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  • Ruby Island

    by Anita Renaghan
    Amy Reynolds has been harboring a secret crush on Matt Cole for two years. Today, they will crash land on an island in the Bermuda Triangle and fall in love and raise a family together, but neither will remember any of it. While traveling together for a photo shoot and interview with international movie star, Bill Ruby, Amy and Matt end up flying through a flash of white light. Three boys instantly appear in the backseat of the aircraft: three boys who claim to be their children. Amy sta... more
  • Some Call It Attraction

    by Sarah Peis
    Two best friends. One lie. A second chance neither of them expected. Find out what happens when two worlds collide in this second-chance, friends-to-lovers romantic comedy.
  • Her White Wedding

    by Tammy Andresen
    A duchess in need… Walking in London can be dangerous… especially when one is contemplating their entire future and not paying a bit of attention to where she has wandered…But when the Dowager Duchess of Whitehaven realizes her mistake, it’s too late. Before she can scream, a cutpurse has her in his clutches. Fortunately for her, the dashing Lord Declan Parker comes to her rescue and in romantic fashion, saves her life. Not that she’s interested. Yes, he’s handsome, noble, strong, and k... more
  • Grocery Girl

    by Virginia'dele Smith
    She inhales life with every breath. He’s suffered a world of pain. Can they rise above tragedy to find their happily ever after? Maree Davenport refuses to let a tearful past rule her future. After losing her parents at the age of five, the big-hearted fabric designer is determined to embrace her feelings and find happiness no matter what. So when she literally runs over a handsome new firefighter in the produce section, the hopeless romantic is certain she’s just collided with destiny. Everyo... more
  • Remembering Christmas

    by Shanna Hatfield
    Romance swirls like December snowflakes in this sweet holiday romance. Trevor King runs King Penny Ranch like a well-oiled machine while attempting to keep his spritely octogenarian aunt out of trouble. His personal life is filled with evasive tactics worthy of a military mission in order to avoid the matchmaking efforts of meddling friends. Until Trevor experiences a chance encounter with a beautiful stranger that leaves him reeling. Almost two years pass before they unexpectedly meet again. H... more
  • Toyful Love

    by Gordon Castelnero
    Can the world's biggest kid be man enough to get the girl? Dr. Kristin Sharp spent her adult life working hard to overcome the stigma of being a social outcast. Now she has accepted the job of principal in a small upper Midwest community as the crowning achievement of her flourishing career in education. On her first day, she encounters another misfit, Henry Hubbard, the school's janitor, who happens to be the biggest kid in the world. Kristin is instantly charmed by Henry's unique connect... more
  • Friday at Seven

    by Nic Dee
    Kareena has a great job which she adores, and a home filled with all her mod-cons. But she feels alone and empty inside, even amongst her work colleagues, her friends and at home. Determined to find happiness, she steps out to find a loving partner - her true love. Kareena steps out alright - into a world she doesn't know. Be prepared to journey with Kareena through her highs and some deep lows, but keep your heart and faith for her!
  • Prometheus' Priestess

    by Gwyneth Lesley

    A heartbreaking new novel, with Greek mythology and romance, perfect for fans of Madeline Miller's A Song of Achilles, Scarlett St. Clair's A Touch of Darkness, or Molly Tullis' Consort of Darkness: Greek Gods Romance.

    Every stupid thing anyone has ever done has been done for power, or love ... or love of power. The Gods are no exception.

    Athena has been told by the Fates that humanity is on the brink of extinction. Unbelievi... more

  • Persona Non Grata

    by A. Summit
    Introducing the first alcoholic superhero, who also happens to be a woman of color. Two women, one whose success affords her a prime seat with distinguished dignitaries, and one whose continued failures place her in regrettable situations. As the plot thickens, a relapse takes place in a most humorous and unforgettable manner. The reader is then taken on a journey to discover how these two women's paths cross and the steps they take to move forward. Inspired by the surge of addictive behaviors... more
  • Embrace the Moon

    by Vicki Crum

    A tragedy from the past won’t keep country star, Ethan Sawyer, from claiming the woman he loves.

    When Ethan Sawyer’s intense attraction to the enchanting Skyler turns into a whole lot more, the popular country music star is ready to leave his wild bachelor days behind. But a serious relationship with a musician could be a bridge too far for the daughter of a famous rock and roll icon, cut down by a drug overdose in his prime.

    Skyler has broken every promise she ever ma... more

  • Hotel King

    by Claire Marti
    Entrepreneur Ryan Michaels never loses. Well, except that time, a few years ago when he lost a promotion to spoiled rich girl, Charlotte “Charlie” Ray. Now he’s forced to hire his nemesis to secure funding to develop a string of luxury boutique hotels. Not only does she not fit his corporate vision, but she’s too damn attractive for her own good. And his. Working as VP of Sales and Marketing for a luxury hotel is Charlie’s dream job. Too bad her boss is Ryan Michaels, the same pompous stick-in-... more
  • One Winter's Kiss: A Beautiful Nightmare Story

    by L.C. Son

    One Winter's Kiss is a standalone Beautiful Nightmare Story.

    She Warmed His Heart. He Cooled Her Soul. All with one kiss.


    This Christmas get lost in the grandeur of Elysian Manor. It's Elysian Manor's turn to host the Supernatural Regency for their annual cotillion. The one time of year where a faction of human nobles, vampires, wolves and more collide to share in one common goal, civility. But that g... more

  • The Tree of After Life

    by J.S. Vaughn
    After the death of her estranged son, Hyosun investigates the missing estate money that disappeared along with any trace of his fiancée Carrie. Doing so reveals much more about her son than she realized she knew... including about herself. Hyosun's story is told through the journey she embarks on with Toscano to learn about the life she missed out on with Jason - her strict culturally obstinate lifestyle and beliefs drove a wedge between them at an early age. They discover a journal written by ... more
  • Malkah Job Part One: Red Dragon

    by Vasilissa Wladowsky
    Leda, called Ice, is a Jewess, an ex-ballerina, master of martial arts and psychological manipulation, sharp thinker, humorous, and a contract hitwoman, spying for Mossad and the Reds. She is a fatal blonde and seductress, a friend of orthodox priests, rabbis, princes, presidents, possessing extraordinarily sensual and explosive libido on the edge of nymphomania. She heads to rescue her husband and the father of their children from Russians, who made him a Manchurian candidate, and slowly disc... more
  • A Dare too Far

    by Charlie Lane

    In this friends-to-lovers Regency romance by Charlie Lane, an independent lady and a cautious earl must do the most daring thing of all—fall in love.

    A daring lady.
    A caring earl.
    And a Christmas house party that turns love into a dangerous game.

    The Earl of Abbington is not a daring man.

    Responsible for the care of an opium-addicted uncle, George’s life poses dangers to a bride that he’ll never risk. It’s why he avoided the independent and ... more

  • Pemberley's Christmas Governess

    by Regina Jeffers

    Two hearts. One kiss.

    Following his wife’s death in childbirth, Fitzwilliam Darcy hopes to ease his way back into society by hosting a house party during Christmastide. He is thrilled when his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam sends a message saying not only will he attend, but the colonel is bringing a young woman with him of whom he hopes both Darcy and the colonel’s mother, Lady Matlock, will approve. Unfortunately, upon first sight, Darcy falls for the woman: He suspects beneat... more