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Other Nonfiction

  • The Change Agent CIO

    by Pearl Zhu

    Information technology is like the growth engine of the company, CIOs are accountable for the critical part of the business that is constantly changing and evolving. Contemporary CIOs should be capable of evolving leadership skills to not only match the pace with changes in technology and the pace at which an organization can effectively manage these changes but also proactively drive digital transformation based on their vision, passion, and leadership practices.

    Traditional CIOs are o... more

  • The Ultimate Guide to Styling Yourself: Learn how to wear your best colours, dress for your body shape, create a capsule wardrob

    by Adeline Chenney
    This comprehensive style guide teaches the reader how to style themselves in accordance with their body shape, colour analysis and putting together a capsule wardrobe as well as showing them how to shop like a professional.
  • Deep Down the Rabbit Hole: The World is Not What You Think

    An extensively illustrated, thought-provoking blend of forbidden subjects and unexplained world mysteries, Deep Down the Rabbit Hole: Reality is Not What You Think, challenges established beliefs, views, norms and current structures on a journey unveiling the hidden mysteries of mankind: past, present and reality itself. The new book is a basket woven in strings of mythology, archaeology, history, art, footprints of conspiracy, philosophic quandary intersecting with modernity, and contemporar... more
  • Make America Great Again: Myths, Lies, and Facts

    by Leon Robertson
    Fraudulent financial real estate loan schemes almost destroyed the world financial system. Corporations closed factories in U.S. communities and opened them in other countries. Corporate executives income soared while keeping their workers’ pay stagnant. Production of coal and oil is subsidized by the government no matter how hot the earth gets. Drug makers flooded U.S. cities and towns with opioid prescription drugs and raised prices on other drugs beyond affordability. Preventing these and oth... more
  • Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 1, 3rd Edition

    by Brad Lancaster
    Turn water scarcity into water abundance! Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, Volume 1, 3rd Edition, is the best-selling, award-winning guide on how to conceptualize, design, and implement life-enhancing water-, sun-, wind-, and shade-harvesting systems for your home, landscape, and community. This book enables you to assess your on-site resources, gives you a diverse array of strategies to maximize their potential, and empowers you with guiding principles to create an integrated, mu... more
  • The Prometheus Connection by Kevin Osborne

    by Alex Bleier
    The Prometheus Connection America's Original Spirit: Rise, Demise, Recovery by Kevin Osborne Book Review by Alex Bleier I'm one of those who believes that we still have a chance to recapture our freedom, even as most politicians drive us toward Omnipotent Government. What insights and ideas do we need to fight them? Yes, we need a rational philosophy; but, to devise a clear path to the Second Renaissance of the human spirit we also need an understanding of how we got here. Where do... more
  • Two Monkeys, One Tale: Expats in India

    by Robert J. Richey
    Two Monkey’s, One Tale is the story of a couple navigating the in’s-and-out’s of expat life in one of the most colorful, crowded, chaotic countries on earth—India. Thieving monkeys, aggressive spiders, and roaming cow herds form the backdrop for a wild ride through ornate temples, incessant honking, and lawless traffic. Enjoy the trip and take selfies—just don’t drink the water.
  • Stubborn Credulity: A Contribution to a Critique of Supernaturalism

    by Jonathan Giardina

    Counter-apologetics influenced by David Hume.

    Learn why theologians were once referred to as "insuppressible fallacy-mongers." This book debunks many apologist arguments, including:

    The Kalam Cosmological Argument
    The Fine-Tuning Argument
    The Entropy Argument
    The Ontological Argument
    The Moral Argument
    The Argument from Reason
    The Argument from Success
    The Argument from Prophecy
    The Argument from Alleged Miracles
    The... more

  • "Insuppressible Fallacy-mongers": C. S. Lewis

    by Jonathan Giardina


  • The Worst First Day: Bullied While Desegregating Central High

    by Eurydice Stanley
    The Worst First Day: Bullied While Desegregating Central High introduces the next generation to Elizabeth Eckford, a modern-day heroine. On Sept. 4, 1957, Eckford was the first African American student to arrive at Little Rock Central High to desegregate the school. She was blocked from entry by armed Arkansas National Guard Soldiers under the direction of Governor Orval Faubus. A photograph taken by Will Counts of 15-year-old Elizabeth surrounded by segregationist bullies showed the world t... more
  • The Worst First Day: Bullied While Desegregating Central High

    by Elizabeth Eckford
    Little Rock Nine Icon Elizabeth Eckford's powerful memoir inspires while denouncing bullying, racism, segregation and bias. The Worst First Day shares her experiences at Little Rock Central High in 1957. Civil rights history is shared in verse with captivating graphic artwork, informative essays and compelling era photography. Co-authored by Eurydice and Grace Stanley with artwork from Rachel Gibson and images from Will Counts and Kirk Jordan.
  • Dogs Still Know Best: Two Angels Guide Their Human Through Grief, Learning & Love (Two Dogs' Books)

    by Angie Salisbury

    "Truly heartwarming and inspirational! Dogs Still Know Best is a story of love, loss, the long road to healing, and the anti-fragility of the human spirit" ~ Jedediah McClure, Best Selling Author, Myths of Christianity: A Five Thousand Year Journey To Find The Son Of God

    A must-read for dog lovers and anyone who has loved - and lost - a beloved dog! In this touching sequel to Dogs Know Best: Two Dogs’ Training Guide For Humans, follow one woman's very personal accoun... more

  • Must-Have Items for Your Home

    by Jilli Rose

    Getting home as one of your investments is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Starting a family requires a lot of decision-making. Plan it carefully before you give it a go because remember that you have mouths to feed and having paltry savings will take you nowhere. That is why you need to have a stable career or profitable business to help you attain your goals. Once you get your dream home, do your best to make it as beautiful and liveable as possible, and you can make it happen... more

  • Vince's Secret Locker Volume 1 Enhanced Edition - Artistic Version

    by Karl Coyne
    A secret locker that can change many lives Synopsis 50 Years of Bodybuilding and Training History in your hands. Finally, the key of the “Vince’s Secret Locker” has been found by author Karl Coyne. Only a few are aware with the fact that it was not an easy journey for world’s greatest bodybuilder/trainer Vince Gironda, also known as “Iron Guru”, to get fame and become an icon of many. Coyne spent many years in search of the key of Vince’s Secret Locker that was not opened for all. He knocked m... more
  • Returning to Eden

    by John Mazurk
    For thousands of years, humankind questioned what happens when we die. Philosophers and religious leaders searched for an answer. Often, the answer was, after dying, one’s spirit goes to a paradise. What happens when we no longer die? Do we ever go to a paradise? Returning to Eden is a story of what humankind needs to do when it achieves immortality in this existence. It will be at least 250 years before humankind achieves immortality. Preparing for that eventuality will be difficult. The book a... more
  • Moments in Time

    by S. Carolyn Boyette

    Man of he Moments in Time inclusions were taken from life experiences and some from inspiration. “The Experience of Dementia as a Journey” gives some insight as to what one who goes through it feels and for a caregiver to understand their loved one. Humor is found in “Handling a Cat in Heat,” the “Turkey Poem,” “The Hospital,” “The Little Mommy,” and others. There are projects to consider like making prayer shawls and writing your own life story. The author enjoyed writing poetry and other fo... more

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