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  • Risky Move

    by Robyn M. Ryan
    Cassie thinks she’s on the right track when she lands a live-in nanny gig for adorable twins. Until she meets her boss’ brother, Tom, an off-the-charts gorgeous neurologist—who lives in the house…A line she can't cross. Cassie strikes a chord in Tom, and he can't stay away. In such close quarters, is the chemistry too hot to handle?
  • This Piece of Our Being

    by Robyn M. Ryan
    She no longer believes that love conquers all. He questions his convictions. Alone, each faces an uncertain future. Fate has other ideas. Just as Fate placed their lives on a collision course five years ago, Andrew and Caryn Chadwick’s paths cross once again in Toronto after a four-month separation. Despite Andrew’s assurances that he wants to repair their marriage, Caryn is wary, not certain she can trust him, and struggles with doubts and questions about his relationship with a m... more
  • The Gingerbread Shred: A Sweet Holiday Romance

    by Nicki Greenwood

    Entertainment blogger Maura Barnes is a go-getter determined to interview the ungettable: elusive Hollywood heartthrob Pax Campbell. Problem is, she’s no daredevil, and the only way to catch Pax is on the slopes.

    Pax escapes to a Colorado resort intending to snowboard away his Christmas in solitude. Maura’s arrival throws an ice hazard into his anticipated smooth ride. She’s beautiful, too observant, and a complete noob on the powder. All good reasons why he shouldn&rs... more

  • The Peppermint Bark Proposal: A Sweet Holiday Romance

    by Nicki Greenwood

    Becca Barnes has just two problems: a cheating ex and a mother who’d love to see her married before age thirty. Heartsore and frustrated, Becca decides her family’s camp in Northern California is the perfect place to spend Christmas—alone.

    Except she’s not.

    The neighboring cabin owner, Jake Bannister, is charming. He has the cutest dog. And when Becca’s family arrives, outraged she’d spend the holidays by herself, Jake becomes the answer to her ... more

  • A Pearl Possessed

    by Andrea K. Stein
    Will a deadly secret from the past threaten the near-perfect life of an Earl’s mistress? Adrienne Godet believed she’d acquired a safe haven as the reclusive mistress of the Earl of Framlingwood. But an attack by a knife-wielding assassin in daylight hours on a Mayfair Street taught her safety is an illusion. She fears a deadly secret from the mists of her childhood has finally caught up with her. Will the man she once loved abandon power and fortune to claim her as his own? Obadiah Lasse... more
  • A Book Without a Title

    by Sonii Marie
    A Book Without a Title (romantic suspense) is a memoir that delves into the author's profound struggles, tracing her journey from devastating loss to newfound hope. Through recounting emotional and physical setbacks, the book showcases her resilience, from the tragic loss of a close friend to the joys of motherhood and love.
  • Into the Lure of Time

    by Vera Bell

    In this gripping sequel to the award-winning novel, Through the Veneer of Time, echoes of Siena’s past life lure her into a shocking indiscretion that threatens to destroy her marriage. She alone can undo the damage, but this chilling revelation is only the beginning of her battle.

    1564, ULSTER, IRELAND. After Aedan’s diplomatic visit to Queen Elizabeth’s court results in his compulsory divorce and a... more

  • Dangerous Obsession

    by TJ Logan
    An abused woman who is determined to reclaim her independence… Independence is Marigold Hartnett's ultimate goal, but trust is a luxury she can't afford. A lesson she learned the hard way, leaving her with the physical and emotional scars to prove it. Yet, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to a man with deadly skills who is determined to protect her--whether she wants him to or not. A deadly, controlled man with the patience to wait for her… Golden "Viking" Bailey is a deadly sniper ... more
  • The Girl in my Dreams

    by Jeanne Olivier
    Gripping and emotional, The Girl in my Dreams is a love story with a suspenseful twist that will keep you captivated until the very end. When up-and-coming rock star Oliver meets gorgeous but wild Nina at a club, their connection is instant. Then a car crash cracks Oliver’s spine and leaves Nina in a coma. As Oliver recovers in hospital, he has vivid dreams of Nina, but every day his injuries heal, Nina’s condition worsens. Convinced one of them must get worse for the other to get better, ... more
  • Worth The Wait

    by Lucille James

    Worth the A West Coast Hockey Romance

    Roman Graves, captain of the Los Angeles Knights, finds himself in a media frenzy when intimate photos of him are leaked by a woman he doesn't even remember. “Grounded” by his personal assistant, Roman is stuck at home for the remainder of the NHL holiday break as he awaits his fate with the press.

    Grace Fairchild is busy. When she's not working towards her personal goals; a masters degree and interning at ... more

  • A Sham Betrothal

    by Jennie Goutet
    Paris, 1774. With Sophie Twisden’s grandmother laid up with an illness, causing them to withdraw from the Paris social scene, the pompous Sheldon Cholmsley appoints himself as Sophie’s “protector.” Protector? Ha! More like tormentor. So when her new friend Basile Gervain offers her the protection of his name and promises he will not allow harm to come to her reputation when she breaks their sham betrothal and returns to London, she has little hesitation in accepting.
  • Until It Was Love

    by Pippa Grant
    There are a million reasons why I shouldn’t date Fletcher Huxley. He’s a growly-faced, stubborn-streaked, international rugby legend trying to revive his flailing career in the US after being canned by his team overseas. While he might have the good kind of thunder thighs, intriguing tattoos, and a booty of steel, he also holds the top position on my very short nemesis list thanks to what happened the first time we met. Plus, his mustache is as terrible as the reason he’s picked me to b... more
  • PIty Party

    by Whitney Dineen
    She's a bridal shop owner looking for love, he's a grumpy single dad who doesn't want to fall in love again. I should have used my college degree to become a lawyer, politician, or heck, even a Time Lord—hey, it worked for Dr. Who. But no, I had to own a bridal boutique. Turns out that’s a terrible idea for someone with my lousy dating history. Every day, I’m surrounded by the trappings of the perfect wedding, and I’m starting to resent all the smug almost-marrieds. I shouldn’t want to t... more
  • Pity Date

    by Whitney Dineen
    A week ago, if you told me my boyfriend was cheating on me, I would have called you a liar. If you said a movie star would walk into my bakery and offer to help make my ex jealous, I would have thought you’d eaten one too many of the special brownies the old folks in town are talking about. And if you had the audacity to suggest my fake date would turn into the love of my life? I would have told you to stop toying with me. I’ve been through enough disappointment lately. There’s no way a... more
  • Trusting the Wolf

    by Brooke Campbell
    Seven years ago Mac was forced to leave behind her mate, Kate. Now she's come home and Mac is determined to win back her love. Mac's hidden life, however, makes things complicated. Secretly protecting Kate in her wolf form, she desperately tries to rebuild their bond. Mac will need to navigate her two lives carefully if she's to rekindle their relationship. Their journey takes a dangerous turn when Kate becomes a target, forcing Mac to confront her own fears and secrets. grappling with threats... more
  • La Bella Luna

    by Nicole Sharp
    Can you really reject a surprise last-minute, all-expense paid trip to Italy from your sister? For Diana, a sensible CPA in Atlanta, you most certainly can. But within the last week, Diana turned forty-five, got engaged, purchased a wedding cake and agreed to join her fiancé in another state where his current work project has been extended for several months. Diana’s younger sister, Harper, uses these uncharacteristic life changes as proof that Diana definitely can meet her in Italy. Besides,... more