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  • The Summer Club

    by Lindsey Todd
    One night, at a seaside jazz café called The Summer Club, Jackie Sherman catches the amber eyes of a familiar stranger. Startled by the pull she feels toward him, she follows him out to the edge of the ocean, where he relays that in another life, she knew him intimately as her first love. Jackie, who has no memory of this man, is then presented with a choice: the opportunity to experience the entirety of her relationship with him compared with the life she chose as another man’s wife—and subs... more
  • A New Day

    by Carrie Thorne

    Haley Salsborough has had it with the pompous jerk she married. Catching him with her "best friend" rather crossed the line, to say the least. A relationship is lowest on her list of priorities when she moves home to Foothills, but a rebound...

    Professional football player Finn Halseth's life has gone to crap in the last six months. He's not ready for anything serious, but a summer fling...

  • Stuck

    by Emily R. Bellas
    Mia Kaplan lives an unassuming life tending bar at a local music dive in downtown Chicago. When an up-and-coming band takes up residency, not only does she have to play nice to every fangirl that walks in the place, she also has to deal with the cocky, yet irresistibly handsome lead singer. With her brother's growing juvenile record, her father's drunken tantrums, and the unwanted (albeit entertaining) attention of this singer who has set his sights on her, Mia has to decide if she's ready to br... more
  • Twelfth Moon

    by Halli Starling
    Five short stories of queer romance, partnership, and friendship set in one small town. A perfect quick, cozy read for autumn and winter.
  • Small Town Shepherd

    by Nala Henkel-Aislinn
    Sam and Brody remind each other of what they want to forget—bad relationships and broken hearts. Sam lost her career and her boyfriend on the same day. Needing an escape, she makes a radical decision—leave the big city for a small town, get a regular job, and take a break from men and romance. Brody is picking up the pieces after divorce. He’s hoping for a fresh start in the small community of Maple Cove. Instead, he’s forced to co-manage a failing animal hospital with Sam, who seems ready... more
  • All Rogues Lead to Ruin

    by Jemma Frost
    A bookish dreamer... Hazel Taylor longs to leave behind the painful memories of her country home. When an opportunity arises to work in Victorian Manchester as a librarian while providing a chance to finish writing her children's book, she takes the leap of faith and goes — much to the dismay of her sisters. But can she ever travel far enough to outrun the traumatic past that haunts her? A determined rogue... Jonathan Travers hates his job. As a debt collector for a notorious gang leade... more
  • Hop on the Bus

    by Jason Cadwell
    While struggling to find funding for college, Gus finds himself falling for Shannon, a talented musician who can help him with extra-curricular activities. Overcoming his social anxiety due to autism, he summons the courage to reach for love.
  • The Secrets of Stonebridge Castle

    by Blair Bancroft

    A gothic tale of ghosts, murder, and lost love...

    When bullies threaten Aurelia Lacey and her five-year-old daughter Nell, they are rescued by an old friend, Jason Durand, younger brother of an earl. Jason, once a daring spy, has fallen into depression and drunkenness since the war, but he rallies long enough to offer the outcasts the shelter of his brother's country seat, Stonebridge Castle. But the ancient castle is not the quiet refuge they expected. Aurelia and Jason—both ... more

  • Once Upon a Devastatingly Sweet Kiss

    by Bree Wolf

    In this opposites-attract Regency romance by USA Today bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author BREE WOLF, an untamed lady and a proper duke are put to the test when they fall in love against all odds.

    An untamed lady.

    A proper duke.

    And a love that goes against all the rules.

    England 1803: LADY HARRIET BEAUMONT, daughter to the Earl of Whickerton, is a free spirit, always has been. She does as she pleases, determined to... more

  • Secretly into Chocolate

    by Erica Ramey
    Have you ever craved someone you knew you had no business involving yourself with? Like you knew they were off limits too you but yet there was still that suspicion within you that needed to see what it was about. Secretly into Chocolate is about people who know they're off limits to someone but the suspicion drives them to still involve themselves with one another to the point feelings evolve but nothing can be done about it because the two hearts have to be a mystery to everyone else. In these... more
  • Miss.Direction

    by Siona Morgan
    Cara, an immigrant, arrives in the United States like several others, to chase the American Dream only to find her hopes dashed against the shores of the promised land as reality shatters the mirror of all illusions. Alex's fledging aspirations of becoming a writer soon find its promise in Cara, an aspiring documentary director. Allured by his charms, Cara slowly lets down her guard until her old roommate, William, turns up. In what follows is a shocking turn of events, Cara, Alex, and Wil... more
  • Daring the Duke

    by Charlie Lane

    In this Regency romance by Charlie Lane, a London season of scandalous dares forces a lady and her duke to see that perfect isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    A redheaded bluestocking in desperate need of a wealthy husband.
    A handsome duke looking for the perfect duchess.
    And a dare that shows that opposites may not only attract but can be so much more.

    Lady Tabitha Hampton has the memory of an elephant. Her sharp brain locks ... more

  • Sutton's Spinster

    by Scarlett Scott
    Jasper Sutton, London’s most dedicated scoundrel, needs a wife. He needs one quickly. He needs one yesterday, in fact. His requirements are precise. She has to be capable of mothering the wild twin daughters who have unexpectedly appeared in his life. She must also possess the patience of a saint and the understanding of an angel. Better still if she is plain and has no expectation of a true marriage. He is not about to reform his ways. But how is he to find such a paragon of womanly virtue when... more
  • A Royal Farce

    by Laura Heffernan
    With Lila’s big box store wages, it’ll take about fifty years to finish fixing up this money pit she’s stuck with. Then her friend Pierre proposes the perfect solution: he needs a green card. If Lila marries him, he’ll pay to finish the job. Win-win, right? One problem: who is going to believe the gorgeous, brilliant investment banker fell for little Lila? Everyone, if they have any say in it. Not even their closest friends or family can suspect the truth. Lila fakes the walk of shame, feigns... more
  • Handle With Care

    by A.N. Verebes
    When Gemma Fox gets stuck in an elevator with her celebrity crush, Everett Rhodes, she writes the entire exchange off as a fluke. After all, he's an actor and she's just a random fan at a convention. But life has other plans, and Everett proves hard to resist. But, when things get complicated, they are both faced with the same dilemma: how can they make things work when they live in separate worlds?
  • Bring Me Home

    by Nicola Haken

    A tale of friendship, acceptance, and second chances...

    Hugo Hayes has it all; the voice, the money, the looks. Adored by fans all over the world, there’s nothing more he could ever wish for. Or so it appears. But no one sees what happens off stage. Nobody knows where he came from, what he goes through, where he’s heading…

    Except the girl he left behind. She’ll know. She always did.

    Helen Jenkins is starting over. Back on the diet and heading for a c... more