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  • The Marriage Gift

    by Stephen Evans
    In The Marriage Gift, James and Paula, a Minneapolis couple, receive a wedding invitation from a mysterious cousin. This event compels them to undertake a perilous quest to find the perfect wedding gift, a gift that must embody everything they believe about marriage in general, and everything they know about their own; it must be, in fact, a Marriage Gift. First, they consult the wise people of their tribe (his family, her friend). Then in search of this treasure, the couple dare to delve into t... more
  • Pink Coral Island

    by Josie Riviera
    They say love lost is love forgotten. But some love endures. After a decade apart, two hearts reunite to face their shared past and embark on a journey to rediscover the real meaning of love. On the picturesque paradise of Pink Coral Island, childhood sweethearts Jenny Ormani and Christopher Drake find their love rekindled, but their path is not without its share of challenges. As they strive to restore and reopen a hotel that holds their dreams, they must confront the malevolence of v... more
  • Hotshot Mogul Tara Eldana

    by Tara Eldana
    Hotshot Mogul by Tara Eldana I must stop hotshot developer Bruce Clynes from cutting down the trees, especially the oak tree, in the glade he owns near Lake Michigan. The oak tree has grown there and been my home for over 300 years. I only have five days as a human in a woman’s body before I must resume my existence as a tree spirit in the oak tree or be stuck in this human body. Nope, nothing weird is happening here. It gets worse. Bruce and I walked the earth together in this glade when ... more
  • Now and Then

    by Sahara Kelly
    In this historical time-travel romance, an unsuspecting ordinary guy from the US suddenly finds himself in the home of an out of luck Dowager Countess who desperately needs a helping hand. Together they work to solve a mystery, while trying to avoid falling in love...
  • Enchanted

    by Emilie Ocean
    Enchanted While You Can invites you into a world untouched by colonisation, where the enchanting Reunion Island sets the stage for a high-stakes competition among three princes vying for the hand of Princess Juliette. Intended to forge alliances and bolster prosperity, the relationship between the protagonists takes an unforeseen turn as genuine affection blooms amidst the initial intentions of convenience, igniting a fierce rivalry between the suitors. As Juliette's extraordinary abilities as ... more
  • Liddy-Jean Marketing Queen

    by Mari SanGiovanni
    Introducing the irrepressible Liddy-Jean Carpenter, a young woman who has learning disabilities but also has a genius plan. While Liddy-Jean spends her days doing minor office tasks with nobody paying attention, she sees how badly the wand-waving big boss treats the Marketing Department worker bees. So, she takes lots of notes for a business book to teach bosses to be better. Liddy-Jean likes office-mate Rose and Rose’s new friend Jenny, but she doesn’t like Rose’s creepy boyfriend. So how ca... more
  • Ava Again A Sequel to Ava

    by Janet Perroni

    Ava continues in “Ava Again” a story of lust, love and ultimate forgiveness as she encounters her reckless first love who left her alone and pregnant years before. Now he has lost his family and is a veteran with military scars. See if he can win her heart back. What destiny divided can fate reunite?

  • The Exception

    by Marian Bruno
    Set in the sunny hills of Silver Lake, Los Angeles where the young artists and lawless musicians roam, comes this thrilling, fun, comedic love story that'll have you chuckling in public. 

Becca and Mark have been trying to have a baby for years. Technically, there's nothing wrong with them. They fight a lot, but what couple doesn't? Everyone tells them to relax and it will happen. The next logical step is in vitro, but that’s invasive and scary. If it isn’t physically meant to be, why force it?... more
  • In Another Time: A Small Town Time travel Romance Back to Francoist Spain

    by Jessie Winterspring

    What if the future is predetermined and nothing you do can change it?

    All he wanted was to go back to the future, but that also meant living in a world without her.



    My world turned upside down when I broke a bottle containing a wish. I’m an easy-going person, and I hate anything brainy, but the damn bottle made me travel back in time, back to 1956 when Abuela was only nineteen. Younger than me!

    I mi... more

  • Back Where You Belong

    by Ivy Beck
    Taking a leave of absence was unheard of in Emerson Taylor’s financial world. She’d never even taken a vacation. Her life comes to a screeching halt when she gets a call that her mother is sick, and she must return to her hometown in south Alabama. With every intention of going back to NYC once she gets her mother settled, Emerson fights the need to stay connected to work while the sights, sounds and slower pace of the south draws her in. Being home has given her a chance to decompress—lowering ... more
  • King of Sinners

    by Tammy Andresen
    A deal with a cold billionaire. A desperate college coed who has run out of options. Ruthless Lethal Handsome as sin The devil has always been wrapped in a tempting package. And that’s Mason Kincaid. King of Vegas and of sinners. He owns half this town and runs the other half with an iron fist. He’s pretty much everything I’ve learned to avoid. I dated his brother a few years back when I thought a bad boy would be fun. It did not take long for me to learn the Kincaid’s are not fun. ... more
  • Imperfect Illusions

    by Vanora Lawless
    A drafted empath. A dreamwalking poet. A world at war. Chicago, 1917. Idealistic, dreamwalking poet Elliot Stone’s magic can inflict euphoria or horror with a simple touch. In love with being in love, Elliot’s never had a problem falling. Keeping someone on the other hand… Stubborn, fiercely independent Warren “Sully” Sullivan is an illusionist with a secret: he feels the emotions of others as visceral sensations. A lifetime of fending for himself and parsing feelings that aren’t his o... more
  • Winning Play

    by Robyn M. Ryan
    Author Robyn M. Ryan delivers a light and fresh sports romance where a fake relationship fails into a happily ever after. When Tampa Suns star David Martin welcomes his younger sister to Tampa to attend grad school, he doesn’t know she left behind a messy breakup with a manipulative ex. Relieved to be thousands of miles away, Kim seeks to find herself again by completing a challenging one-year degree program. And swearing off relationships. Haunted by making the final out in college baseba... more
  • Risky Move

    by Robyn M. Ryan
    Cassie thinks she’s on the right track when she lands a live-in nanny gig for adorable twins. Until she meets her boss’ brother, Tom, an off-the-charts gorgeous neurologist—who lives in the house…A line she can't cross. Cassie strikes a chord in Tom, and he can't stay away. In such close quarters, is the chemistry too hot to handle?
  • This Piece of Our Being

    by Robyn M. Ryan
    She no longer believes that love conquers all. He questions his convictions. Alone, each faces an uncertain future. Fate has other ideas. Just as Fate placed their lives on a collision course five years ago, Andrew and Caryn Chadwick’s paths cross once again in Toronto after a four-month separation. Despite Andrew’s assurances that he wants to repair their marriage, Caryn is wary, not certain she can trust him, and struggles with doubts and questions about his relationship with a m... more
  • The Gingerbread Shred: A Sweet Holiday Romance

    by Nicki Greenwood

    Entertainment blogger Maura Barnes is a go-getter determined to interview the ungettable: elusive Hollywood heartthrob Pax Campbell. Problem is, she’s no daredevil, and the only way to catch Pax is on the slopes.

    Pax escapes to a Colorado resort intending to snowboard away his Christmas in solitude. Maura’s arrival throws an ice hazard into his anticipated smooth ride. She’s beautiful, too observant, and a complete noob on the powder. All good reasons why he shouldn&rs... more