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  • Ember's Secret (Solstice Quartet Book 1)

    by Catherine Peace
    Ember Ngata only wants two things out of life: to be reunited with her sisters, and to see people return to her café. Catering to people she never sees again, she experiences a loneliness that can’t be filled. As one of the last Whakamanu—a descendant of the Maori bird-god Tane—she holds on to the secrets of her decimated tribe. Family first. TV personality and host of the popular show Back Road Eats, Austin Garten needs more in his life than Breadbasket America grilling. He’s tired of the sa... more
  • B0BF9N6971

    by Hyunah KIM
    Dammi Mille Baci… Give me a thousand Kisses… A captivating recent release! In the city of Vienna, Hyunah falls for Axel, a gorgeous artist. But can Hyunah understand the magic behind Axel's art - or win his heart? What is art? How does one become an artist? This story inspired by true events will take you on a fascinating journey in the historic city of Vienna with its rich culture and art, and how it influenced and changed my life forever.
  • The Ghost on the Beach

    by Scarlett Dunn
    Who killed designer Eleanor Marlowe on a quiet stretch of beach? A year has passed, and her murder remains one of many unsolved crimes. Private Investigator, Steele Harper, specializes in finding missing children. Parents of a kidnapped child have hired him to find her. The police couldn't solve the crime, and Steele is frustrated by the lack of credible leads, He can't stop thinking about this case; it has become an obsession. Even when he's renovating his home on the beach, his thoughts rem... more
  • A Third Option

    by Eugene Kelly (E. Aly)
    Amy Leonard, a senior associate at a financial engineering frim is up for partner. Suddenly she stares into an abyss, having to choose between two irreversible, life-altering options. Reggie Boykin, her protégé .at work, offers Amy a "noble but stupid" third option. She realizes Reggie has a dark secret that keeps him unsmiling and emotionally insulated from her and the world. It isn't until the past intrudes and threatens to destroy both of their lives that they understand what is important. A... more
  • Both Feet in the Grave

    by Jeaniene Frost
    If you thought you learned more about the dangerous and sexy alpha vampire, Bones, in the USA Today bestselling scorcher, THE OTHER HALF OF THE GRAVE, you haven’t seen anything yet… Two hundred years of bounty hunting made Bones the best at what he does, yet it’s still taken him four long years to find Cat, the half vampire now known as the “Red Reaper.” There’s a price on Cat’s head, and not even her job as a secret government agent can save her. Only Bones can. But has time hardened Bones too... more
  • If Only You (Bergman Brothers, #6)

    by Chloe Liese
    Fake friends with real benefits, quiet, shy Ziggy Bergman and notorious bad boy Sebastian Gauthier agree to a publicity stunt that will hopefully rehab both their reputations—Ziggy wants to give hers an edge; Seb needs to smooth his out. But what begins as a fake friendship and a transactional arrangement gives way to a real, loving relationship neither of them ever saw coming. If Only You is a brother's best friend, (fake) friends with benefits to friends to lovers sports romance about a bighea... more
  • Forever Love (Finding Love Book 3)

    by S.R. Johnson
    Renee and Ezekiel arrived home from their honeymoon a few weeks ago. They are worried because Sam is still on the loose since breaking out of jail, so Ezekiel has been working at home. Ezekiel has had Renee under surveillance, and Renee has security personnel with her at all times. Renee is pregnant, and her emotions are all over the place, so she worries about Sam being free because no one can find him, and she is scared when the babies arrive. Renee and Ezekiel felt the babies kick for the ... more
  • Keeping Love (Finding Love Book 2)

    by S.R. Johnson
    Renee and Ezekiel’s relationship survived her being kidnapped so far. Renee and Ezekiel get engaged, and Renee is pregnant, but their lives seem to have drama written all over it. Renee’s kidnapper finally had his sentencing hearing which Ezekiel forbade Renee to go to, but she went anyway. While there, her abductor lied, so she stood up and set the record straight, telling the Judge what happened. This makes her abductor extremely angry. What will happen? When she left the courthouse, her a... more
  • Finding Love

    by S.R. Johnson
    While dancing, Renee was at a nightclub with her friends when Harold grabbed her hips and pushed his groin against her ass. She swayed her hips as she danced, enticing him. When she left the dance floor, Harold followed Renee, and he stayed near her for a while until she excused herself to freshen up when she re-emerged. However, Harold stepped in front of her when she wasn’t looking. That’s when he attacked her in a quiet corner of the club. She tried to get away from him, but he was too stron... more
  • Second Chances in Hollywood

    by Sarah Hendess
    Josie Donovan left her home in Kansas under a cloud. Now settled into her work as a nurse in Hollywood, California, in 1959, she finds the producer of her favorite television program is in her hospital ward and offering her an audition. Actor Robert Coolidge hates his role on Gunslingers but needs the job to support his son. When Josie joins the cast, the loneliness plaguing him lifts, until a goodnight kiss somehow goes wrong. Yet Josie is there with her nursing skills when Robert falls ill on ... more
  • Marked as Queen of Hearts: Rolling Brook Book Five (Rolling Brook Series 5)

    by Blye Donovan

     Can she stack the deck in her favor, or will this house of cards come tumbling down? 

    Tori Graham is an author with a story to write. The problem? She needs her ex’s expertise to make it believable. And he’s about as enthusiastic to be her consultant as she is to drum up their complicated history. Can she convince this jaded cop to help her without falling into his arms—again?  

    Rafe Alonso hung up his detective hat months ago, moving to ... more

  • Purity Found: Based on a true story....

    by Jane Catherine Rozek

    My friends, do you dream of a simpler lifestyle, of getting out of the mainstream and living off the grid?
    What would it take, and how much could you adapt your life for the man you love?

    • Kate begins a wild Canadian journey in the summer of 73 when she immigrates to British Columbia. Almost immediately, she is time-warped into the pioneer past and seduced by the bitter-sweet challenges of a backwoods community. When she encounters Dave, a stern mountain man, a unique kind of r... more
  • Freefalling: a Novel of Senior Romance

    by Eme McAnam
    As the owner and operator of a successful five-star hotel, Charlotte had always put her work first. But when she entered the autumn of her life, she realized that her dedication to her career had left a void in her heart - she had never found true love. Despite the complications that come with finding romance at her age, Charlotte sets out on a journey to fill that emptiness. Through extreme challenges and unforeseen obstacles, including dementia, Charlotte discovers that the golden years of her... more
  • The Paris Soulmate: A Sweet Romance Novel. Perfect for Clean and Wholesome Romance Readers Looking for Paris Romance.

    by Brooke Gilbert
    Reeling from the reality of turning thirty soon, Christine decides to take a trip that has been on her bucket list for years.  She has dreamed of going back to Paris, but since being diagnosed with several rare autoimmune disorders, she never imagined she would get the chance to return.  Now, she finds herself on the way to the city of love with an unexpected surprise… An extremely handsome British stranger seems to have mysteriously fallen onto her path. Is it just a coincidence they are both t... more
  • How To Be An Adult Fangirl (And Not Ruin Your Life)

    by Karah-Leigh Hancock
    Every woman has that one band that means the most to them. They remind them of a special time in their lives ... or maybe that band saved their life. For Harley, that band is Insomnia, one of the best-selling boy bands in the world. But Harley isn't your typical 30-something-year-old ... she's an adult boy band fangirl. While trying to juggle her marriage, a career she hates, and her amazing friendships, she goes on a trip that turns her life upside down all thanks to Insomnia.
  • The Chaos of Us

    by Azalea Hudson
    What would you do if your entire life was a living nightmare, and your only wish was to free yourself? What if the only way to protect the one you loved was to take yourself out of the picture, for good? Then you were no more… ***** After the repercussions of his trauma were under control, Drew crossed the seas. A decade goes by and on a cruise he meets the mirror image of his long-lost love, and all the demons from his past strike at him again. In the middle of the ocean, Savannah finds her... more