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Other Nonfiction

  • A Knock in the Attic: True Ghost Stories & Other Spine-chilling Paranormal Adventures

    by John Russell
    A Knock in the Attic is my story, not only about my psychic awakening and the abundance of mind-blowing otherworldly confrontations I've experienced, but also about the life lessons those many supernatural encounters have taught me. I'll tell you what it was like to meet Uri Geller, to film a TV pilot for The History Channel, and give you a behind-the-scenes look at some paranormal investigations I conducted that revealed incredible facts. I will also describe my own "UFO encounter" at the Rosw... more
  • Gas Fireplaces Adelaide

    by Heat master
  • Cyberjutsu: Cybersecurity for the Modern Ninja

    by Ben McCarty
    Cyberjutsu is a revolutionary approach to information security based on authentic, formerly classified Ninja scrolls. It synthesizes today's infosec field with the tactics and techniques used by ancient Japanese ninjas – history’s original Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Written by Ben McCarty, a former NSA developer and the U.S. Army’s first cyber warfare specialist, this essential handbook for cyber defenders draws fascinating parallels between the stealth warriors of feudal Japan and modern... more
  • Trampolines Sydney

    by Milla James
  • 25 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Podcast

    by Marco Timpano
    This book is a tool for podcasters who want to start their very own podcast. Full of tips and tools for the novice podcaster as well as things not to do, author Marco Timpano relays his experience and knowledge to get you podcasting faster, better and more efficiently then venturing into this world along.
  • Painting the Past: A Guide for Writing Historical Fiction

    by Meredith Allard
    Do you want to write historical fiction? Join Meredith Allard, the executive editor of The Copperfield Review, the award-winning literary journal for readers and writers of historical fiction, as she shares tips and tricks for creating believable historical worlds through targeted research and a vivid imagination. Give in to your daydreams. Do the work. Let your creativity loose into the world so you can share your love of history and your passion for the written word with others.
  • ISN-13 978-1-62901-542-2

    by Pamela Church
  • The Boy Born Blue

    by Lena Hanna
    Decklan was born with a heart defect and faced open heart surgery at five weeks old. After fighting many battles in the hospital, the boy born blue used his strength to turn into a real-life superhero.
  • Will I Always Be A __ In America? A Black Man's Reflections on Living In America

    by John Reaves
    This book is a collection of ten essays that provide reflections on issues regularly faced by people of color living in the United States, and includes the titles, “We Want to Live,” “My First Confrontation with a Police Officer: Three Decades Later, I Cannot Forget It,” and “The Neighborhoods I Live and Run Through: Are They a Symbol of Optimism or a Death Trap?” Each essay ends with a question that the reader is invited to answer. John Reaves’ goal is to share his thoughts on and experiences w... more
  • I Am That Kid

    by natasha danna
    In my book " I am that kid" the character Ben is described as a spunky boy who wants to tackle all things including his love for football. The message in the story is that though we may have busy personalities and get into a bit of mischief, hard work and focus on doing the thing that you love will lead to success.
  • Good Luck Chestnut: And Other Lucky Colors of the World

    by Linda Gruenberg
    Good Luck Chestnut is a picture book full of colorful horses and colorful kids. In theory, the watercolor paintings illustrate horse colors, but in practice, they also capture the way children use horses as jungle gyms and playgrounds. The children sit backwards, hop on by leapfrogging, belly-flop off the horse into water, everything but sit forward in a saddle, riding-lesson proper. The names of horse colors are embedded in the text, while the various nationalities of the children visually roun... more
  • Himachal business Listing Directory

    by Him Khoj
    If your hometown in Himachal pardesh and you do small business in small area and you want to make your business large and you want more profit then you must visit in Himachal business listing directory and register your business.
  • 50 Years in the OR

    by Ron Whitchurch
    The First Book about the Unsung Heroes of the Operating Room 50 Years in the OR: True Stories of Life, Loss, and Laughter While Giving Anesthesia (LoonLake Press) takes readers along for over 100 of the most memorable cases by debutauthor Ron Whitchurch. Spending 50 years safely putting people to sleep, watchingover them as they dozed through operations both planned and unplanned, these arethe incidents that stood out in a long career in which Whitchurch enjoyed everyminute of this life-and-de... more
  • A.B.C.'s of a Lineman

    by Kelly Pennell
  • Journey from A to Z with Teacher Judy

    by Alex Tandy
    Journey from A to Z with Teacher Judy is an adventurous children’s alphabet book filled with animals and alliteration. Join Teacher Judy on a rhyme-filled alphabet adventure, visiting places around the world with a cast of beautifully illustrated animals.