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  • A Smile in a Whisper

    by Jacquelyn Middleton

    Not All Farewells Are Forever

    Evie Sutherland throws herself into everything. Like many on Scotland’s picturesque Orkney Islands, she works several jobs: managing her family’s shop, researching genealogy for tourists, and writing historical romance novels. Evie aces most challenges—except love. With a childhood diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and a disastrous dating history, Evie has convinced herself that guys won’t date the “sick girl” and the bl... more

  • Within These Walls

    by Holly Hill Mangin
    Set behind the heavy wrought-iron fence surrounding it, Hillfield Manor has sat empty for decades. Rumors of ghostly sightings and sudden disappearances plague the manor, and those who have dared step foot inside have sworn never to do so again. But Hillfield is opening its doors once more, and when Emma Beckett is invited to copy type the family journals, she’s eager to live and work at the haunted manor, a place she has longed to explore, especially after her sister’s recent death. Emma... more
  • Cold Snap

    by Toni Anderson
    Evidence that a notorious criminal is hiding out in a small, seaside town in rural Maine leads to an FBI agent going undercover in this new Romantic Thriller from New York Times bestselling author Toni Anderson. Grady Steel returns to the insular community of Deception Cove, Maine, where he spent his troubled youth unfairly labeled the town’s bad boy. Now a member of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team, Grady is on a risky undercover mission, hunting one of the FBI’s Most Wanted fugitives. Rec... more
  • The Creole Duchess - Duchess Series Book Three

    by Rue Allyn
    A DUKE IN DISGUISE, A CREOLE MISS DETERMINED TO GO HER OWN WAY, A CURSE, AND TWO NATIONS AT WAR. IS LOVE EVEN POSSIBLE? A New Orleans Creole, Miss Celestine St. Cyr-Duval refuses to live under the thumb of some man chosen by her parents. Celie will do everything to keep freedom of choice for herself and others. But fate interferes in the form of a duke disguised as a British businessman. Caleb Elmond would find approval with her mother but both Celie and Caleb have secrets that put them on op... more
  • Vengefully Yours

    by J Rose Black
    A collection of short stories that will add a spark of mystery and romance to your busy day! Join six heroes (and the heroines they pine for) on these fast-paced adventures of mystery and romance, longing and loyalty, vengeance and redemption. And get just a taste of how far these men will go to protect the one woman they can't have…
  • Jojo Unplugged

    by Jamie Orr
    The paparazzi can’t find her. Her agent can’t find her. Maybe love can. Pop superstar Jojo needs to disappear for a few weeks to finish writing songs for a new album and get some space from her controlling manager. Fortunately, when her trademark makeup and wigs come off, she’s practically invisible to reporters and fans. At a lakeside cabin in Vermont, she can work without distraction . . . until one evening when a father and daughter paddle their canoe up to her dock. Indie rocker Matt ... more
  • Savoring the Chef

    by Andrea K. Stein
    Will secrets destroy them or ignite the love of a lifetime? Lionel Carrington-Bowles, wealthy gentleman with a reputation for scandalous behavior and even more scandalous friends, is on every ton hostess’s invitation list. He is devilishly handsome, delightfully charming, and the sort of man who dances with all of the ladies, even the wallflowers. When the journal in which he and his friends have entered their erotic exploits since their days at Cambridge disappears, he has far more reason th... more
  • The Springfest Sprint

    by Georgie Monroe
    Ember, princess of the Spring Fae Court has come of seelie age and is required to take a mate. Because she hasn’t chosen, she has to run the Springfest Sprint, where she will be hunted by suitable male spring fae. Her plan is to hide in a secluded cave, but she comes across an unseelie male and quickly learns that he’s not the demon her kind has made him out to be. Typhon, prince of the Unseelie Crown Court, was only looking for a remote place to relax. But when Ember drops into his retreat, tru... more
  • 979-8-9860390-1-5

    by CK Van Dam
    The Civil War created countless spinsters and widows. Anna Olson was one of them. With no prospects for marriage and family, Anna heads west to stake a claim on the wide-open prairies. Anna’s new life collides with Two Hawks MacKenzie, the son of a Scots fur trapper and a Lakota woman. Together, they forge a bond to connect their worlds.
  • The Widow's Guide to Second Chances

    by Valerie Pepper

    He’s always wanted her. She doesn’t do long term. Can he convince her to take a second chance on true love?

    Devon Rayne has spent five years running from memories of the firefighter husband she lost. But when her grandmother’s will demands she return to take possession of her childhood home, she has no choice but to stay the required six months. She just needs everyone to leave her alone. And the scraggly dog that’s shown up is a definite no.

    ... more
  • A Home for Christmas

    by Katie Eagan Schenck
    Brad has just one wish this Christmas: to find a real home. Having lost his parents before joining the Marines, he misses that sense of belonging and family. When he meets an introverted flight attendant on his journey to start his civilian life, he wonders if this might be his chance. After a messy divorce, Shelly has decided the only person allowed within the brittle walls of her broken heart is her daughter, Lilly. At least, until she meets a friendly man who hails from her hometown while ... more
  • Claiming Jill

    by Michelle Mars
    She will never belong to anyone ever again. Jill was raised in a militia but found the strength to break away. She hadn't expected that break would lead her to a life filled with supernatural friends and space battles, but she was tough and could handle anything thrown her way. Even the sexy alien she kept butting heads with. He wanted someone to belong to. Nial met his match when he tackled the tough-as-nails human woman wielding a gun. He was a warrior protector who wanted to connect ... more
  • Better Latte Than Never

    by CC Bridges
    When writer Finn meets younger barista Enzo in a coffee shop, he finds inspiration for a new book and a romance in this age-gap, slow-burn male/male romance.
  • Elaborate Lives

    by Jaye Viner
    In life, as in film, fight for the role you want. Larisa de France-Kahn is the daughter of a model and a famous film producer born to host formal dinners an adorn the arm of a powerful man, but she’s determined to thwart her fate by graduating from her psychiatry residency and practice emergency medicine as an anonymous citizen if only her mother will stop sending her on blind dates with billionaires who would like to make Larisa their trophy wife. The separation between Larisa's celebrity an... more
  • Another Fox Bites the Dust

    by Mary Frame
    She’s sworn off dating musicians. She wasn’t expecting him to rock her world. Mindy Fox is sick of drama. After being dumped by her rockstar boyfriend and losing her record label job in one scandalous swoop, the betrayed A&R talent seeker decides to strike out on her own. And when she hears an audio clip from a struggling songwriter, the former music mogul believes she’s found her first artist in the handsome crooner. Luke Fletcher hides his paralyzing anxiety behind a charming exterior. B... more
  • Baby Bank: A Lesbian Romantic Comedy (Queerly Devoted Book 1)

    by Sarah Robinson
    Mila Torres is a successful divorce lawyer by day, stand-up comedian by night and by all accounts--except her mother's--living a bisexual elder millennial's dream life in Washington, DC. That is until she realizes she's only a year away from hitting the ripe old age of thirty-five and her doctor suggests at her annual pap smear that maybe she should consider freezing her eggs if she wants kids in the future. Except, she doesn't want a child in the far future...she wants a child right now. Thi... more