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  • The Love Rematch: A Forced Proximity, Second Chance Romance (The Love Match Book 1)

    by Kay Marie

    She’s the new lead of a hit dating show. He’s the producer. And seven years ago, they were in love. Let the games begin…

    Emily Peters spends her days working at her mother’s flower shop and her nights working on her startup jewelry business. She has no time for romance, and she’s happy that way. Until one morning she wakes up to find her mother on national television practically begging America to find her a boyfriend.

    When the clip ... more

  • Miracle From Ukraine

    by James Herbert Harrison
    Irina Balabanova is a beautiful Ukrainian girl, twenty-seven years of age and heartbroken, abandoned by an American post-graduate teacher who had worked in her country as an intern. Fending off the unwanted advances of locals and co-workers, she reluctantly agrees to a chance meeting with John Masters, a middle-aged American businessman, stranded in pre-war eastern Ukraine following an ill-advised romantic venture. Despite their wide differences of culture, language, and generation, the two are ... more
  • Flipping the Record

    by Heather J. Bennett
    In 1976, Cassandra Taylor is paying her dues as a session musician when she meets rockstar Jeff Kingston. She is plunged into the glamourous rock-n-roll world until the music industry demons infiltrate their relationship and Cass is reduced to being a casualty of his stardom. Years later, with a successful songwriting career of her own, Cass finds Jeff is back, asking for a second chance. On the verge of finally having the career and relationship she’s always wanted, the music industry intervene... more
  • Breaking Boundaries (Fourplay Book 1)

    by Gemma Blythe
    An adults-only couples vacation takes a surprisingly sexy turn! Darcy and have been friends forever, so when we plan a kid-free getaway with our husbands, we're expecting the same relaxing, stress-free time we always have together. What we don't expect is a rental with walls so thin we hear everything happening in the other room. Or how hot it is to hear Darcy and Alec get it on-to imagine the actions going along with those sounds, to try and guess who's doing what to whom. As the we... more
  • To Be Continued

    by Grace Woods
    They were worlds apart. He was vice-president of an international oil company. She was an environmental activist. He wrote million dollar checks. She grew up in a ward. But when they came together, with twin forces of intelligence and imagination they forged an erotic, edgy world of their own—a sensual world of play and pleasure, an intimacy so intoxicating, so intense, that even the logical, independent Ashley Barris lost track of what was real. Almost.They were worlds apart. He ... more
  • Balthazar: The Spare: A witty and steamy opposites attract Victorian Romance. (The Hale Saga Series: Americans in London Book 1)

    by S.M. LaViolette
    The Hale family is coming to London, and the ton has never seen anything like it... Meet the Hales, a wild, wealthy, and witty family of loveable misfits who are about to take London by storm. If you loved Mary Balogh’s Bedwins, Julia Quinn's Bridgertons, or Loretta Chase’s Carsingtons, you’ll adore the Hales! Victoria Dryden gave Balthazar Hale the last thing he ever expected. A reason to stay… Balthazar and his siblings are living the good life in the utopian community of Canoga, New ... more
  • Hyacinth: A May-December, Tomboy and Duke Romance (The Bellamy Sisters Book 2)

    by Minerva Spencer
    Meet the Bellamy sisters, five young women who will do anything to save their siblings and keep the wolf from the door. Lady Hyacinth Bellamy's plans were flawless. Until fate dealt her a hand she never saw coming… Romance isn’t for the plain, shy, and awkward—a painful truth that Hyacinth knows better than anyone. But Hy refuses to let anything or anyone stop her from living life on her own terms. Independence—and the opportunity to secure her family’s future—is finally within her grasp. ... more
  • Riptide (Salem Crossing Book 1)

    by Antonia Church
    Nevada Noble has left behind a boring boyfriend and a suffocating family in the midwest to start a new life in Florida. Trading snow boots for sunglasses and socks for flip-flops, Neve instantly falls in love with the surf and the sand. Her promise to stay faithful to only her love affair with the beach is soon in jeopardy as the prodigal son of the seaside town returns. He’s sexy, smart, and single—with a hint of mystery surrounding his sudden return. Neve realizes the vow of chastity she... more
  • Kilt to Order

    by Susannah Nix
    A wallflower recruits her jock roommate to give her love lessons in this small-town brother's best friend romantic comedy that features a found family of muscly men in kilts, a spunky bookish virgin, the protective firefighter friend who agrees to be her love coach, and a guaranteed HEA for these two adorable friends to lovers.
  • The Christmas Box

    by Jessica Wakefield
    Can Christmas be saved by a mysterious box? Join three couples across three decades as they find love in places they least expected it. 1995: Braving Christmas Amy Franklin is in love with her best friend. Years of family rejection have left her unable to tell Chris Lawrence how she feels for fear of history repeating itself. But as she becomes the key to saving his family’s struggling Christmas tree farm, she realizes teaming up with Chris permanently might just be worth being brave af... more
  • Saving Christ: Starway Seven

    by Francis T. Perry Williams
    A modern day woman is sent back in time to be with Jesus during the last seven days of his life. A strong and pure love forms between them. This is a new and fresh telling of the greatest story ever told. Experience Christ in a way no one has ever dared to write about.
  • Finding Cover

    by Becca Bredholt
    Having met only days before, the young, doe-eyed Crystal Vargas elopes with a dashing Brit named Duncan Douglas who appears to be everything she's ever wanted. Without realizing it, her desperation to be loved plays well into the hands of her new husband, a cunning sociopath in need of an American bride to help him maintain appearances. When Crystal's sister, Lyssa, notices suspicious changes in her sibling's behavior and her application for her security clearance is denied, Lyssa hires a pri... more
  • The Legacy Soars!

    by Cheryl Devenney
    Carly, a California native, traveled to upstate New York last year to meet, the relatives of her deceased father that she-never-knew. While there, she discovered a wonderful and loving family with a fascinating history. Captivated and inspired by the story of her great grandmother, Carly is now anxious to spend her upcoming summer vacation with them and is again drawn into the saga of Tina and her fiancé, Tommy. With the depression on their heels, and World War II threatening in Europe, Tina ... more
  • Something We Never Imagined

    by Douglas J. Wemple
    This is a story about an intriguing country boy named Colton Dust who moves to Los Angeles to study journalism at USC after graduating from high school in his small hometown. A few years after graduating with a degree in journalism, he finds himself quickly rising up the ranks as a news columnist in LA when his first column at a smaller newspaper catches the eye of the Editor in Chief at the largest newspaper in LA. However, just as he is finally achieving success in his career, he happe... more
  • In the Dark: A Dark Forbidden New Adult Romantic Suspense Trilogy

    by Danah Logan

    A trilogy spun from a web of secrets, deceit, and lies and wrapped in a bow of a soul-crushing, slow burn love story.

    He was my best friend for as long as I could remember. Not anymore.
    It’s been over two years, and I still have no clue why Rhys stopped talking to me.

    Everything was great until he left for football camp. When he returned, he pretended I didn’t exist. He was cold, leaving the room every time I’d en... more

  • Rezoned: A Dark Hate-to-Love Second Chance Romance Novel

    by Danah Logan

    No one betrays The Order—except a Davis.


    Ten years ago, I watched my life go up in flames. No one tells you how easy it is to die. Here one moment, gone the next. All because I fell in love with Ethan Davis. He took everything from me. After nearly a decade of hiding, Ethan stands before me, more handsome and dangerous than ever. But this time, there is no escape—for either of us.


    I'... more