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Other Nonfiction

  • ABC's for Future Race Car Drivers

    Teach your child the ABC's and encourage learning with our auto related illustrations! Make learning the alphabet fun all while getting your little speedster ready to help you wrench under the hood! This board book is rugged and the simple point-and-say layout will build knowledge and confidence in children with repetition. A perfect book for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and anyone with young kids who can't wait to put the pedal to the metal!
  • Does the Qur'an (Koran) Really Say That?

    by Naqi Elmi

    Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, yet it is also one of the most misunderstood—especially in the West. Particularly since 9/11, critics of Islam have attacked the faith and attributed violence by extremists to its holy book, the Qur’an. This leaves many people with questions about Islam: How could a so-called religion of peace advocate violence? What does Islam truly say about violence, war, and peace? And how much of what the critics and the extremists claim is true?

    ... more

  • Endless Days

    by Eve DeLange
    Arianna Spinelli is a single mother of two teenagers when she falls for Nick Caravelli, a handsome, fun-loving surgeon. Although neither of them wants a serious relationship, Nick soon purchases a diamond ring for Arianna. After she moves in with him, Arianna believes she has finally found her happily ever after. Unfortunately, she could not be more wrong. Soon Arianna begins learning disturbing details about Nick and his past. His life is like a daytime television drama. Not a day seems to go b... more
  • Unadorned in Love, in Bed, or Bedding: Wisdom Confucius Could Have Shared But Didn't

    by Yang Hanlun
    What if the wise ones of ancient times were still around? What if Confucius himself were alive today? What would they say to us moderns, in this busy, next-computer, next-phone, space age of ours? This book is a collection of sayings from “those very wise who also are human,” on everything we always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask - on love, sex, the sexes, marriage, passion and anything under the sheets, and in and out of the bedroom - unadorned, sharp, and thought-provoking, and as r... more
  • The Simple uses of Herbal teas and Indian Spices

    by Devika Primic
    The interesting information is most helpful for many ailments, the herbal spices and unique herbal teas. Also, of the top cures from around the world, to the best traditional medicine, and of the different remedies for a younger looking skin. Read on further to discover more about what can make the many changes in your life, and improve your lifestyles too. I have great interest in new herbal treatments, for cures or prevention of rare or the common illnesses. The modern time we liv... more
  • Cheap essay writing

    by Emma Read

    Do you have difficulties writing your essay and no time at all to do that? Then you found the right place! We are here to help you satisfy your writing needs. With our cheap and qualitative services you'll get a high-class essay in no time! In addition, our prices are affordable for everyone, so if you have troubles - then welcome! We have lots of positive comments from our US clients, who are completely delighted with the results of our essay editing services. It's an amazing possibi... more

  • What Comes After Nations?

    by Harvey Garver

    I am a member of the Baha'i Faith. My book is about the Baha'i world view and its intriguing history of humanity, linking the development of civilizations to the Creative Word of God that has been progressively revealed by orthodox religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and now: The Baha'i Faith.

    Hence, my book is entitled: "What Comes After Nations?" which lays the foundation for the old world society, that existe... more

  • Out Of This World Ideas: And the Inventions They Inspired

    by Edward M. Wysocki, Jr.

    Works of science fiction contain strange and fantastic concepts. Have any of these concepts served as the inspiration for inventions that have been applied to real-world problems? Various people have claimed that a particular invention was inspired by a work of science fiction. Out Of This World Ideas looks at a number of cases where such inspiration has been claimed to determine the validity of the claims. Was a type of holography inspired by the story of the discovery of an alien a... more

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    by john shaw

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  • I Did It . . . You Can, Too!

    by Fiona Harewood

    I Did It, You Can, Too! captures a woman's journey returning to school as an adult. It provides the opportunity for students to learn from real life experiences. Among varying benefits, this book will help current students in need of motivation and dropouts, making their way back to the classrooms to: forget past failures overcome obstacles learn how to draw strength needed to get them through rough times develop strategies to tackle challenging courses and provide them with man... more

  • The Lavender of Sequim: America's Provence

    by Bonnie Louise Gillis
    The Lavender of Sequim, a new book by author Bonnie Louise Gillis with photography by Roger Mosley, will calm you, teach you, and take your breath away. Between the white-capped Olympic Mountains and the blue Salish Sea lies a land of lavender fields, with over 150 varieties of the herb to be sniffed, gathered, and even tasted. Long known as the Lavender Capital of North America®, Sequim remains the one place in our country where you can experience a dozen unique lavender farms i... more
  • The Revelation Mysteries: A Complete Study On End-Time Prophecy

    by Steven Williams
    The book chronicles end-time events based on Christian eschatology. In this work, the author has made every effort to limit the text in this book to three main categories. The content of this book is either history, prophecy or theology. HISTORY Writings that fall under this heading include historical facts or findings, scientific data or information, and any other compilation made by man that has been established out of a non-Biblical perspective. This includes any factual information that c... more
  • Radical Inclusion: Engaging Interfaith Families for a Thriving Jewish Future

    by Edmund Case
    I wrote Radical Inclusion: Engaging Interfaith Families for a Thriving Jewish Future because after living an interfaith family life personally and working with interfaith families professionally, I firmly believe that engaging in liberal Jewish life can be a source of deep value and meaning not only for Jews, but equally for their partners from other faith traditions, and most importantly for the children of interfaith couples. It’s a tradition that helps Jews and their partners and children liv... more
  • The Wedding Photo

    by Dan A. Oren
    A visit to an abandoned Polish Jewish cemetery in 1993 launches a 20-year search to solve the mystery of "Who is Buried in Sarah's Tomb?" A visit with a cousin unearths a breathtaking photo of a Berlin family wedding from 1926 and leads to discovering their unimaginable post-wedding history. An archivist in Prague discovers a secret uncle whose life takes the reader from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to the Vatican. A memoir by Philip Roth shocks a daughter into unlocking a father's... more
  • Goodnight Little Panda

    by Sinoun Blomfield
    This is a children's book that serves also as a coloring book that your little kiddos will surely enjoy and love. This is specifically and especially designed as a bedtime story and coloring book in one in order for the reading to be more interactive and interesting both for the child and the reader, may it be mom, dad, or older siblings. The book has cute and colorful illustrations in it that your kids will certainly appreciate.