in the long run?
  • Restaurants & Tales by Reha Tanör - Short Stories - Food & Drink - Travel - Life Philosophy

    by Ella James

    Reha Tanör’s culinary infused short stories, a new chapter in his journey after his successful multi-faceted life as an entrepreneur, investor, professor and a loving father/husband. The globetrotter digs interesting details up from his rich past inspired by his dining experience at some of the best restaurants in the world from Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills to Modena’s Osteria Francescana.

  • Atlas the Rabbit

    by Ebru Caparti
    What happens when a little rabbit finds a big, big orange carrot in the woods? He knows that if he takes it home, his dad can bake him delicious carrot cupcakes, carrot soup, and more. How can he lift it up by himself? But don’t worry: he meets a Longhorn Crazy Ant by accident. Through their struggles, it is the beginning of a new friendship which leads them to learn how to achieve their goals by trusting and supporting each other. Jump into this lovable story and learn along with your frien... more
  • The Homeless Man's Journal

    by Shayne Whitaker
    Based on a true story. While waiting at his usual bus stop, Ben discovers a notebook that tells the life-changing story of a homeless man who once slept there. The Homeless Man's Journal chronicles the experiences of author Shayne Whitaker. Abandoned by his mother when he was only four years old, Shayne embarked on an odyssey full of hardship, poverty, and abuse that crisscrossed the country. The Homeless Man's Journal will stir your emotions and remind you that the power to persevere is within ... more
  • Quick Quizzes in ICT for kids

    by Effah Williams
    Self-discovery Technology concept training for children or anyone who wants to understand the concept of Computing
  • Common Sense and Reasonable Amswers

    by Warren William Luce
    Provides reasonable and common sense answers to major issues that plague America and the world. When we summon the will and courage to carry them out, our lives will be better, the children's future brighter and the world a kinder place
  • Family Tree: Rooted in Survival

    by Rebecca Freimann
    Family Tree: Rooted in Survival tells the never-before-told- true story of three family branches and their struggles to survive the horrors of the Holocaust. Family members are separated from one another and must find the will to survive on their own. This book recounts the hardships suffered at the hands of the Nazis, but also focuses on light - the power of love and the victory in survival.