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Other Nonfiction

  • A handful of buttons: Picture book about family diversity

    Not all families are the same. Each family is different, unique and special. This is the beginning of a children's book about family diversity. What types of families are there? And what special thing makes them a family? These are some of the answers we want to offer to encourage tolerance towards others.
  • She Dances Salsa... With Him!

    by Francisco De La Calleja
  • So You Want to be a Dog Trainer

    by Nicole Wilde
    Are you considering a career as a professional dog trainer? Get the inside scoop from internationally recognized trainer/behavior specialist Nicole Wilde. You will get advice, tips, how-tos (and how-NOT-tos), along with specific, step-by-step instructions and resources, all presented in a down-to-earth, humorous manner. What it is really like to work with dogs--and their owners; can you make a living training dogs? (Oh, yes!); how to get an education (hint: It doesn't necessarily involve school)... more
  • Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts

    by Katherine E. L. Norris, Ed.D.
    This book takes a look at the need for creating authentic partnerships between schools and multicultural families. The book looks at best practices and university, school, and community partnerships.
  • How to Evangelize with Confidence

    by Richmond Donkor
    Evangelism is very important to every ministry, but unfortunately, it has become a challenge for churches and individuals alike nowadays. I hear people say that they don't know how to evangelize; they don’t know where or how to start a conversation about Jesus. Jesus always sought other people out to evangelize to them. He went to their workplaces and homes, showing concern for them and sharing fellowship with them. As Paul wrote to the Romans: For “Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD wil... more
  • Ask Me about My Grandcats: And Other Essays

    by Michael Jenkins
    Who's ready to smirk insignificantly? Michael has put together a collection of 58 (count 'em--58!) comedy essays that is almost (but not quite) guaranteed to make you kind of grin maybe. Included in this collection are such titles as, "The Unappreciated, Aspiring Author Files an Auto Insurance Claim," as well as the ever-tantalizing, "This Condolence Card Should Add Just the Right Amount of Sexual Tension." Are you intrigued? Would you like to read more? No? Well, let me sweete... more
  • God Answers Science

    by Gary W. Driver
  • How To Drive Like An Idiot In Bacolod: An Expat's Experiences of Driving in the Philippines and How to Survive

    by Stephen Bentley

    'How to Drive Like an Idiot in Bacolod' is the story of the British expat author's "road culture shock" when faced with the hazards of driving in Bacolod, Philippines.Those hazards are vividly described in this book.

    He draws on his vast experience as a police-trained driver to offer tips in defensive driving in the hope it will help in surviving the chaos on the roads of the Philippines.

    This book also addresses the negative impact of the author... more

  • The Haunted: Legends from The Wilderness (A Haunted History Series Book 2)

    by L. Sydney Fisher

    VOLUME II in the Bestselling Series.

    From the likes of frontier legend, Davy Crockett or Ruby Elzy, African American opera singer to Gladys Presley, mother of Rock-n-Roll's legendary King, Elvis Presley, the Mississippi hills of The Wilderness have stories of grandeur to tell. It's a place of new beginnings and heartbreaking endings. A place where battles and bloodshed have weaved a history destined to be retold. And beneath the graves of many left behind lies t... more

  • The Haunted: True Stories for the Ghost Lover's Soul (A Haunted History Series Book 1)

    by L. Sydney Fisher

    I want to tell you a story......about a place once called The Devil's Furnace. A place that dates its beginnings in prehistoric times. Where Indigenous people once lived and hunted.

    A place that's known massive bloodshed......This bloodshed has stained the soil of the landscape and created a portal to another world. It's a world where the souls of the deceased enter and exit at will.
    ... more

  • The Dragon Grammar Book: Grammar for Kids, Dragons, and the Whole Kingdom

    by Diane Mae Robinson
    Finally! An easy-to-understand grammar book with fun grammar lessons. The Dragon Grammar Book is the ideal grammar book for kids, dragons, and adults alike. From multi-award winning children's fantasy author, Diane Mae Robinson, The Dragon Grammar Book introduces middle grades through adults to the basic rules of the English language with easy grammar lessons. Featuring the zany fantasy characters in the author's The Pen Pieyu Adventures series, The Dragon Grammar Book is sure to be enjoyed by t... more
  • Wise-Love: Bhakti and the Search for the Soul of Consciousness

    by Pranada Comtois

    #1 Hot New Release in Metaphysics and Philosophy on Amazon

    We all long for boundless love as we long for home. But how can we find our home our meaning and purpose if we don't know our self? Wise-Love is an exploration of the self, or consciousness, guided through the meditative eyes of saints, sages, seers, and mystics.

    Joy comes from an awakened heart and expanded consciousness, not from a controlled or stilled mind.

    When we encounter the self, we're automatically ... more

  • Bending Time: The Power to Live in the Now

    by Patrick Paul Garlinger
    It is a commonly held spiritual belief that we should live in the present moment. But what does that really mean? Bending Time offers a novel answer to that question. We must understand time as a psychic phenomenon that we ourselves create. As a product of our own creation, time structures our entire perception of the world, including our relationships with other people. In our relationships, we recreate the past in the present moment rather than experience the present as it truly is. Our a... more
  • Serial Killers and the Aftermath

    by Rosemary J. Erickson, Ph.D.
    This is not a smiley-face book. Rather, it provides a gritty coverage of four serial killer cases, for which Dr. Rosemary J. Erickson was an expert witness. Dr. Erickson is a forensic sociologist and expert witness. The first part of her book provides a behind-the-scenes look of how she became a female expert witness on violent crime. The later part covers the violent criminal cases and her involvement in the aftermath. The aftermath occurs, when the civil suit is filed. That is when Dr. E... more
  • The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers' Second Big Book of Farty Facts

    by M.D. Whalen

    What’s your Fart IQ?

    Did you know that cats fart more in Pennsylvania? That Mississippi students go to jail for farting? That there's a movie award for Best Fart? Blonnnk! It's all in this book.

    Did you know that moth farts kill, but kangaroo farts can save the planet? That nurse farts could be dangerous, yet farts might have cured the Great Plague? That some of the world's greatest writers have all writ... more