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Other Nonfiction

  • Hope Blooms: Organ Donation, the Rose Parade, and Our Journey to Save Lives

    by Bryan Stewart
    In 2001, lung transplant recipient Gary Foxen shared his vision of an organ donation-themed float in the Rose Parade as a way to thank donors and celebrate what transplantation makes possible. Bryan Stewart, recently hired into the field, saw an even greater possibility: to inspire millions of Americans to choose to be organ, eye, and tissue donors. Hope Blooms: Organ Donation, the Rose Parade, and Our Journey to Save Lives, an intimate 12-year account of the genesis, evolution, and institutio... more
  • I've Been Shot: Encountering Christ in Trauma

    by Terrie McKee
    I've Been Shot: Encountering Christ in Trauma details the shooting of a husband and father of four at a North Carolina rest stop. The shooting, on Thanksgiving weekend 2015, permanently paralyzed him. But the story doesn't end there. Greg and his wife, author Terrie Bentley McKee, encountered Christ's power, presence, and peace in trauma through this tragedy. Because of Christ, they extended forgiveness to the shooters, shocking and amazing a community in the process. Terrie Bentley Mc... more
  • Looking Backward

    by Will Bodine

    A photographic color celebration of classic American station wagons from the years 1941 to 1992.

  • Power Brokers

    by C. L. Fails
  • Snitchin' in Augusta, Georgia

    by Bret Steele
    Augusta, Georgia, like many other American cities, is sharply divided along racial and economic lines. In the 1990s, the Augusta Police Department found itself battling the crack cocaine epidemic that turned at-risk kids into dangerous drug dealers. As these young dealers sought to get rich, the realization was a life of despair and danger from the competition, customers, and cops. As the nation fought a very public war on drugs, law enforcement officers faced their own pressure to make arrests ... more
  • Chess Writing

    by Rose Rohloff
    An innovative writing technique, How-To learn to inspire & mentor writing of students, novices. A wonderful book for teachers, students, writers, schools - for all ages and genres.
  • Listen to the Children: How empowering students can fix our broken schools

    by Stacy Pulice
    Today’s educational system is broken, an archaic process based on a colonization that is both dulling and ineffective. In Listen to the Children: How empowering students can fix our broken schools, Stacy Pulice, Ph.D. implores us to tap into the creative souls of children, listen to them and acknowledge that students and teachers alike are suffering. Listen to the Children shows that if we approach educating our children from a life- and soul-affirming place, they will thrive. Sadly, teach... more
  • Understanding Your Baby: A Week-By-Week Development & Activity Guide For Playing With Your Baby From Birth to 12 Months

    by Ayelet Marinovich
    Understanding Your Baby breaks down developmental concepts and offers simple, quick play activities to help parents and caregivers feel that they’re “winning” at parenthood! You’ll learn all about what your baby is likely working on in the areas of cognitive, communicative, motor/sensory, and social/emotional development, and simple, practical ways to support early developmental (using repurposed common, household objects to create play materials, musical, early literacy, and sensory experiences... more
  • Acting Face to Face 2: How to Create Genuine Emotion for TV and Film

    by John Sudol
    Acting Face to Face 2: How to Create Genuine Emotion for TV and Film (AFF2) is the second book in a series about the “Language of the Face” - or how the face communicates nonverbally. Building upon the work and concepts of many leading researchers, including famed Dr. Paul Ekman, that were introduced in the first book. AFF2 expands on the science of emotions offering practical exercises guiding its readers to true Emotional Alignment. Acting Face to Face 2 is not just another book on ... more
  • 97B-1490561196

    by John Sudol
    Acting Face to Face: the Actor’s Guide to Understanding How Your Face Communicates Emotion for TV and Film is the first book to define the significant difference between acting for the stage and acting for the camera. That difference being how your face communicates thought, feeling and emotion. The actor who has the tools and skills to create and control how and what their face communicates is the actor most suited to work in front of the camera. Acting Face to Face is also the first book... more
  • God and Man: Love on the Rocks

    by Steven Rosner

    Throughout the Millennia, our relationship with God has been on the rocks. We have ignored Him, but mostly mocked, disparaged, and treated Him with disdain. Man has abrogated his responsibility, engaged non-stop in the worst evil imaginable, causing God untold suffering. Is it any wonder then, why He is estranged from us; why there is unrelenting havoc in our lives and suffering is prevalent at every level? Isn’t it time to repair our relationship with God and gain His many blessings?... more

  • Let's Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills

    by Robert Dante
    Bullwhip expert (and 4-time Guinness World Record holder) Robert Dante teaches whip cracking for beginners to advanced performers, from A to Z, covering the dynamics of safe bullwhip handling.. Includes photos of superstars of the world-wide bullwhip community. With Sylvia Rosat. Illustrated, with appendices.
  • The Genetic Universe: Second Edition

    by Garcia-Gonzalez
    “Mind is not essential for survival, and Mind is essential for existence to emerge.” THE GENETIC UNIVERSE explores the limitations of an invisible and silent universe, and reveals details of how Mind overcomes these limitations. Garcia-Gonzalez argues that objects cannot exist without Mind actualizing them, and in doing so, he challenges the deepest questions in metaphysics: Is a genetic essence needed before things can exist? The notions explored in THE GENETIC UNIVERSE – existence ... more
  • The Road from Money - The Journey Continues

    by Sylvester Boyd
    The Road from Money, The Journey Continues (Part 2) Estella arrives in Chicago, during the Great Migration north for millions of African Americans. She leaves behind the Jim Crow South and the cotton fields of Money, Mississippi; to the promise of a better life in the north. Seeing the vast difference between a big city and a small rural town, Estella finds it both exciting and challenging. With her family’s help she settles in to find new friends, romance and employment during World War II. She... more
  • Buying a Home: A No Nonsense 20 Step Guide to Buying Your Home from Pre-Approval to Closing ((First time home buyers, New Home,

    by Lady Donegal
    Use These Steps To Get Into YOUR Home! "Money can't buy me love.” The legendary band from the '60s known as the Beatles used that expression. But it can buy us a whole lot of things that can make our lives more enjoyable and memorable such as dream weddings, memorable holidays around the world and our own home sweet home. These are the things that people want in their lives. Buying a house with cash, however, isn't as easy as it looks. In fact, most people need financial assistance to be a... more
  • Wool and Wine: People, Passion, Conversations

    by John Martin
    Wool and Wine tells the stories of the people behind unique pairings of yarn and wine – how they got their start, where they are headed and what has happened along the way. Captured in 175 stunning photos and featuring 12 family run wineries and 12 independent dyers from across North America and Europe, the book brings together yarn, wine, food recipes, knitting patterns and projects from some of today’s most prominent knitting designers in a fun, engaging package with a little something for ev... more