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Other Nonfiction

  • Armenian Duduk: Complete Method and Repertoire

    by Georgy Minasyan
    The Third Edition of Armenian Duduk Method is the only trilingual comprehensive and easy-to-use guide designed for anyone interested in playing Armenian Duduk from the complete novice just learning the basics to the more advanced player. Using his prominent performance and pedagogy background Georgy Minasyan (Minasov) takes an all-in-one approach by combining theory, scales and technique into a single volume. For those who want to enrich their repertoire the book features over 250 songs from dif... more
  • Buy the Truth and Sell It Not: The Life of E. Gaston Collins

    by Frank N. Cook
    How the love of truth led a young man from Franklin County, Tennessee through twelve states, three provinces, and two spiritual battles.
  • That Job He's Got to Do: The Life and Times of William Lafayette Cook

    by Frank N. Cook

    "This was a Man!" - Hard work, honor, race, and violence in the Reelfoot Lake region of Tennessee, and the lessons that can be learned from the life of Will Cook.

  • No Playing Frisbee Today

    by Tanja Huston
    Through the eyes of children, life's challenges are not always easy to understand. But, through Tanja's books, children find hope for a better tomorrow with a little help from family and friends. "Juju's Big Surprise" and "No Playing Frisbee Today."
  • The Fiery Hierarchy: Revealing the Secret Government of the World (The Teaching of the Heart, Book 5)

    by Zinovia Dushkova

    All the peoples of the world have preserved myths and legends about a secret government which rules everything invisibly, making the most important decisions for humanity according to the just Laws of the Cosmos.

    This world government is Shambhala the Resplendent, headed by the Great Lord, who was once known all over the world as Prester John, a mysterious king of the East. Although this hidden government has little in common with earthly regimes, it still offered its help to leade... more

  • The Heart of Infinity: Exploring the Universe (The Teaching of the Heart, Book 4)

    by Zinovia Dushkova

    Since ancient times, the boundless stellar sky has attracted our gaze and thoughts. Its magnificent beauty and great mysteries have always been awakening eternal philosophical questions in our hearts — about the Universe and our place in it, about the nature and purpose of our existence.

    What does the Universe as a whole represent? How is it organized? By what laws does it abide? How does the Cosmos affect the events occurring on the Earth? Are we alone in the Universe? Is th... more

  • The Mammoth Letters: Running Away to a Mountain Town

    by Jennifer K. Crittenden
    Questions arise when a big city family moves to a remote mountain town in the Eastern Sierra: Why is there a bear in the grocery store? What happened to the missing school teacher? Where do you buy soccer socks around here? Skillfully blending anecdote, history, and description, The Mammoth Letters is an amusing and sensitive portrayal of an eclectic town and its colorful inhabitants and will inspire anyone who has wondered about making the leap from one world to another. In a book of wide emoti... more
  • The Escape to Cabo

    by Steven LaPoint
    A true story- Scott Frieze had a comfortable life... great job, beautiful home in the Tucson foothills, a brand new Lincoln and a Road King in the garage... he decided it was now or never to fulfill a childhood fantasy that had haunted him for over forty years. This can't put it down emotion sparker will have you tagging along as his fantasy lands him on the legal systems "devil's doorstep"... experience the drama in the courtroom, the Maximum Security prison, the escape...
  • Really Weird Stuff II

    by Gregg Kanon
    This book is guaranteed to blow your mind. Really Weird Stuff II contains over 40 stories that seem too bizarre to be true─yet they are. If you liked Really Weird Stuff, you’ll love Really Weird Stuff II. Here are a few of the many amazing oddities you will discover in Really Weird Stuff II: • Superman curse • “thoughtographs” • dinosaurs among us • time voyagers • electric people • ghost planes • sky critters • courtroom ghost • signals from space • UFO invasion • goblin attack • memory transpl... more
  • Unraveling the Mahler Enigma: A Lost Insight

    by Franz Loschnigg, Ph.D.

    Intended for lovers of the arts, this “big think” book engages the dynamic of culture and the creative mind. It unravels inductively, layer by layer, the myth and misconceptions about Gustav Mahler as composer. Early in the 1970s Franz Loschnigg realized that a myth was developing around Mahler’s childhood, education, and persona based on the assumptions of Henri de la Grange. Rather than accepting his work as definitive, the author turned to unique sources – the conte... more

  • CINDERELLA: English to Chinese, Level 1

    by David Burke

    The "HEY WORDY! MAGIC MORPHING FAIRY TALES" series is the most fun way to introduce children to foreign languages.

    • Each story starts in one language and MORPHS into another, using the new words over and over in context.
    • And each of the 5 levels contain the words from the previous levels, ensuring that your child retain all the words by the end of the series.
    • INCLUDED FREE on the first page of each book is a down code for the audio program ... more
  • Success Without Fulfilment

    by au yong chee tuck
  • 978-1-4828-8256-8

    by au yong chee tuck
    It is human for us to yearn for some degree of success in our lives. Sometimes we might wonder whether it was Fate or our human actions that affected our destiny. In our book, we tried to show that some people (such as Andrew Grove) can choose to remain an employee and still become "insanely" successful - without the need to strive and become an entreprenuer. Then we chose ten persons and arranged them into five pairs based on some similiarities among them. We examined their birth charts and l... more
  • The Garden Tourist

    by Jana Milbocker
    The Garden Tourist is a travel guide for weekend gardeners, landscape designers and vacation travelers. It features 120 botanical gardens, historic estates and destination nurseries in the Northeast. The book is richly illustrated with 500 color photographs, regional maps and symbols that indicate garden amenities. Suggested itineraries and contact information are provided to make trip planning a breeze.
  • Saint Badass: Personal Transcendence in Tucker Max Hell

    by Doug Carnine

    Saint Badass is a story spanning six years worth of letters and growing friendships between four prisoners and author Doug Carnine. Each prisoner faces various crises in prison including disabling illness, a brain tumor, a prison gang attack, family betrayal, medical abuse and harsh punishments for mild offenses.  Each prisoner in his own way achieves transcendence through his crisis using mindfulness, meditation and the blessings of kindness. Juxtapose the destructive for... more

  • Gimme 15 Inches

    by Dave Molter

    If you’ve ever wondered who wrote the first Christmas newsletter or why compact fluorescent lightbulbs might be a Communist plot, Gimme 15 Inches is for you! Naked samurai swordsmen? Buzz Aldrin? Rugged revolutionaries who demand two kinds of sandwich spread and sliced cheese to make the fight more palatable? A school board president who deems Herb Alpert the devil’s disciple? They’re all here. Why not join them?

    Inspired by Looney Tunes, Steve Allen, ... more