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  • The Relationtrip

    by Elana Johnson
    Question: What do a reclusive author and an outgoing travel agent have in common? Answer: Nothing. But fate brought them together on a vacation five years ago, and as Logan and Sloane prepare for their annual get-together, there's sparks flying between them. Sloane: When Logan Murphy, my accidental best friend, calls to say our annual mid-winter trip has to be "redone," he's already got the solution. Belize. An adults-only resort, and we leave in two days. I'm giddy with exciteme... more
  • Reign: an enemies to lovers high school bully romance (Rivermont Royals Book 1)

    by E.J. Knox

    From Elizabeth Stevens, writing as E.J. Knox comes...
    A King. An Heir. And the unwilling pawn with the power to win or crush a Royal coup.

    Beckett Maxwell reigns over Rivermont Academy with his loyal court: the Royals, their courtiers, their harem. He doesn’t have time for a nobody like me: a scholarship student and daughter of faculty to boot. I’m the lowest of the low in a school full of highs.

    One year everything's going fine. Enou... more

  • Tuscan Enchantment

    by Kate Zarrelli
    Librarian Antonia Gray has fled England for Tuscany, desperate to put distance between herself, the dangerous man she nearly found herself married to, and the whispers that followed her since his exposure. She’s perfectly happy losing herself in the archive of a seventeenth-century Italian explorer until she meets his descendant, Lorenzo Quattromani. Lorenzo is rich, arrogant, and inconveniently handsome. Worse, he seems determined to make Antonia fall in love with him. The last thing Antonia w... more
  • Bigalow - An Australian Contemporary Romance with a Ghostly Twist (Fermosa Bay)

    by Iris Blobel

    He came out of nowhere … encouraging her to ask the right questions.

    Hannah believes her life in solitude is all she wants and all she needs. She’s settled in the small town of Fermosa Bay where she’s taken over a medical practice after leaving her husband. When the enigmatic Bigalow steps into her life, turning it upside-down, she can’t hide the growing irritation inside. Yet, slowly and steadily, he reminds her what life is all about and what she’s missi... more

  • The Counting Tree

    by Jennifer Arrington
    Heidi isn’t ready to start her prescribed life. So, she leaves her family, fiancé, and everything familiar to work at a youth camp in South Africa. But the culture of 1987 South Africa isn’t what she expected, and she finds herself struggling to adapt wondering if she’s made a colossal mistake. It doesn’t help that the camp’s engaging director, Johann, is antagonistic only towards her. Desperate for success, Heidi digs in and starts to make headway until heartbreaking news from home changes ... more
  • All the Lost Pieces

    by Lara Martin

    Perfect for fans of Katherine Center and Kristan Higgins, All the Lost Pieces is a funny, warmhearted novel that explores the dynamics of family, friendship and falling in love, and all the ways we try to save ourselves.

    Twenty-nine-year-old Nina Abrahams is not in a good place. She’s been fired from her restaurant manager job after she stands up to her bully of a boss, her motivational speaker mother is helping other people get their lives on track and ignoring the derailing of h... more

  • Eyes

    by Imania Margria

    Amadora Morelli is young, attractive, and tough. Even tough enough to prove to the crime syndicate she was born into – and especially to her overprotective father – that she can handle the bloody day to day details of working in the lower-level trenches of the family business, unbeknownst to them.

    Or so she thought. The last thing she expected to sabotage her covert scheme was falling in love. Especially with a potential enemy.

    She isn’t even supposed to be here.... more

  • Honor's Mountain Promise (Hearts of Montana)

    by Misty M. Beller
    Finally on the right side of the law, Aaron Long is driving a freight wagon through the wild Rocky Mountains. The last thing he expects in the middle of an urgent delivery to Settler’s Fort is to discover a woman begging him to take her the opposite direction. She’s heavy with child, so he can’t leave her, but neither can he take her where she wants to go. When Aaron and Katie set out through the mountain winter, the journey ahead will change their lives more than they could have known.
  • The Gulf Between Us: A Small Town Second Chance Romance (The Westshore Beach Series)

    by Juliet Brandywine

    Single yet again, Emily Driscoll moves back to her hometown of Westshore Beach in hopes of starting over with the help of her endearingly bohemian mom. When her sassy best friend introduces her to the town heartthrob, things are looking up. Way up.

    But when Emily adopts a stray dog with a knack for chasing cars, she discovers the town veterinarian is none other than her ex-fiancé, Jason Williams, who left her at the altar in Cancún eight years ago. Emily can&rsqu... more

  • The Duke Who Dared

    by Tammy Andresen
    What if the Ugly Duckling decided that what she wished for most was revenge? A woman like Lady Aubrey Featherington should know better than to dare a duke… But what if she dared him anyway? “You wouldn’t,” I fired at him, notching my chin higher as I balled my fists into my skirts. “Oh princess…” He stares back at me with a heat that threatens to melt my bones. “You ought to know by now I would and will.” Challenging the sixth Duke of Westgate was a risk. But in this glittering court ... more
  • A Long Way Home (Coming Home Series 1)

    by Blake Allwood

    With the odds stacked against them, will they be able to overcome, or will their pasts push them apart, forever?

    Gib clings to family, while also being afraid to trust them. As a former foster child, he clings to the security denied to him in early childhood. When he begins having feelings for one of his best friends and fellow medical school student, all his issues are expanded.

    Allan has everything a kid from a wealthy New York family could have. When he decides... more

  • Melody of the Snow (Melody Series)

    by Blake Allwood
    Hunter’s life is turned upside down when he’s forced to leave his ‘job of a lifetime’. When chance tosses him into the path of a very talented, and handsome young nurse, his life takes on a new direction he never could’ve anticipated. Cam’s focus had shifted from pursuing his musical passion to nursing. But a one-night stand quickly changes into so much more, especially when that one-night stand ends up helping to run his late grandmother’s resort. Career changes, inheritances, and a greed... more
  • Melody of the Heart (Melody Series)

    by Blake Allwood
    Jonas: My life sucks. I’ve lost everything: my inheritance, my career, my dignity, even my piano…and now I’m supposed to sacrifice my pride trying to turn a backwoods mechanic from a honky-tonk piano player to a classical virtuoso in less than a year. An impossible task I’d been duped into by my orchestra conductor who also happens to be my ex. I travelled to West Virginia and convinced the poor mechanic to let me take over his life for my challenge and quickly realized he had more to offe... more
  • Rembrandt for Sale

    by Uri J. Nachimson
    Towards the end of the eighteenth century, the concept of artistic genius was formulated and held up as the highest human species. Genius in art requires breaking the rules or exceeding them in ways that make them unrecognizable. There is a saying that "any sufficiently advanced skill is indistinguishable from magic." So when the Master in Art Alan De Mayo revolutionized art with his "Renaissance paintings," the response - from all art critics was total astonishment, and important critics of ar... more
  • Ember's Secret (Solstice Quartet Book 1)

    by Catherine Peace
    Ember Ngata only wants two things out of life: to be reunited with her sisters, and to see people return to her café. Catering to people she never sees again, she experiences a loneliness that can’t be filled. As one of the last Whakamanu—a descendant of the Maori bird-god Tane—she holds on to the secrets of her decimated tribe. Family first. TV personality and host of the popular show Back Road Eats, Austin Garten needs more in his life than Breadbasket America grilling. He’s tired of the sa... more
  • B0BF9N6971

    by Hyunah KIM
    Dammi Mille Baci… Give me a thousand Kisses… A captivating recent release! In the city of Vienna, Hyunah falls for Axel, a gorgeous artist. But can Hyunah understand the magic behind Axel's art - or win his heart? What is art? How does one become an artist? This story inspired by true events will take you on a fascinating journey in the historic city of Vienna with its rich culture and art, and how it influenced and changed my life forever.