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  • Lies From My Best Friend's Brother

    by Sienna Weaver

    As I open my eyes, I see a dark-haired, green-eyed man in the corner chair.
    The last thing I expect is that he’s my BFF’s billionaire cousin, whom I don’t remember.

    I’m in the hospital with no recollection of why I’m here.
    Nicholas Saint-Michael – even his name is sexy.
    He is eye-candy gorgeous, and his sleeve tats hint he’s a bad boy.
    Ooohh…his lips are yummy, not to mention those six-pack abs and... more

  • SoulMatch: A Love Story in the Age of AI

    by Declan Ryder

    Sara is a dreamy romantic just looking for a meaningful connection. After one heartbreak too many, she turns skeptically to SoulMatch, a new artificially intelligent matchmaking app. To her astonishment, she is paired with the charming, quick-witted Alex, who seems extraordinary in his ability to intuit her every thought and desire. As they forge an unlikely bond through the screen, Sara finds herself falling for this digital persona, their rapport feeling more real than any encounter she'... more

  • Never Leave, Never Lie

    by Thea Verdone
    ALEK KATIN is a pianist with synesthesia hiding from his traumatic childhood behind lies and the music he composes. In the midst of an argument with ex-lover IAN STEWART, Alek falls three stories from the tower of the Gothic Victorian mansion they’re renovating together, only surviving because he grabbed onto an enormous wisteria vine that slowed his descent. When Alek wakes up from brain surgery, he’s horrified to discover he’s lost his musical ability and synesthesia. After Alek’s brush with d... more
  • Mortgage of Convenience

    by Dani McLean
    Mortgage of Convenience is a steamy, domestic story of a woman coming to terms with her own potential with the help of her older brother's best friend after they decide to buy a house together. It's a story of personal growth and learning what is healthy to leave behind as you move forward in life.
  • Stolen Beauty (The Arrow Tactical Series Book 4)

    by Isabel Jolie
    In Stolen Beauty, a captivating romantic suspense novel, Sage Watson's life takes a perilous turn when her sister Sloane disappears. Seeking refuge with Knox, her brother's Navy SEAL friend, Sage finds herself entangled in a web of mystery and danger. Set against the scenic backdrop of Santa Barbara, California, their burgeoning romance unfolds amidst the suspenseful search for Sloane. With Knox's expertise and a dedicated team, they unravel a complex tapestry of secrets while facing escalating ... more
  • Unlike Before

    by J.B. Vample
    A love neither expected, begins at first sight. Since divorcing her ex-husband nine years ago, thirty-five-year-old Patience Harvey has focused on rebuilding her life and raising her eight-year-old daughter, Noelle. Thriving and content with her career and her growing family, the last thing that Patience is thinking about is entertaining another relationship. Running a successful construction company from the ground up has kept Michael Carter busy. However, after three years as a single ma... more
  • The Emerald Sea: An Epic Fantasy Romance

    by K. Stan Tinos
    The Emerald Sea, the second book in the Bennington series, plunges readers into a world teeming with rich atmosphere and gripping intrigue. Join Lord Willenborg and Lord Arron as they navigate treacherous landscapes and face the mysteries and dangers lurking within the fog-shrouded hills and dense forests on their journey to Rosymorn. In Rosymorn, a vivid and bustling marketplace, the contrast between the lively activity and the inner turmoil of Salea Rumshi creates a compelling backdrop for ... more

    by Joyce Armstrong
    Kat Arnette, hunted by her narcissistic ex, lives like she's in a witness protection program. But, somehow she needs to start over. The question is: How not ever again to make the same mistake? Difficult to get others to understand how bad her marriage was, she often turns to music to express what she can't or won't put into words. Widower Santa Fe jeweler, Jake Connors, feels like he's caught one of his old football buddy's thrown Hail Mary's and run it in for a fifty yard touchdown when he mee... more

    by Joyce Armstrong
    Normally, it was a good day in the Kingdom for Jillie St. Peter. Today though, the rumble of a motorcycle in the church parking lot had her steeling herself against the memories it brought to mind. When she turned to face the rider - their new, young pastor - desire long-tamped down suddenly coursed through her veins like a hot latte loaded with caffeine and plenty of sugar. She couldn't readily explain it in light of what she could never forget or forgive. Nor was she aware that one day they'd ... more

    by Joyce Armstrong
    Sheriff Kade Wilcox, observing train passengers, is unprepared for Mattie throwing her arms around his neck and her soft lips settling on his. He doesn't know her and doesn't intend to encourage her in it. Yet, he isn't of a mind to discourage her, finding her a real temptation the way she can kiss a man's socks off. In a dangerous job, not caring whether he lives or dies after the loss of his wife and baby in childbirth, he is loath to get involved again in a high stakes relationship and maybe ... more
  • The Long Journey To You

    by Vincent Traughber Meis
    Nathan doesn’t know how to stop dwelling on the failures and tragedies of his life. He meets a much younger ER nurse, Mateo, who brings hope back to him. Still, he dwells on his past until his budding relationship with Mateo overshadows his doubts, giving him a hint of belief that Mateo might be the one. Their coming together isn't without its challenges as Mateo must take care of his mother with dementia and Nathan must overcome his feelings of inadequacy and his tendency to sabotage his relati... more
  • Worthy of Her Trust: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

    by Melissa Anne
    The reimagined narrative of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" unfolds in an alternate world where Elizabeth Bennet, now Elizabeth Rose Tomlinson, is a wealthy heiress. Orphaned and concealed by her neglectful family, Elizabeth's true identity and inheritance are squandered. Reconnecting with Fitzwilliam Darcy in adulthood, they navigate courtship amidst revelations of her heritage and his role as a trustee. Facing societal expectations and familial deceit, they confront manipulative family mem... more
  • Hearts Entwined: A Pride and Prejudice Vagary

    by Melissa Anne
    A slightly more immature Elizabeth Bennet meets Fitzwilliam Darcy London two years earlier than in canon. As a second son, Darcy has chosen the life of a barrister so there are fewer obstacles in their way, and they quickly fall in love. Using the fortune left to him upon his father's death, he invested with Gardiner to make his own fortune, making it easier for the two to wed, along with a legacy set aside for second sons by Darcy's grandfather, the late Earl of Matlock. Despite this, our de... more
  • Tricking Christmas

    by Shanna Hatfield
    Truitt Lucas is the guy who brings laughter wherever he goes and refuses to take life too seriously. Beneath his carefree exterior, though, he yearns for more adventure and excitement than he’ll find working on the family ranch alongside his cousin and grandmother. When the opportunity arises to assist a trick rider, Truitt eagerly lends a hand. However, he soon finds himself drawn to the perplexing woman who barely tolerates him.
  • Dear Mister Silver

    by Shanna Hatfield
    He can’t create a miracle, but he can give the gift of love. When heirloom ornament maker Sam Silver receives Erika Esposito's heartfelt letter, he is deeply moved by her plea for a special ornament for her dying son, Joey. Despite having shut himself off from the world due to his own personal trauma, Sam feels compelled to step out of his shell to help Erika and Joey.
  • Earthquake Ethan

    by R.L. Merrill
    The Earth shook the morning actor Ethan Bradley arrived in Los Angeles looking for a second chance. He hoped his former producers Reese Matheson and Toby Griffiths meant it when they said to look them up if he were ever in LA because he had no other options. The pictures the paparazzi took at the wrap party for their London show made sure of that. What he wasn’t counting on was the reception he got from their manager, Arthur Frye. He was absolutely the kind of together guy Ethan wished would not... more