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Other Nonfiction

  • Writing to Be Understood

    by Anne Janzer
    Writing To Be Understood is the thinking writer’s guide to effective nonfiction writing techniques, such as using analogies to illustrate unseen concepts, appealing to the reader's innate curiosity, and balancing credibility with humility. For each topic, the book combines insights from cognitive science with advice from writers and expert practitioners in fields of psychology, technology, economics, medicine, policy, and more.
  • Huehuetlatolli

    by Gerardo Calderon & Nelda Reyes
  • Spiritual Atheist

    by Nick Seneca Jankel
    For the millions who want to find peace, love, and purpose without religion, Cambridge-educated scientist, wisdom teacher, and leadership expert Nick Jankel sets out a radical new life philosophy that reunites cutting-edge science with timeless spiritual wisdom to help us make better life choices, understand our place in the universe, and deal with our life, love, and leadership challenges so we thrive. Spiritual Atheist is a ground-breaking ‘philosophical memoir’ that draws on the author’s k... more
  • Born to the Flame: La Casa Monte

    by Gerrald Mccollister
    Born to the Flame: La Casa Monte is a book of true life experiences about forest firefighting through the eyes of one firefighter, from the 1970's through the early 1990's. It tells of actual forest fire ordeals, and work and personal relationships between individual firefighters and fire crews as a whole.
  • Celebrate Durga Puja With Me!

    by Shoumi Sen
    Durga Puja is here! What does it mean to a child? New clothes, laughing with friends, yummy food and being immersed in a colorful cultural experience. Step into this book and share in Riya’s excitement as you watch this festival come alive! ‘Celebrate Durga Puja With Me!' is part of the series 'From The Toddler Diaries' and celebrates Durga Puja as experienced by 3 year old Riya. This artful portrayal of the '5 Days of Pujo' appeals to young and old alike. Shashti, Saptami, Ashtami, Navami an... more
  • Apples for the Princess: A Fairytale about Kindness and Honesty.

    by Sean Buvala
    “Well as you say, so it is.” Is that a warning or a blessing from the old wizard that our young heroes encounter on the road to the castle, home of the very sick princess? Use this book, with its retelling of a classic Grimm fairytale, to explore the values of honesty and kindness. How should we treat others? Find out as three boys discover that it is important to treat all people with respect and courtesy. When they forget, frog-filled, pig-packed chaos ruins their great plans to bring the h... more
  • Upanishads - A Journey Into the Unknown (Essence of Timeless Insights Attained Through Deep States of Meditation)

    by Dr. King .

    These timeless insights, recorded several thousands of years ago, declare the oneness of not only the human beings – irrespective of cast, religion, gender, race, but also the entire animate and inanimate world. They ask:”How can anyone hate or kill anyone else, when in reality, we are all one in the ultimate sense?” They also provide us a way of experiencing this ultimate truth, the pinnacle of our spiritual journey.

    At the same time, Upanishads don’t advocate a... more

  • Five Simple Grafting Techniques Best Suited for Most Exotic Fruit Plants (Economy Edition)

    by Dr. King .
    This book describes in detail 5 most useful grafting techniques that can be used to propagate many exotic fruits. The book contains detailed illustrations, examples, fruit chart as well as root stocks and techniques well suited for these fruits.
  • The Valueholder

    by Roberto Fusté

    VALUEHOLDER [val-yoo-hohl-der]
    A professional that works in an organization and due to his/her skills and contributions holds a proportion of its value. In the old days, these people used to be called employees. The latest hard-nosed data confirms that 85% of employees around the world are disengaged and unhappy with their jobs.


    THE VALUEHOLDER aims to dignify the employee. This book invites disengaged and unfulfilled employees to get u... more

  • Thinking Through Galatians

    by L. A. Mott, Jr.

    by Gary Clark
    STRAY TO TENT A FOREVER HOME is a children's book that helps children develop compassion for the hardships of the homeless. Through the books illustrations your child will better understand where the homeless animals and people live and how their situation impacts your child's life. If you like heartwarming tales of animals bonding with people , stories with strong morals and a children friendly approach to social issues, then you ,your child and your family will love Gary Clark's story of co... more
  • Rosto inacabado (Edição de Fallujah) (PT) (2013) Edição Especial

    by Lucio Agustine Rosenkreutz Craciunescu

    Esta é a história do edu. Uma criança presa em seu quarto, sem amigos, longe dos outros, por seu rosto deformado pelos lápis. E só uma fada vai querer fazer sentido de sua solidão, sua escuridão. Entre as questões pertinentes, nós questionamos: O sol já se apaixonou? é a história romântica do sol? Nesta edição especial feita pela Solange Pfeiffer, incluem-se fotografias da guerra do Iraque ... more

  • The God Presumption

    by Caroline S Fairless

    This book challenges the god-sanctioned primacy that has allowed the dominant culture of the Western world to subjugate and exploit non-Christian communities and wreak havoc on the planet.

  • How to Self-Publish a Book: For the Technology Challenged Author

    by Barb Drozdowich

    Do you struggle with technology? Are you interested in self-publishing a book, but fear it is beyond your capabilities?

    When confronted with the confusing, multifaceted world of publishing, many authors make the assumption they aren't capable of self-publishing - nothing could be further from the truth!

    Sadly, many authors get taken advantage of by unscrupulous "self-publishing" companies because they don't really understand the process of publishing a book and therefore... more

  • Emojigraphy The International Emoji Language Basic

    by Emojigraphy Team

    Emojigraphy is the first Emoji Language for International use where people from all over the world can communicate using Emoji.
    As an International Language, Emojigraphy has grammar which is compatible with all English Tenses. 
    This book explains Emojigraphy grammar in detail, including: 

    • What kind of grammar can be used. 
    • How particular grammar is compatible with English Tenses. 
    • How to construct sentences usi... more
  • Natural Table: Natural Table of Correspondences Which Exist Between God, Man and the Universe

    by Piers Vaughan
    Following the success of 'Of Errors & Truth', published in 1775, this second book by the Unknown Philosopher (Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin), the French author and gnostic mystic published in 1782, continues his theories of the relationships between God, Man and Nature, and goes on to provide an unusual examination of the origins of religion, tracing it through the myths of early civilizations to the Prophets of the Old Testament, the actions of the Repairer, and finally the End of Times. Famous... more