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Other Nonfiction

  • Handshake! Ancient History, Technical Mastery and The Secret to Spiritual Connection.

    by Nathaniel Whitten
    Not a day goes by that we don't find ourselves shaking hands with another. But how much do we actually know about this timeless practice? From tales of Assyrian King Shalmaneser pioneering the art in 9th Century BC to pressing the flesh in the Oval Office, from the classic American shake to the complex rituals of the Far East, this compact volume will awaken your understanding of what it means to "Put 'er there." And with tips on how to increase your ability to give and receive positive energy w... more
  • Walking the Talk - A Lifestyle of Sharing Jesus

    by Sheila Srna
    “Walking the Talk: A Lifestyle of Sharing Jesus” from Christian Faith Publishing author Sheila Srna is an energetic call to heavenly action on earth, inspiring believers everywhere to walk the Christian talk and live a lifestyle that reflects the true meaning of being saved, growing together as a community, and thereby winning souls over for the kingdom through a spirit of everyday evangelism.
  • Tips For Decorating Your Home

    by Emma Marie
    Decorating a home is something that most homeowners enjoy doing but the truth is, it is always a time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort and energy. A home is not just four walls and some sparsely placed furniture, a home is a place that is decorated and adorned with careful thought and lots of love.

    If you’re somebody who is hoping to begin decorating their home and you’re brainstorming ideas as to how to decorate your home, we urge you to follow the tips given as these... more
  • Mini Style Guide: An Introduction to Good Writing and Manuscript Presentation

    by Denise O'Hagan

    An easy-to-use guide for writers, editors and students

    The Mini Style Guide covers the fundamentals of good writing and explains how to present a manuscript for publication. It is written in a direct and accessible manner suitable for all ages and backgrounds, and assumes no prior knowledge of the writing trade or the publishing industry. Explanations are accompanied by ‘real life’ examples, and each chapter opens with a humorous quotation.

    The book consists of three p... more

  • Tread the City's Streets Again: Frances Perkins Shares Her Theology

    by Donn Mitchell

    Tread the City’s Streets Again is the first book to explore the theology and vocation of Frances Perkins, the settlement house worker who went on to lift millions of Americans out of poverty through the creation of the Social Security system. From the slums of Chicago to the brothels of Philadelphia; from the tenements of New York to the halls of power in Albany and Washington, Perkins was guided by a deeply incarnational understanding of Christianity. Drawing heavily on her presentatio... more

  • How to Become a Successful Writer: Secrets the Mainstream Publishers Don't Want You to Know

    by Aaron Dennis
    This manual brings to your fingertips all the practical knowledge required to build your long term writing career. Any writer of any level will benefit from the material within this comprehensive guide. From the neophyte to the professional, anyone who reads this book will learn everything from formulating an idea for a story, to practicing the art of the short story, to writing proper fanfiction, and writing an original novel. This book not only teaches how to write, but also how to market, ... more
  • Independent Judgment and Introspection: Fundamental Requirements of the Free Society

    by Jerry Kirkpatrick

    Independent judgment—as exhibited by the little boy in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”—is correct perception of the facts of reality and courage to acknowledge and assert those facts. This is a fundamental requirement of the free society. Unless each adult citizen possesses a significant amount of self-esteem expressed as independent judgment, such a society cannot last. The aim of this book is to explore the nature of independence and its relationship to personal an... more

  • The Taiwan Experience: Taiwan's Peaceful Evolution from Dictatorship to Democracy Seen Through the Eyes of a Foreigner and ROC N

    by Alix Lee
    The first of a trilogy of books that covers Taiwan's process of democratisation over several decades, and the social changes that have come with it, written from the unique perspective of a foreigner and an ROC (Taiwan) national. It contains unique insights not available elsewhere and has special significance for the political reform which is inevitably coming to China.
  • Accidental Safari: A Guide for Navigating the Challenges That Come with Aging

    by Richard C. Tizzano

    Accidental Safari: A guide for navigating the challenges that come with aging. At any time an unexpected health crisis or financial setback can suddenly propel us into unknown territory. As we age facing an uncertain future without a plan is like taking an “Accidental Safari” without a map. Attorney/Author Richard C. Tizzano, a trusted advocate in Elder Law and Crisis Management, guides us through the jungles of Medicaid, Medicare, and health insurance; wills, directives, and powe... more

  • The Abundance-Scarcity Paradox

    by Kenwyn K. Smith
    Humanity now recognizes we are partway through a transformational epoch that may be even more impactful than the Renaissance. A central feature of this reformation is discovering that all of life is predicated on abundance. Never before has the world been so wealthy. Yet mostly we still feel it is a struggle to survive, largely because our economic system is based on real or artificially created scarcities. The world order has been founded on the economics of scarcity, which is an insufficiently... more
  • Taxi Insurance Guide to Get the Best for Less

    by Jena Lucas
    If you have decided to start your very own private hire Taxis business in any part of the United Kingdom, you will need to buy the relevant insurance cover for all your vehicles to drive them legally on the road. Not only this cover will protect in case of an unpleasant incident, but you will also be obligated by law to have an insurance policy at hand before you start your business. In fact, the relevant cover is one of the sets of guidelines to get your drivers licensed. However, cutting do... more
  • Queer Sense: A Guide to Understanding and Accepting LGBTQ+ People

    by B. Bentley Summers, Ph.D.
    Do sexual and gender identities fall on spectrums? Or are they dichotomous? What factor plays a part with identical twin brothers raised in the same household, whose DNA are 99% identical, with one brother identifying as heterosexual and the other identifying as gay? Queer Sense describes how culture shapes an individual's attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people, and along with an individual’s biological predisposition influences where a person identifies on the spectrum of sexual orientation an... more
  • Marine Diesel Basics 1

    by Dennison Berwick
    The first VISUAL guide to diesel engine maintenance, winterizing and recommissioning in recreational vessels. The 222-page book has more than 300 drawings and covers everything from the deck fuel filler to the cotter pin aft of the propeller. The book details how to complete more than 140 tasks and includes what tools and supplies are required.
  • Unreal Magazine Vol. 1

    by Daniel Scott White
    Featuring Martha Wells, Yoon Ha Lee, Emily Devenport, Adithi Rao, J.D. Astra, Tais Teng, Jessica Needham, Joe Taylor, and Liz Kellebrew. Nonfiction by David R. Grigg and Eric Del Carlo. Edited by Daniel Scott White. This magazine is about fiction that isn’t made for this world. So let go. Get unreal for a moment. Let the magic take you away. - In “Adaptation” by Martha Wells, we find a shapeshifter struggling to cope with being transformed into a shape he’s not comfortable with. - “In Her... more
  • Yells for Ourselves: A Story of New York City and the New York Mets at the Dawn of the Millennium

    by Matthew Callan
    During the 1990s, as New York was transformed from a crumbling city into a vibrant metropolis, the New York Mets were anything but vibrant. Beginning in 1999, the team waged a battle to recapture the hearts of New York baseball fans from their crosstown rivals, and they came closer to succeeding than anyone dared dream. At the same time, mayor Rudy Giuliani―architect of this new New York and those rivals’ biggest cheerleader―was engaged in his own battles to win a Senate seat and to save his sag... more