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  • Sights Unseen

    by Philip Cosand

    Cole and Bonnie grew up together in a small town.  One raised by a young couple, the other was found on a car seat.  They go on spy missions, they learn from each other, and they do their best to have fun.  Which can be difficult, since Bonnie was born invisible.

  • No Take Backs

    by Becca Seymour
    Some things you can’t take back. If you say those words, get caught glancing at his bulge, or share a heated kiss, it’s game over. The “no take backs” rule strikes, and there’s no way you can backtrack. That’s the way it’s always been with me and Nate Griffin, my old best friend who thought he could change the rules. It doesn’t matter that time and distance have pulled us apart. I’ve finally figured myself out and yanked my head out of my backside. Now, if only I can drag myself out of ... more
  • His White Wager

    by Tammy Andresen
    She’s no lady… Rebecca White makes her own way. She’ll dress as a man to support her mother if she chooses, she’ll participate in illegal gaming if it pleases her, and she’ll even cheat a lord now and then if the idea catches her fancy. But what she didn’t count on was an entire family of White’s tracking her down and being just as stubborn and independent as—well—herself. Nor did she bet on their handsome lawyer, Jacob Veritas, stirring feelings that have no place in her life. He’s the pe... more
  • The Babe from Toyland

    by Daphne Chase
    A DILF in need is a DILF indeed When his ex-wife drops off their children for a surprise visit five days before Christmas, Logan Fenton’s plans for a silent night, and closing the biggest deal of his career, implode. He’ll move heaven and earth NOT to be the dad who ruins Christmas, but has no idea where to start. A trip to his neighborhood toy store provides the answer to his prayers, but the only package he wants to unwrap is Paige Piper, the plus-sized angel behind the counter, whose curve... more
  • Bared Magic

    by Sara R. Cleveland
    The girl with the golden hair... Siphons are rare creatures, supposedly born of the union of human and fae blood. How she got her ability doesn't much matter to Wynne; all she knows is it's a death sentence or worse if the wrong people find out about her gift. It's too bad she was never very good at minding her own business. ... and the bear who loved her. An old curse grows stronger, leaving Callum Bertram sleepless and desperate. He thinks he's found a temporary solution until a pre... more
  • From Fame to Ruin

    by Jina S. Bazzar
    When Eduardo Montenegro loses his wife to murder, he takes his revenge on the family business. It takes Amelia Montenegro years to discover her son’s vendetta. Her solution: launch a massive lawsuit and enlist the help of Senator Armando, a crooked politician, promising to bind the Montenegro name to the Armando’s in exchange for his bribe to the judge. Carol wants nothing from her family, not their name, money, the business, or the marriage her grandmother arranged to Sergio Armando. When h... more
  • Covet the Night

    by Rebecca Main

    Gwen’s days are numbered, literally. So when a beautiful stranger extends an offer of immortality, she accepts without hesitation and the treacherous initiation that comes along with it. Faced with unprecedented danger, Gwen must stay alive long enough to discover once and for all what is worth living and dying for. 

  • Lunaria (A Soulmark Series Finale)

    by Rebecca Main
    Lunaria thought getting captured by the enemy was the worst that could happen. Then he came along to claim her. Adrian, a fearsome warrior from Luna’s homeland, has gone through hell to hunt her down. He’s on a mission to see them united. No matter what it takes or the cost. As past and present collide in this daring end to a series, blood will be spilled, loyalties tested, and magic corrupted.
  • Lycan Legacy (A Soulmark Series Book 5)

    by Rebecca Main
    Atticus Hayes, a romantic at heart, has waited for his wedding to the heir of North America’s oldest pack, Winter Blanc, since childhood. With their marriage, a new age of pack will arise as old traditions meet new. But as the full moon rises old secrets surface, tensions mount, and the war on the Adolphus lines climbs to a head. A decision must be made by Winter: forsake her family or her heart.
  • Mr. Vrana (A Soulmark Series Book 4)

    by Rebecca Main
    When you’re a vampire, sins last forever—and that’s the way they like it. For over a century, Mr. Vrana has plotted revenge against those who have wronged him. And there is nothing that will steer him from his cause, especially his newfound prisoner, Irina Adolphus. The dark beauty won't stop until she finds a way home, but is she willing to pay the price for her freedom?
  • Wardens of Starlight (A Soulmark Series Book 3)

    by Rebecca Main
    Evil hides in all shapes and forms—of this the Wardens of Starlight are certain—but it’s those of the supernatural variety they hunt without remorse. By a cruel twist of fate, starlight warden Calliope Sawyer is forced to question everything she’s come to know when confronted with her soulmark: a dangerous lycan. Now, these two enemies must decide whether to fight for love or fight each other.
  • Midnight Scoundrel (A Soulmark Series Book 2)

    by Rebecca Main
    Stealing isn’t personal. At least not to Quinn Montgomery. Yet, when her latest heist to steal from the Adolphus family tailspins her into a supernatural world filled with lycans, witches, and vampires she must learn to steel her nerves and…her heart.
  • Coven (A Soulmark Series Book 1)

    by Rebecca Main
    Zoelle imagined life post-grad living out dreams—what she got instead? Magical abilities and an alpha who thinks they're "fated”. After forcing her hand to bind them together, they must both face the consequences. Including the power to ignite a war... or end one.
  • Cyn

    by Tamsen Schultz

    A dead body, a dubious admirer, and an explosive conclusion is just another day at the office for Cyn Steele.

    A body in the driveway of her seaside mansion is the last thing Dr. Cyn Steele expected to find when she returned home from a trip abroad. It’s not the first time she’s seen a dead man, it’s not even the fiftieth. But it is the first time one has been left as a calling card. Is it a warning or a message? She doesn’t know, but the sexy new... more

  • Right as Reign

    by J.B. Vample
    Reign Price has always had a good head on her shoulders. At thirty-two, she’s an editing supervisor, in the process of purchasing a home, and when she’s not journaling her deepest thoughts into one of her notebooks, she’s making time for her loved ones. Reign seems to have it all together—on the outside. That's because Reign’s ability to suppress her feelings is unmatched. Putting on a brave face while uttering the words “I’m fine” is a skill she has mastered. While her relationship of six year... more
  • The Summer Club

    by Lindsey Todd
    One night, at a seaside jazz café called The Summer Club, Jackie Sherman catches the amber eyes of a familiar stranger. Startled by the pull she feels toward him, she follows him out to the edge of the ocean, where he relays that in another life, she knew him intimately as her first love. Jackie, who has no memory of this man, is then presented with a choice: the opportunity to experience the entirety of her relationship with him compared with the life she chose as another man’s wife—and subs... more