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  • Descendant Rising

    by Shanon Grey
    The lone survivor of a helicopter accident, Ozzy is determined to accompany his Marine brother's body home to the widow, Sandra. When Ozzy collapses, not only is he saved, but discovers he's gotten a lot more than an advanced prosthesis. As he heals, he discovers secrets his Marine brother had hoped to take to his grave, because resurrecting them could change lives and Ruthorford forever. Sandra and Ozzy find they need one another--her, to understand what happened to her husband, and Ozzy, to un... more
  • Zero

    by S.M. West
    Zero’s an arrogant, enigmatic, dangerous hacker. He wants to protect me. Pity. He’s too late. I’m a lost cause. I narrowly escaped death only to now live on a knife’s edge, constantly checking the shadows for monsters. And I can’t trust him. He knows far too much about me, and I know nothing about him. Even still, this inscrutable stranger burrows his way under my skin and into my heart. With only a look, Zero makes me feel more alive than ever before. And that’s the problem. I sho... more
  • Mick & Moira & Brad: A Romantic Comedy

    by Gerald Everett Jones

    Mick McGraw is an aggressive Hollywood agent who reps famous singers. Moira Halimi-Joubert is a headstrong criminal defense attorney who studied opera. Brad Davenport is an arrogant billionaire hedge-fund manager who has a soft spot for dogs. Mick wants to make Moira a superstar, but she may have to dump Brad. What does the battle of the sexes look like when the combatants are equally matched—and might actually like each other? #MeThree? The twisty plot takes you inside a big-time movie... more

  • Secret Life Of: A House Wife

    by amirah suggs
    “In the end, everyone must pay for their mistakes!” - Lynne & Katherine “THIS NOVELLA IS EMOTIONAL, GRIPPING, AND FILLED WITH TWIST YOU WERE NOT EXPECTING “ Being a housewife isn't so simple. What's the cost in having it all? Your world can be turned upside down in a blink of an eye. Lynne tells her story about love, betrayal, heartbreak and REVENGE. Find out what happens behind closed doors, and the lengths you go to when you are left with no other options.
  • Doc Showmance: An enemies-to-lovers veterinary RomCom

    by Zoe Forward
    I would say Dr. Ian Todd is my archenemy. But that would require us acknowledging each other, which we haven’t done since we graduated veterinary school. He’s famous. As in, he’s the world’s “Sexiest Veterinarian Alive” with his own wildlife TV show and a string of glamorous girlfriends. I’m infamous as a reality TV emergency veterinarian with a snark mouth, take-no-crap attitude, and zero dating life. When asked to fake a romance with him on TV to boost my ER show’s ratings, I want to ... more
  • The Seventh Key (Order of Magic Book 6)

    by Michelle M. Pillow

    Paranormal Women's Fiction with Romantic elements from NYT & USAT Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow.

    Unlucky number seven.

    Nina Cole thought escaping a serial killer would be the hardest thing she ever had to face. When a reporter comes sniffing around wanting her to relive the trauma, she feels she has no choice but to pack up and move to a place where no one knows her. Starting over in her forties is easier said than done. Bad memories aren’t the only thing c... more

  • The American Duke: A Regency-Era Novel

    by August Jade Sterling
    Can the mixed-race descendants of former American slaves and an English duke survive and find love among the British aristocracy? 1791. Passing as white in the newly formed United States, Anne, the granddaughter of former slaves, meets and falls in love with Avery Roxbury, a British peer. Despite its legal prohibition, the two marry. Thirty years later, Avery is murdered. Only then do Anne and the three children discover that he was a member of the aristocracy and that Avery and Anne’s so... more
  • Sexual Awakening

    by Melina Druga
    Teenager Cassandra Economos loves five things: Her awesome friends. Her big fat, dysfunctional, Greek family. Rock music. Her plan to move to Chicago. And Kurt Cobain. Soon, she’ll gain another love. Sex. Stifled by her family’s rules, how will Cassie explore her sexuality?
  • A Wallflower Takes a Duke by Candlelight

    by Andrea K. Stein
    Raised like a country mouse on the vast Montcliffe Abbey estate, Lady Wilhelmina Rumsford had never set foot in London until her father, Viscount Rumsford, decided she simply had to have a Season. It matters little to him that everyone in the ton knows his beloved daughter is the natural child of his footman. Left-handed Mina doesn’t know for certain the kindly footman who taught her how to lace up her boots is her real father. She can’t admit a truth that would hurt that much. And besides, she ... more
  • Stand (The Fieldings Book 3)

    by Kimberley Ash
    Sam Fielding has never needed anyone, and she doesn’t plan on starting now—not her annoying siblings, and certainly not the man she meets years after ignoring him and his kind all through high school. Ty Cavanaugh just wants his kids to feel safe and to have some kind of relationship with their unpredictable and impulsive mother. But every time she comes back into their life, she hurts them, and Ty is getting to the end of his patience. He certainly doesn’t need the mean girl from high school c... more
  • Seer's Choice

    by Jennifer Sanders & Christen Stovall
    The future was hers to divine—but he was the one thing she could not foresee. Setting London’s secret Fae-touched community on its ear with her exceptional beauty and rare gifts, oracle Ione Brentwood’s future seems both secure–and predictable. When she jilts her fiancé on the eve of her wedding, she is banished to Scotland by her irate father, setting her feet on a path she never foretold: one that could lead her to happiness—or despair. His future has been thrust upon him, far too soon a... more
  • The Real Me Because of You

    by MJ Apple
    Isa Macayo is an actress full of self-doubt due to humiliating life events and lack of family support. She now teaches math at her alma mater because it’s the only position open where she feels the most at home. However, when she gets offered to take over the theater program with the opportunity to work closely with her high school crush, she finds the courage to finally show the world the amazing woman she truly is.
  • Hebrew Princess: An Ancient Love Story of Faith

    by Rhonda Boehm

    An ancient story of faith and Love.

    Hebrew Princess is the story of Sarah and Abraham, an ancient love story of faith that tells of their devotion to one another and their love for God.

    Sarah and Abraham face issues of faith, safety, and loss as they travel through the desert . . . and find both their love and faith tested, time and again.

    What happens when the adversity of famine leads Sarah into an opulent harem? What was she thinking asking her handmaiden to mother a chil... more

  • Wanted: Title of Countess

    by Tammy Andresen
    She dreams of a hero… Or perhaps he’s actually the villain. But Lady Laurel relives the day she lost her sister and of the man who was there on the worst day of her life. Was he rescuing her that day or was his part far more nefarious? But the more she seems to learn, the less she knows. Only one thing is certain. She’ll never be free of these nightmares until the she uncovers the truth of her past. When she finally finds her mystery man, the Earl of Seacrest, he doesn’t provide answers. J... more
  • A Tale of Two Florists

    by Brenna Bailey
    A Tale of Two Florists is the first title in the Juniper Creek Golden Years queer contemporary romance series. It's a playful enemies-to-lovers story about two seventy-year-old florists set in an enchanting fictional small town.