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  • Practicing Love

    by Katie Sullivan

    The quintessential love story of the new normal.

    Avery Clark is fiercely loyal and independent. Dr. Luke Preston is charming and non-committal. The two have been bickering and bantering for several years.

    Overtime, while working together at her late father’s medical practice, which Luke now owns, their relationship has evolved from co-workers to friends - sharing everything from achievements to romances to griefs.

    However, as often happens in life, unanticipated circum... more

  • Cold Feet

    by Francois Keyser
    Viola is a wedding planner and Rick is a divorce lawyer. When they meet at a wedding they are immediately attracted to each other. But their attraction quickly turns to enmity as Viola realizes that their views on relationships, love and marriage differ substantially. As if this disappointment is not enough, the wedding turns into a disaster that destroys Viola's business overnight. She is offered a second chance in business and she happens to meet Rick again. He seems to have started to chan... more
  • Him and I

    by Alyssa Milani
    Daring story of one girl's love life turned upside down. Kyle Stanford is the love of Lyla's life, they've been best friends since they were kids and now have breached the surface from friends to lovers, however, there's still the aspect of Declan O'Connell, the crush Lyla's had since she was a teenager. Who will she choose and what steamy sacrifice will she have to make in order to save herself from heartbreak. Read this three-part romance drama in following Lyla's steamy love affair.
  • Malkah Job - Part Two - Eminence Grise

    by Vasilissa Wladowsky
    Leda, called Ice, is a Jewess, an ex-ballerina, master of martial arts and psychological manipulation, sharp thinker, humorous, and a contract hitwoman, spying for Mossad and the Reds. She is a fatal blonde and seductress, a friend of orthodox priests, rabbis, princes, presidents, possessing extraordinarily sensual and explosive libido on the edge of nymphomania. She heads to rescue her husband and the father of their children from Russians, who made him a Manchurian candidate, and slowly ... more
  • Dial E for Endearment: Sweet Christian Contemporary Romance Novella (You Are on the Air, Book 4)

    by Heidi Gray McGill

    Radio talk show host Everly Johnson is every man’s dream of the perfect date…until they see the white cane.

    Everly wants a meaningful relationship with a man who will open her eyes to everything she cannot see and make her feel like more than just a voice behind the microphone. As WJOY’s Christian Singles Advice talk show host, Everly has discovered fulfillment, but she hasn’t found love, at least not for her—not even from her mother. Will... more

  • Flames of Lethe

    by Lexie Talionis

    A land of eternal youth. No death, disease, or decay. But this is no paradise. And no one here is an angel.

    "There was nothing out there. Nothing. And for the first time, Jo considered what it could mean to be alone with someone stronger—with someone who could hurt her if he wanted. There would be no one to stop him. No consequences. Ever."

    When Jo finds herself stranded with a hostile companion in a desolate land where memories ... more

  • Almost Perfect

    by Claire Cain
    Callaway Rice is on the run—from the press, from her bad reputation, and from her live as an internationally known limit-pushing pop star. She needs peace, and quiet, and the mountains of her small hometown. She does not need a quiet cowboy alternately judging her and making her wish she could turn his head. Wyatt Saint wants the simple things: a wife, a family of his own, a peaceful existence. After stepping back from a successful cattle business to pursue these goals, he meets Callaway Ric... more
  • Fall to Pieces

    by Becky Flade
    Detective Alexandra Danvers is determined to bring suspected child killer, Arthur Book, to justice, no matter the cost. Detective Xavier Knight is asked to evaluate Lexi’s fitness for duty and fears investigating Lexi could allow a monster to walk free. Holding onto their own secrets, they launch a covert investigation into Arthur Book which could cost Lexi and Xavier their careers, and possibly their lives.
  • If I Were A Weapon

    by Skye Kilaen
    Two queer women with superpowers caused by alien nanites meet when one has a vision that the other will be kidnapped, possibly by a corporation building a private powered army. As they face the threat, an attraction between them develops that neither is ready for.
  • The Nymphetamine Girls

    by Vanessa Moriss

    The Secrets in Verdant Glen are expeted. They come along with the deeds. Lisette and Natalia are perfect on the outside, but away from public, the secrets they keep could be dangerous.

  • Duke of Chance

    by Tammy Andresen
    This duke will chance anything…except his heart. The Duke of Durham, better known as the Duke of Chance, is an unrepentant rake, a gambler, a club owner, and an all-around sinner. Which is why, taking over the gaming hell, the Den of Sins, suits him perfectly. And while he knows he’ll have to marry at some point, he looks upon the institution the way some might consider having a tooth extracted. The act is to be avoided until the last possible moment. But when an opportunity falls into his la... more
  • Sutton's Sins

    by Scarlett Scott
    He’s an unrepentant sinner, East End rogue, and devoted charmer of anything in petticoats. But Rafe Sutton has one small problem. He cannot seem to recall what happened between himself and one delectable, surly governess. He woke in her bed with the devil’s own headache and no memory of the evening before. Now, he’s on a mission to unravel the mystery, for the sake of his pride and for the honor he had not previously believed he possessed. But Miss Persephone Wren has secrets she cannot affor... more
  • The Winding

    by Avi Datta
    Morally complex, orphan, and absolute genius Vincent Abajian is hellbent to uncover all he can on Artificial Intelligence. His relentless pursuit distracts him from a traumatic childhood loss—his childhood best friend Akane was engulfed in a time-turbulence, a random rift in space and time. But when a beautiful, temperamental, post-doctoral scientist, Emika Amari, joins his Center, everything changes. Vincent is convinced that Akane is inside the irresistible Emika. As they begin a life toge... more
  • The Closest Thing to Crazy

    by Janise Beaumont
    The ultimate ‘It’s never too late’ story, showing that both adventure and romance can be there for the taking – irrespective of the age. This inspiring and charming tale tells of forty-something Eloise Callaghan, turning her back on a way-too-safe existence to travel to Argentina for tango lessons. It changes her life; and after surviving a kidnapping and a reckless Argentinian romance (and that’s just for starters), she finally realises that all this time the perfect man is back home. But will ... more
  • Love Again

    by Angela Lam
    To avoid foreclosure, Hope Spirit Walk Spencer seeks counsel from Nick Gold Jr., a billionaire turned financial planner. But how can she trust the man whose father wanted to convert her property into high-rise condominiums twenty years ago? Nick almost refuses Hope's initial request. He resists anything to do with his father's real estate empire. And he definitely doesn't want to lose his heart to anyone, especially not his father's enemy. Bound by a complicated past and torn by an increas... more
  • Third Man on the Left

    by Roni Hall
    ER nurse blames herself for the death of a pediatric patient. To redeem herself, she volunteers for a medical mission trip to Tanzania only to have the camp savagely attacked. The city girl finds herself solely responsible for leading three children and a severely wounded coworker on a survival journey through the jungle. The ultimate test of her competency has begun.