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  • For Fox Sake

    by Mary Frame
    Jake Fox is a man on a mission. Armed with a collection of mysterious letters between his late father and a stranger named Ryan, Jake wants nothing more than to unravel the enigma: Just who is this Ryan guy? But when Jake arrives in Dull, Oregon, he finds Ryan is no guy at all. Ryan Green is just trying to get by. So while the handsome stranger who pays for her groceries intrigues her, caring for her dying mom and raising her dead sister’s daughter are all she has time for. But when the muscu... more
  • A Dangerous Man to Trust?

    by Olivia Elliott

    Bridgerton meets Jane Eyre in this spicy, slow-burn Regency romance written with humour and wit. A strong yet vulnerable hero who feels he's unworthy of love, a feisty governess who has sworn off marriage, and a world of heartache and longing between them.

    John Thornton’s past has left him a damaged man—both inside and out. After John inherits his father’s estate, he finds himself gifted an opportunity for redemption through the ... more

  • Petawawa

    by G. A. Scibetta
    In the turbulent backdrop of World War II, Emilio Bucci and Floria Savoia, two souls bound by love and tragedy, navigate a journey fraught with hardship and heartache. From the quaint village of Agrigento, Sicily, to the bustling streets of Hamilton, Ontario, their lives intertwine in unexpected ways. As they seek refuge from the economic struggles of southern Italy, the Bucci family establishes a pastry shop, a haven of tradition and comfort. But amidst rising tensions between Canada and Ita... more
  • Saving Time

    by B.W. Haggart
    Captain Richard Starke, U.S. Army Rangers, is on assignment in Spain, the result of a disciplinary action. He is pulled back to December 1808 to save a woman from French soldiers intent on rape and murder. How? Because of a family heirloom, an ancient medallion she wears for protection. When Melissa Graham is saved by a strangely dressed man with wonderous weapons, she doesn’t know what to think. Neither does the captain. What she does know is that they must find the British Army. That means ... more
  • I Promise to Be Better

    by Erinn Keala
    Embark on an emotional rollercoaster with I Promise to Be Better, a riveting novel that unravels the complex love story of Emily and Shane. Teenage Emily, plagued by abandonment issues stemming from her parents’ failed marriage, finds desperately-needed comfort in Shane. Despite him being six years older, the pair form a hidden bond and fall madly in love. The story takes a dark turn as it delves into the intricate layers of a toxic relationship. Entering adulthood, Emily moves to a new co... more
  • Snow on Magnolias

    by Betty Bolte
    Magnolia Merryweather, horse breeder, is eager to celebrate Christmas for the first time after the Civil War ended even as she grows her business. Only, all of her plans are thrown into disarray when her secret lover returns and starts asking questions she can’t answer without disaster following. Bryce Day comes home to Alabama after he’s discharged from the First Alabama Cavalry USA with guilt weighing on his heart. His neighbors won’t cotton to his Unionist bent and the woman of his heart like... more
  • Devil of the High Seas

    by Lauren Smith
    She becomes a wicked pirate lord’s stolen treasure… On the eve of her wedding, Josephine Greyville is kidnapped by a true devil of the high seas - a pirate! Gavin Castleton isn’t just any pirate. He’s the twin brother of the man she's supposed to marry. Tempted by Gavin’s kisses and the first taste of freedom she’s ever had in her life, Josephine discovers she could lose all that she’s come to hold dear. She must choose between her family and a storm of passion filling her heart. He's a pira... more
  • The Scoundrel of Drury Lane

    by Lauren Smith
    He was falsely accused and sentenced to die... At nineteen, Christopher "Kit" Hollingsworth is spared the noose but sentenced to serve seven years in Australia as a convict. The men who betrayed him have plans to make sure he never returns to England. But Kit's strong will and thirst for vengeance ensure his survival. Seven long years later, he returns to London but he's forever changed. Gone is the innocent, handsome young lad he'd been. Now Kit is a towering, muscular man of twenty-six w... more
  • Bird of Paradise

    by Emily Hughes Johnson & Marilyn Anne Hughes
    It has been 10 years and now it is time. Only she has the power to write her story...but will she have the courage? Seventeen-year-old Arianna Heywood is a hopeless romantic who dreams of one day sipping Bellini’s with her love in Italy and when a trip home to the Island reveals that her innocent childhood crush no longer looks at her as his kid sister, Ari is eager to step into the world of womanhood. But as is so often the case, you cannot always choose what happens in life. Facing immea... more
  • Shooting Stars

    by Skye Bothma
    Two people with very different lives find each other while vacationing in Hawaii and discover that they're not so different after all. But can the fairy tale survive in the real world?
  • Take Me Home for Christmas

    by Miranda Liasson
    Mia D’Angelo, third-year pediatric resident, invented a boyfriend to get her mom through a tough time and must now produce him for the holidays…but the only male body under forty that’s available belongs to Braxton Hughes, her competitor and ex. (Yet what a fine body it is!) Brax the commitment-phobe claims he’s clueless around families but somehow manages to win over Mia’s parents, her linebacker-sized bros, and even the dog. And maybe Mia as well? He can certainly see right through the sec... more
  • The Voyant and The Mark of Malice

    by Sadie Hewitt
    Kalia Salam is a Voyant, or a person with the ability to create mind-altering visions and project them into others. But when the punishment for having that ability is death, every decision becomes a strategic calculation to avoid execution. Unfortunately, that includes tethering herself to the continent's most wealthy brothel owner and only using her magic to pad the madam's pockets. But when Kalia uses her magic on the wrong client and is mistaken for a powerful djinn, one that the pirates have... more
  • Kat Girl

    by Sarah Lahey
    After Kat and Liam meet in a bar, a life-changing favour sets her future in motion. Months later they’re reunited on a building site. He is the property developer, and she is the heritage consultant—sparks fly as their roles collide… but she owes him a favour. Loud, opinionated, and roguishly handsome, Liam is used to getting his way, but underneath his gruff exterior, he is surprisingly generous and protective. Soon attraction simmers beneath the surface. Their professional relationship sud... more
  • OSHLO Vol I: Metanoia

    by Samuel Correa Rosa
    "Oshlo Vol I: Metanoia" is a novel about change. "Metanoia" means a changing of the mind, but not in a mundane, trivial sort of way. What is meant here is more of an existential change, a deep reversal, or a new outlook. This word is typically associated with repentance in a religious context. "Oshlo" is simply an Americanized way of saying Oslo the way Norwegians say it, but it becomes something unique when written in a story using it in the English language. It is also the name of a demon, or ... more
  • Love by a Landslide

    by K. L. Parsons
    SHE WANTS TO FORGE HER OWN PATH. HE PREFERS TO STAY ON THE TRAIL. NEITHER IS READY FOR ROMANCE. Lucy O’Malley is done being a doormat. After being dumped and booted from her apartment on her thirtieth birthday, she finds herself on the road to reinvention—or rather, on Interstate 90 headed east toward Leavenworth, Washington, for a little beer, bratwurst, and backpacking. Who cares if the Bavarian-themed “romantic getaway” was originally planned for a couple? Unfortunately, her guide does.... more
  • Pieces of Blue

    by Liz Flaherty
    Life comes in shades of blue... Self-imposed loner, Maggie North, has worked for bestselling author Trilby Winterroad her entire adult life, starting as simply his assistant and ending up as his ghost writer. Through ups and downs--including a divorce from an abusive husband--he has been the one person on whom she could always rely. So when Trilby dies suddenly, Maggie finds herself adrift, not sure what she’ll do or where she belongs in the world any longer. And the confusion continues when... more