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  • The Art of Falling in Love with You

    by A. A. Jaeon

    Perfect for fans of One True Loves, Crazy Rich Asians, P.S. I Still Love You (To All the Boys I've Loved Before), this sweet contemporary romance novel follows a love triangle between a girl who hides her past with bright smiles and two swoonworthy boys who deeply love her, but only one who loves her right.

    Lydia Zhang finally achieved all she ever wanted. She has her very own art studio and holds an art class there three times a week. With her best friend Isabel Wong, and her boyfr... more

  • Healing Kiss

    by Amanda Uhl
    To save her dying sister… Lillian Milano channels energy from the healthy to heal the sick, which makes her an incredible nurse. But her gift puts Lillian and those she loves in danger from an organization that will stop at nothing to exploit her talent. When her sister becomes gravely ill, wealthy computer genius Tristan King is the one man with enough vitality to save her sister’s life. But being near him threatens to expose her secrets and destroy the walls she’s built around her heart. S... more

    by Sandra Worth
    Blind to all but gallant Prince Constantine, Zoe Notaras, the grand duke's spirited young daughter sets out to win his heart. But in 1453 destiny calls on the prince, now emperor, to shoulder a staggering burden. Deserted by his allies and hopelessly outnumbered, he must defend his civilization - all that is left of the once-glorious Eastern Roman Empire - against invaders bent on conquest. His only consolation is Zoe, now his inspiration and secretly his empress. A brave and adventurous spiri... more
  • Wild Scottish Knight (The Enchanted Highlands Book 1)

    by Tricia O'Malley
    Opposites attract in this modern-day fairytale when American, Sophie MacKnight, inherits a Scottish castle along with a hot grumpy Scotsman who is tasked with training her to be a magickal knight before the Kelpies wreak havoc on the people of Loren Brae. The knight was supposed to be a man. Not me, Sophie MacKnight, a marketing associate from California. This must be a practical joke that the Scots play on visiting Americans. Because otherwise I’ve inherited a haunted castle in Scotlan... more
  • Tex Miller Is Dead

    by Kelly Elizabeth Huston

    She wants her life back. He wants to live. When a writer and her imaginary muse go head-to-head, real life gets complicated.

    After twenty-two years, Callie Austin, the anonymous author of the wildly popular Tex Miller book series, decides the only way for her to reclaim her hijacked professional and private life is to 'off' her beloved protagonist. With a tenacious agent, a driven editor, and a rabid fan base, Callie knows that not everyone will be on b... more

  • Cora's Secret Engagement

    by Libby Malin
    Cora Montague and William Watkins, both from wealthy New York families, return from the First World War aching for more than their pampered lives now offer them. After working at the woman-run Endell Street military hospital in London during the war, Cora longs to pursue medical studies to become a doctor, while Bill wishes to study with a famous painter in Paris. They concoct a plan to pretend to be engaged so they can spend the summer studying and painting without their parents pressuring them... more
  • Brendan & the Beast

    by Fox Beckman
    Brendan just wants to save his sister. Their fool of a father promised her to some “fearsome beast” in a magic castle, but since there’s no such thing as magic or talking beasts, Brendan sets off to see this strange man for himself. Surely he’ll be reasonable. The Beast has been trapped for so long that he’s nearly given up all hope of ever undoing his curse. So when an unwelcome guest turns his life upside down, Beast can’t get rid of him soon enough. Too bad the castle has other ideas. ... more

    by K.C. Carson
    A riveting tale of revenge, survival and redemption, wrapped around an unlikely love story and set against an urban backdrop corrupted by violence against women and racism. Following a racially motivated rape by three Ku Klux Klansmen, 12-year-old Desiree Devine vows revenge. After eight years of training, now a strikingly beautiful assassin, she accomplishes her mission. Her campaign continues with solitary walks through dark city streets, hoping to be assaulted by men with bad intentions... more
  • Love at First Flight

    by Jannelle Drummond
    Flight Attendant, Delight Anderson, expects cranky passengers, flight delays and sore feet on her trip. She doesn’t expect to see former friend, unrequited love and Hollywood’s newest action star, Cole Williamson, aboard her flight. Cole is devastatingly handsome and he’s gone and grown muscles. There’s just one problem standing in the way of a happy reunion. She betrayed his trust for his own good ten years ago and they haven’t spoken since. Cole’s bad day just got worse. Delight Anderson is... more
  • The Sins of Mrs. Ema

    by Mirela Kanini
    Ema seems to have it all. She is a successful psychologist, married to a business man, and lives in a mansion in a desirable neighborhood. She has everything one could want, from luxury cars, to a vacation home, to trips to the most exotic places. Her marriage has lost its passion and is dulled by routine. But one business trip to her hometown changes everything. Her life shifts from a quiet, suburban one to a passionately dangerous one. She meets Toni, the love of her life. She risks everything... more
  • A Perfect Vintage

    by Chelsea Fagan
    Lea Mortimer has everything under control. As a highly sought-after consultant specializing in transforming dilapidated French country estates into boutique hotels, she relishes her freedom as a single, childfree woman. And her life is full, occupied as much by her impeccable historic renovations as by the aristocratic -- and often exhausting -- French families she works for. But after the heated divorce of her closest friend and cousin Stephanie Bryce, Lea finds herself taking Stephanie and ... more
  • The Other Side of Love

    by Matilda Swinney
    Victoria deals with the destruction of her nine year relationship as she finds love with a woman for the first time, challenging her to give up the binds of her carefully orchestrated life.
  • Joy on the Mountain Peak (Call of the Rockies series Book 10)

    by Misty M. Beller
    Heidi Wallace came west with secrets. When she accompanied her cartologist cousin to map terrain in the Montana Territory, she never imagined he would die from a snakebite. As she and her maid bury the body in this wild country, the last person she expects to come to their aid is the man she’s no longer sure she wants to find. But now that Ben Lane is standing before her…her heart demands answers. As Ben and Heidi the mapmaking expedition, the threat of the mountain wilderness may not be half as... more
  • Fragments

    by J.M. Hernandez
    Sophia Collins is split between a past she can’t remember and a future she can’t quite grab. To deal with it, she parties with her friends and focuses on enjoying her junior year of college, determined to feel nothing so she doesn’t feel everything. When not one, but two new men come into her life, Sophie can’t keep ignoring the holes in her memory or the nightmares that plague her. Smooth, sweet talking, confident Alex is everything Sophie thinks she wants. Zack, a student she tutor... more
  • Submitting to the Widow

    by Andrea K. Stein
    Now that both her domineering father and husband are gone, Lady Jane Trevellyn is determined to live for herself. As a wealthy widow, she can have anything she wants. What she wants is the Barrister Stephen Forsythe who wrote a journal of sexual exploits she's been sent from the erotic library at Goodrum's House of Pleasure in London. She's read the pages beginning to end - twice. They've never been formally introduced, but she did attend one of his cricket matches with her face covered in a ... more
  • The Duke of Devastation

    by Michelle Mignone
    Elsie Hulbourne is satisfied with her life as the vicarage spinster, keeping house for her father and seeing to the needs of his parishioners. The only place she has ever found romance is between the covers of a novel and she likes it that way. Edmund Thatchley, Duke of Castlemore, has earned his reputation as The Duke of Devastation by pursuing a relentless campaign of revenge against those who wronged him and his family. Merciless determination to achieve his goals has brought him wealth an... more