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Other Nonfiction

  • Exploring Florida's Emerald Coast: A Rich History and a Rare Ecology

    by Jean Bouler
    More than seven million visitors journey to some part of Florida's Panhandle region each year, and 4.5 million travel specifically to the 100-mile stretch between Pensacola and Panama City dubbed the Emerald Coast, where the beaches are some of the most stunning in the world, famous for their white sands and emerald waters. New construction booms and overnight changes are transforming the area--one of Florida’s last frontiers--into an increasingly popular destination for business and pleasure. E... more
  • The Legacy Recorder Community Guide: A guide to helping others write their life story

    by Gael Gilliland
    If you have ever daydreamed about writing your story or sharing your life experiences, this is the book for you. Inside you’ll find a simple way to tell your story, one page at a time. Maybe you know someone that has a great story to tell, but they need a little help. This book will give you the tools you need to help them tell their story, one page at a time The Legacy Recorder Community Guide is here to give you the opportunity to work with your family to write down their stories. Using sim... more
  • Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations Through Past Life Journeys

    by Reena Kumarasingham
    Shrouded Truth takes readers on a fascinating journey through the past life memories of eight souls who experienced lives during the biblical period. Emotional, and at times, dramatic, readers are given an insight into the turbulent times and fascinating experiences of those closest to Jesus. Shrouded Truth reveals little known events and information of what happened before, during and after the crucifixion. Compounded with well known oral tradition and documentary evidence, Shrouded Truth pr... more
  • The Possibilities of Oneness: Doorways to Life's Deeper Meaning, Wonder, and Joy

    by Will Irons
    Most of us have heard the expression to “feel at one” or to “feel oneness” with a part of the world that normally feels “out there” and distinct from our usual sense of self. They are experiences that can occur when our learned feeling of being separate from all that is around us lets up or falls away, and we suddenly know the greater wholeness, connectedness, and meaning hidden underneath the surface level of life. When people talk about these experiences of Oneness, they often describe them as... more
  • Why Don't You Want My Stuff?

    by Josh Levine
    Why Don't You Want My Stuff? A Boomer’s guide to downsizing, their Millennial kid's psyche and just things that are so… An easy to understand (maybe even fun) guide through the secondary market of online retailing, auctions and estate sales. Gather consignment insight, trend forecasting (from Pokemon to music boxes), appraisal techniques and buying tips from CEO and auctioneer Josh Levine's almost 20 years of experience in the auction world. Collectors - Pick at the brain of an experienced a... more
  • A Monarch's Majestic Translation: The King James Bible

    by Donald L. Brake, Sr.
    Donald L. Brake quantifies the legacy of this remarkable tome's unique place in history. The 1611 King James Version is the cornerstone and linchpin for all subsequent English translations. He vividly portrays the quality of this seventeenth-century translation as that of precision, enchantment, and passion of a sacred book that has shaped human history for more than two thousand years. He recounts details that emphasize its use of a metric style and rhythm generating a lyrical masterpiece with ... more
  • The Clashing of Two Swords

    by Renee Fotch
    Description This book is for anyone with a problem. It’s captivating! Uniquely written true stories of light and darkness and what happens when their two swords collide. The enemy of our souls slithers around like a venomous snake looking for an open door that he can slide into. Once inside he can attack our minds, bodies, and futures, holding us captive sometimes for years. Through prayer, God steps in to expose his evil plans. That’s when the war begins; invisible becomes visible as two world... more
  • You Must Know Everything!: A Quixotic Compendium of Human Knowledge

    by Ronald Pies

    This book is a grand tour of human knowledge, from the great poets and philosophers to the human nervous system, from ancient history to modern times.

  • Organizing Your Home With SORT and Succeed

    by Darla DeMorrow
    The only home organizing solution you need to help you declutter, downsize, and purge unwanted stuff from your home. This master plan from an experienced Certified Professional Organizer® boils down to five simple steps to organize everything in your home. Change your life with this easy organizing solution for stuff, and then apply those same steps to organize everything from your time to papers to your email and even your finances.   Getting organized is one thing. Staying organized is anot... more
  • You Are. Liberation.

    by Ray
    Spiritual Seeking is a trap. The idea of a spiritual journey to Enlightenment is an illusion. At the center of the illusion, the spiritual seeker is trying to hold the search for truth together. Have you been seeking truth for a long time or been hiding behind spiritual escapes? If you're tired of the search, if you're feeling trapped and stuck on your spiritual journey, this book is for you. YOU ARE. LIBERATION. is a shortcut. It's a reminder, an uprooter, a conduit, a burning flame, an open in... more
  • Fed Up!

    by Thomas Sarc
    Have you had enough with how stupid, inconsiderate, jealous, immoral, unkind and threatening people and society in general are? Do you think the Government sucks? Do yo wish that you could have the entire planet eliminated with the push of a button, ZAP anyone who treats you likd crap...takes advantage of you...hurts you, etc.? Then FED UP is for you! This is a book written by a person who, quite possible, came from another planet - a planet where none of this EARTHLY nonsense crap takes... more
  • Horoscopes: Reality or Trickery?

    by Kimberly Blaker
    Horoscopes: Reality or Trickery? is a fun and educational STEM book that provides kids the tools and information needed to decide for themselves whether astrology is real or just a hoax. In this book, readers learn a brief history of astrology and examine claims made by astrologers. Kids hear the arguments both for and against its validity and examine the scientific evidence – or lack thereof – for astrology. Readers also discover the tricks astrologers use to write horoscopes that create t... more
  • The End Times - What Is It Really About?

    by Michael Kiser
    "The End Times" spotlights the many stories that are spread all throughout the world. Religions focus on this one aspect, but does not, in any way, depict the END of The World. This book attempts to dissect these aspects, and to put forth that the "End Times" are really about the change of thought, while also proving that the doom and gloom being taught is incorrect. It also attempts to prove that it will not be brought about in the year 2012. It is ‘my’ sincere, desire within my soul to... more
  • An Arranged Love

    by Thomas O. Scarborough
    A true story. A dying wife invokes an ancient tradition of the church in Europe, naming her "replacement" before her death. This is no ordinary replacement, but a rural African woman of royal descent. Her clan, too, has ancient traditions. The author finds himself cold starting an arranged marriage by African custom. A heart-warming, tumultuous tale.
  • The Recovering Feminist: Empowering All People to Create a Whole World

    by Beth Wilson
    Women are rising up to shape the future. Driven by a fierce love for humanity, the Earth and all her inhabitants, many recognize it is time to forge a new path of empowerment. With wit and wisdom, international bestselling author Beth Wilson exposes the insidious influence of the domination system on the women's movement--a system that will cause irreparable damage if we remain tethered to its destructive trajectory. The Recovering Feminist summons women to join together--often in partnership wi... more
  • Write With Your Speaking Voice

    by David Klein

    Many struggle to write even a simple document. But speaking, that comes naturally. We just open our mouths and the words come falling out. And yet writing can be as simple as speaking. Learn to capture your speaking voice and transfer it to the written word. It's not difficult to do. You may fall in love with writing.