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  • Returning to Hattie

    by Lynn Ellen
    Derek Worthington has neglected the personal relationships to those closest to him and compromised his morals to gain wealth, stature, and power. He is unaware that his wife, Jane, is fed up with the arrogant and uncaring man he has become and is secretly planning a divorce. After surviving a brain aneurysm, he begins having visions of somewhat familiar people from a different place in time. He tries to pass them off as mere dreams, but the constant visions begin to intrude relentlessly into his... more
  • A Small Price: A Sensual Quest for Power and Love

    by Georgia Adler
    Samantha Kingsford never had an easy life. She often described it as “surviving Mother” on the rare occasions she opened the book of her life, allowing someone a brief peek at the pages of her past. A rebel from the day she was born, Sam grew into a beautiful young girl whom her alcoholic mother resented and relentlessly verbally abused. Her mother’s abuse sent her careening down a path, searching for acceptance and approval—finding it when she exerts power over the opposite sex. A Small Pric... more
  • Diary Of A Life For Rent

    by F M Digby
    A Mysterious Man, A Forbidden Love, A Deadly Trap “An absolutely gripping romantic thriller!” Until she found him tangled around another woman, Katie had been sure her boyfriend was preparing to propose. The discovery of his betrayal called for a fresh start. For Katie, that meant moving to London to blog about her life of casual dating, partying, and fun. But three years later, Katie's fresh start had grown stale. Unemployed, single, and struggling, she makes a New Year's resolution to ge... more
  • Seventeen Days (Bachelors and Badges Book 1)

    by Jaqueline Penny
    Chloe Holland’s life as a conscientious, organized accountant is about to change, only she doesn’t know it. After embarking on a weekend road trip designed to add variety to what she sees as her stereotypical existence, Chloe makes an unexpected stop in the tiny town of Deer Lodge, Montana when a fast-moving blizzard catches both her and the town by surprise. When she discovers that her unique set of skills can be useful to the handsome Captain of the police force in managing the disaster, Ch... more
  • You Can Do Magic: Carnival of Mysteries

    by R.L. Merrill
    Musical prodigy Kallos Alexandrou has played his calliope for countless visitors at Errante Ame’s Carnival of Mysteries, but his one-year residency has come to an end. Scars from a terrible tragedy in his past are the only explanation he has for his loss of speech and memory, but it’s time to move on, so when a music festival sets up next to the carnival, Mr. Ame sends him off with identification, a bottomless billfold, and a set of new clothes. Outside the carnival’s perimeter, Kal finds himsel... more
  • The Barista's Guide to The Perfect Steam

    by Valerie Pepper

    Jodi Bristol knows three things for certain: bad things happen to good people; college girls order the most complicated coffee drinks; and Price Joseph will never see her as anything other than the barista who makes his vanilla oat-milk lattes.

    Price has spent his entire life being known for his looks instead of his brains, and has conveniently managed to avoid any real responsibilities outside of his job as a Talladega firefighter. He even stumbled into modeling for r... more

  • Bo (The Seven Brothers of Elko: Book Six)

    by Raeann Blake

    Bo Canton didn’t expect his morning to go this way. Following the recent death of a fellow ranch owner, all his trainers were left without a job, many without a home. The thought of using the opportunity to grab some of them to beef up their own staff didn’t come to him or his brothers. So, it was their good fortune that an application from one of those trainers came in via email. There was no hesitation in getting him to the ranch for an interview.

    A recent merger had resul... more

  • Take It All: A Small Town Hollywood Romance (Sawyer's Cove: The Reboot Book 3)

    by Libby Waterford
    When TV showrunner Selena Echeveria discovers her temporary landlord is her favorite mystery author, she's compelled to solve the mystery of why he only published one book. Soon she's spending more time investigating her sexy landlord when she should be writing the season finale of Sawyer's Cove. This second chance, forced proximity romance is part of the small-town-meets-Hollywood steamy romance series Sawyer's Cove: The Reboot.
  • The Christmas Bet

    by Carrie Thorne
    A Standalone Steamy Holiday Double Feature Romance. One Christmas Vacation, Two Happily Ever Afters. Get festive with fake dates, love triangles, firefighters and rockstars, friends to lovers, and love at first sight.
  • Sheep Are Simply Less Trouble Than Scotsmen

    by Lisa Brookhouse

    It is 1794, and Scotland is in turmoil! It is almost fifty years after the battle of Culloden, and the English Duke of Dudley is mercilessly clearing his Scottish tenants to make way for more lucrative sheep. Kittie, the young Duchess, is torn from their lavish estate to become a pawn in a dangerous game of power and greed she doesn't understand. But when the Highlanders, and specifically her enigmatic captor Moehill, are not the uneducated kilt-wearing barbarians she has been led to beli... more

  • New River Vanity, The Love and Adventures of Calamity Vanity

    by Tami Noftz

    Recovering from a personal tragedy, the awkward, life-loving, and humorous Vanessa “Calamity Vanity” Jane VanBuren reluctantly agrees to go on a rafting trip with a close friend. All heads turn when Craig Bjorn Eriksen, a young Norwegian man who could be mistaken for an A-list actor, walks in, closely followed by a trail of beautiful women.

    Self-conscious, Vanity is instantly smitten with him but doubts he will notice her. To Vanity’s astonishment, Craig ignores the other women and turn... more

  • Lunch Break: A Pandemic Era Romantic Suspense

    by Liza Andrews


    It's the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. After months of fear, financial uncertainties, and lockdown, marriages have cracked foundations. The Sanctuary app appears in the market offering discreet lunch-break encounters among married individuals chasing either the lustful sex they no longer find at home, or a jolt of risk and adventure to ignite their spirits. An ambitious psychiatrist sees an opportunity to gain fame by joi... more

  • Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions Illustrated

    by Edwin Abbott Abbott

    "Geometry of the Imagination: Exploring 'Flatland Illustrated' – Where Dimensions Collide"

    Welcome to the enchanting world of "Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions Illustrated," a mesmerizing novella that will transport you to a realm beyond your wildest imagination.

    Prepare to embark on a journey of thought-provoking proportions, where the very fabric of reality is woven with satire, social ... more

  • A Delicate Seduction: A Harwell Heirs Legacy Romance (Harwell Heirs Book 4)

    by Regina Kammer

    Love is patient…but desire is demanding

    Percival Wood, the Marquess of Norrington, is free. His former lover Jack—a blackguard and a brute—is dead. Percival no longer needs to hide. While his father insists Percival take the opportunity to rejoin Society, Percival has other plans. He wants to get away, far away from the traumas of his past.

    For years, Bertram Atherley, the Viscount Ravensburgh, had wait... more

  • Unleashed (Defiant Dragons Book 1)

    by Aria Glazki

    A one-night stand with the new dragon in town could force her into a fight to the death. Worth it?

    Tia's been hiding among the humans for hundreds of years, and she has her system down. But when a new dragon arrives in her city, she doesn't run fast enough. Alluring as he is, the newcomer is determined to drag her back for the ritual she'd escaped.

    Did she say "ritual"? Make that "fight to the death."

    Azar never... more

  • Comeback

    by Becca De La Rosa
    According to the tabloids, Estine is crazy. A drug addict. A diva. Bubblegum pop's bad girl, fresh out of rehab and ready to embark on her triumphant tour. Clara Juarez, reluctant makeup artist, expects nothing less when she accepts a job from Estine's PR firm. Instead, she finds the pop star to be unexpectedly intelligent, sarcastic, strange, and deeply, deeply miserable. Beaten into apathy by years spent as Management's pretty puppet, Estine isn't expecting anything at all from this tour... more