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  • Caper Crush

    by Kathy Strobos
    A feel-good, opposites-attract, slow-burn romantic comedy Somebody stole my painting! The one I need for the career-defining Vertex Art Exhibit. This upcoming art show is my chance to finally be recognized as an artist—after ten years of waitressing and being asked if I still have that “lovely painting hobby.” I have mere weeks to find my painting or lose my artist dream forever—but it’s going to mean working with William. William Haruki Matsumura. Good-looking, if you like the Secret Servi... more
  • Into the Storm (Evidence: Under Fire Book 1)

    by Rachel Grant
    As a storm rolls in, a team of Navy SEALs arrives at a remote lodge for a wilderness training exercise that becomes terrifyingly real... Xavier Rivera planned the exercise down to the smallest detail, but he didn't plan the arrival of archaeologist Audrey Kendrick—a woman he shared a passionate night with before betraying her in the worst way. As the storm is unleashed on the historic lodge it becomes clear the training has been compromised. Trapped by weather, isolated by the remote wilde... more
  • Lake Bride: A Sweet Western Romance (Holiday Brides Book 5)

    by Shanna Hatfield
    The past two years of Bridger Holt’s life have centered on the twenty-one steps he repeatedly walks back and forth as one of the sentinels guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Now that his duty is coming to an end, Bridger has no idea what to do with the rest of his life. Guilt from his past and trepidation about his unknown future drive him to the mountain cabin he inherited from his beloved uncle to gain clarity and direction. The quirky residents in the nearby town of Holiday, the assor... more
  • The Garret on Boulevard Voltaire

    by Patricia Ann Williams
    The Garret on Boulevard Voltaire follows the life of 23-year-old Charlotte McGuire, an American traveling to Paris in 1964 to study French. She meets a charming medical student named Jean-Luc, who shocks her by proposing marriage when it’s time for her to return to America. Her joy soon fades to doubt when she hears how French husbands often keep a mistress, reminding Charlotte of her parents’ disastrous divorce after her philandering father broke her mother’s heart. Haunted by the legacy of her... more
  • Average Joe

    by Krissy Daniels

    Marley Masters runs a successful chain of bikini barista stands, secretly supports her elderly neighbor, Alice, and has rid her life of bad boys. 

    She even deflected the advances of her new neighbor Joe, the ex-con. Okay. Lie. The lawbreaker is irresistible and relentless. 

    Hard as Marley tries to fight the attraction and protect her battered heart, Joe proves time and time again that he's playing for keeps.


    Joseph Kaine struggled ... more

  • Reflector

    by C.X. Myers
    Wally Willowbark, a perennially unfortunate half-elf with a three-legged cat, stumbles into a job working for a local dispersal precinct, a kind of public service ghostbusters for when nana gets up in the morning but leaves her body in bed. There, she discovers that the reason she’s hired is to act as a handler for a beautiful and dying sorceress named Vess, and while it’s not love at first sight it’s certainly in the air, but the past catches up with both of them, and when it comes to toxic exe... more
  • The Liberation of Laith Brinley (Crimson Crew Book 3)

    by A. WHITCOMA

    Laith Brinley, #5 of the Harvard men's lacrosse team, is a swift and stealthy player, quiet and unassuming on and off the field. One would never know behind his silent stoicism that he is Boston royalty, coming from old money and generations of influential politicians, including a father in Congress and older siblings groomed to follow suit. One would also never glean he harbors a shocking secret that must never leave the walls of the Brinley compound.

    Laith seemingly has it all as ... more

  • Caught in the Crosshairs

    by Daphne Drake
    Nate Walker lived in the shadows and spent his days hunting the enemy. He knew only darkness and loss. Then her name crossed his desk, and alarm bells went off. She wasn’t meant to be the target. Now he had to decide if he was going to turn his back on the agency he’d been so loyal to and risk prison. Or would he swoop in to save the woman he’d never even met? Daisy Evans spent her days teaching and her nights volunteering. So, when a tall, dark, and dangerous stranger came to her door with t... more
  • Hold

    by Kimberley Ash
    She’s fought for independence for herself and her boys. Can she ever rely on a man again? Thea Fielding just wants to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a teacher, and be a better single mom to her two boys. After his wife and coworker cheated on him, Liam McConnell had to leave the teaching job he loved, and is only just clawing back his career. Neither want to get involved again after their disastrous marriages, but from the moment they meet at an evening class, they can’t take their eyes... more
  • Inside the Cold War

    by Norman Miller
    As you read about the CIA smuggling U.S. Bobsled coach Shawn Murphy back into the Soviet Union to retrieve documents containing technology that would give Americans superior naval power, "No interruptions please," as you read about the CIA smuggling U.S. Experience thrills, chills, and romance as a dangerous mission turn into a disaster after Murphy locates the documents but is betrayed, leaving him imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain with no apparent way out. This fast-paced novel takes th... more
  • The Other Side of Certain

    by Amy Willoughby-Burle
    Fiction tells the best truths and the best truth of all is love. Strong willed Mattie Mobley planned to be a school teacher, but when times grew tough during the Great Depression of the 1930s, and there were no teaching positions in her hometown of Asheville, NC, Mattie took work starting a school and helping the Pack Horse Librarians just over the mountains in the small town of Certain, Kentucky. Her socialite upbringing leaves her unprepared for life in rural Appalachia. She's not certain... more
  • The Marriage Jinx

    by Krista Noorman

    A secret romance with my boss and a dating jinx … what couldn’t go wrong?

    When my best friends and I made a pact after college to wait until we turn thirty to get married, I never thought we’d jinx ourselves. But ever since we signed our names on the dotted line, our dating lives have been one catastrophe after another. That can’t be a coincidence, right?

    If that wasn't bad enough, my new boss is Lucas Abbott—my high sch... more

  • Meant To Be: The Violinist's Tale

    by M.D. LaBelle
    Sara finds herself watching her youngest move away and it leaves her feeling completely all alone. However, that night, she goes to the store and ends up meeting Sam, a man from her past. After she finally realizes just who he is, she welcomes him into her life. Sam hides the fact that he is a rich Billionaire who wants her for more than a leisure roll in the hay, so he waits to see if she is still the girl he knew as a kid. Does he ever tell her and make her the happiest woman in the world? Or... more
  • Lusting After Mr. Knight

    by M.D. LaBelle
    Dani as her family calls her lovingly, has always been the quiet mousy type.  She lives her life through books, while everyone else lives their lives to the fullest.  Always watching the world around her, she never quite is able to command the attention of anyone except for her friends and family.  When she finds out that she has to get a job to survive, she goes to the city and ends up working under Mr. knight.  Getting more than she bargains for, in the end is she naughty or nice?
  • Lost and Found, The Eller Series Book 3

    by Kathryn Halberg
    Kim is a curvy, creative graphic designer who, neglected by her own family, grew up with her best friends, two sisters whose paths recently led them to love. Without the constant presence of her best friends, she is more alone than ever. Fortunately, she has an escalating career to focus on, until her estranged father seeks her help in his re-election campaign…which quickly takes a dangerous turn. Kim’s life is further shaken when the new security team’s leader, who has his own dark past, chip... more
  • The Nimmy Nimmy Dance

    by Tom Geier

    “If you love me, I’ll love you too,” they shrieked and squealed with laughter. “And do the Nimmy Nimmy dance.”

    Penny and Henry laughed and danced and sang to their special song as children, creating a loving bond between them that lingered even as they grew up and their lives took very different paths.

    Penny found her niche overseas in corporate consulting and Henry is thriving at a research company. But neither of them could forget each oth... more