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  • A Streak of Lightning

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    Lightning isn’t the only thing streaking in small-town Wisconsin.

    Warlock Raibeart MacGregor is on the prowl and looking for his true love. He has only one question for any lassie he meets, “Will ya marry me?” With his sanity often questioned by those who know him best, Raibeart believes there is a method to his madness. At least he hopes so. He’s convinced his true love exists, but he just can’t seem to find her.

    Tormented by nightma... more

  • Finding Home: A Lake Thomas Romance

    by Candy York
    Lorelei Hannah is running from a bad marriage with her daughter Beth in tow. She ends up in the small town of Lake Thomas, Virginia, after she crashes her car in a snowstorm. There she meets Jefferson Cooper, a lawyer with a practice in the town, but it is definitely not love at first sight. Lorelei and Jefferson keep striking sparks off each other as both try to fight their growing attraction. This is a story of trust and love overcoming adversity. It is book one in the Lake Thomas romance seri... more
  • Always Yours

    by AJ Ranney
    Three years ago, Bella made a mistake that ended her relationship with Rhett Williams. Now, as a single mom, her son is the center of her world. When she discovers Rhett’s getting married, Bella plans to flee the only life she’s ever known. Rhett still feels guilty for walking away when he found out Bella was pregnant. His current relationship implodes which forces him to confront his feelings. Rhett and Bella must overcome the past and prioritize their future to be together.
  • Love at the Garden Tomb

    by Ruth Wuwong
    Ex-lovers Josh and Lily meet again as volunteers at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, Israel, a possible location for the burial and resurrection of Christ. Under the influence of the Jerusalem Syndrome, a set of mental phenomena that involves religious, psychosis-like experiences during a person’s travel to the Holy Land, how do Josh and Lily deal with betrayal and guilt? Growing up in Hong Kong with a sick older brother and a younger sister, Josh is the invisible child. At age thirteen, he repr... more
  • All This Time: A Contemporary Romance Novel

    by Annabelle McCormack

    Almost ten years ago, Samantha Redding swore off her hometown of Brandywood, Maryland. Sure, she misses her family, but she's over the gossip and drama that came with small-town living. Besides, she has the photography career she always dreamed of now.

    Then her mom gets sick. Faced with a long stay at home, Sam is forced to relocate a holiday photoshoot to Brandywood to meet a tight work deadline. Only problem is, she needs help from the townspeople she's spent years distancing ... more

  • Echo (A Demon Hunter Romance Book 4)

    by Carrie Thorne
    Demons rule the divide between victory and defeat. Not that Archer Belak knows the true nature of the enemy. Special forces, best of the best, leader of the military's most secret unit, Archer will find a way. Best of the best? Ha. Lana Fischer's demon hunting team holds that title, and double the secrecy. She's more than happy to take on whatever's haunting that canyon. Sounds like a couple of alphas, right? Nope, not these two. Lana is carefree, accepting, and won't quit until the job's ... more
  • Christmas at Ruby's Ranch: Book 4 of the Ruby's Ranch Series - A Novella

    by Rhonda Frankhouser
    This year the Ruby’s Ranch family will celebrate Christmas together for the first time in two decades. It’s the miracle Ruby MacCallister prayed for since the day her mother inexplicably disappeared, splitting the family apart. When an anonymous gift arrives on the doorstep a few weeks before the big holiday, a very pregnant Ruby, finds herself enmeshed in the intrigue surrounding Granny Rube’s death again. Will Ruby’s holiday wishes come true, or will family secrets devastate their happy ... more
  • King of Thieves

    by Tammy Andresen
    Pippa Bancroft knows that trouble is circling. Between her brother’s odd behavior, the whispers of massive debts, and the old and awful man her brother keeps thrusting at her, she assumes things are very bad. But just how awful… there is only one way to find out. She’s going to have to do some good old-fashioned spying. The problem? When she positions herself to eavesdrop, she’s not the only one! A large and ornery Scot is also listening in on her brother’s conversation. And when Laird Lockto... more
  • Curveball: A Love Story

    by Anne Trowbridge
    One bad pitch can change the whole game Not to mention your life.... Zach Hiller was an ace pitcher for the New York Yankees until the day he lost everything in a catastrophe that he now remembers painfully as “The Curveball Incident”. Then, after two years of hiding from his past— spent mostly in Dublin, serving beer to tourists and throwing a stress ball against the walls of his messy apartment—his life goes up in flames once more, this time when an American named Emma Crawford walks int... more
  • Phoebe

    by Minerva Spencer
    PHOEBE book 1 in THE BELLAMY SISTERS is a sensual, sexy, and heartwarming love story about the girl next door and the powerful, wealthy stranger who changes her world forever.
  • Caper Crush

    by Kathy Strobos
    A feel-good, opposites-attract, slow-burn romantic comedy Somebody stole my painting! The one I need for the career-defining Vertex Art Exhibit. This upcoming art show is my chance to finally be recognized as an artist—after ten years of waitressing and being asked if I still have that “lovely painting hobby.” I have mere weeks to find my painting or lose my artist dream forever—but it’s going to mean working with William. William Haruki Matsumura. Good-looking, if you like the Secret Servi... more
  • Into the Storm (Evidence: Under Fire Book 1)

    by Rachel Grant
    As a storm rolls in, a team of Navy SEALs arrives at a remote lodge for a wilderness training exercise that becomes terrifyingly real... Xavier Rivera planned the exercise down to the smallest detail, but he didn't plan the arrival of archaeologist Audrey Kendrick—a woman he shared a passionate night with before betraying her in the worst way. As the storm is unleashed on the historic lodge it becomes clear the training has been compromised. Trapped by weather, isolated by the remote wilde... more
  • Lake Bride: A Sweet Western Romance (Holiday Brides Book 5)

    by Shanna Hatfield
    The past two years of Bridger Holt’s life have centered on the twenty-one steps he repeatedly walks back and forth as one of the sentinels guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Now that his duty is coming to an end, Bridger has no idea what to do with the rest of his life. Guilt from his past and trepidation about his unknown future drive him to the mountain cabin he inherited from his beloved uncle to gain clarity and direction. The quirky residents in the nearby town of Holiday, the assor... more
  • The Garret on Boulevard Voltaire

    by Patricia Ann Williams
    The Garret on Boulevard Voltaire follows the life of 23-year-old Charlotte McGuire, an American traveling to Paris in 1964 to study French. She meets a charming medical student named Jean-Luc, who shocks her by proposing marriage when it’s time for her to return to America. Her joy soon fades to doubt when she hears how French husbands often keep a mistress, reminding Charlotte of her parents’ disastrous divorce after her philandering father broke her mother’s heart. Haunted by the legacy of her... more
  • Average Joe

    by Krissy Daniels

    Marley Masters runs a successful chain of bikini barista stands, secretly supports her elderly neighbor, Alice, and has rid her life of bad boys. 

    She even deflected the advances of her new neighbor Joe, the ex-con. Okay. Lie. The lawbreaker is irresistible and relentless. 

    Hard as Marley tries to fight the attraction and protect her battered heart, Joe proves time and time again that he's playing for keeps.


    Joseph Kaine struggled ... more

  • Reflector

    by C.X. Myers
    Wally Willowbark, a perennially unfortunate half-elf with a three-legged cat, stumbles into a job working for a local dispersal precinct, a kind of public service ghostbusters for when nana gets up in the morning but leaves her body in bed. There, she discovers that the reason she’s hired is to act as a handler for a beautiful and dying sorceress named Vess, and while it’s not love at first sight it’s certainly in the air, but the past catches up with both of them, and when it comes to toxic exe... more