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  • Mine Would Be You

    by K. Jamila
    Valentina Scott is a cynic for love. After her first and only relationship left her burned and broken, she is hesitant to open herself up to the idea of love again. Even throwing herself into work at Poze, a major fashion magazine, drunken nights with her friends in the city, and long therapy sessions, haven’t quite changed her mind—Nina still tries to keep the walls around her heart sealed up tight. A wedding invitation sends her straight to the past and to the bars. And the blurry night end... more
  • Mr. Montgomery

    by Nadlee Thims
    Are they mixing business with pleasure...or pleasure with business? Construction company owner Jackson Montgomery is every woman's naughtiest sexual fantasy in living form. His assistant, Elizabeth Roundtree, is enchanted by his sexy physique and cocky charm until he calls her into his office after her raunchy joke e-mail to a friend accidentally goes out to the entire company. She has no doubt Mr. Montgomery is seconds away from firing her for sexual harassment. Instead, he offers a temp... more
  • Courageous Love

    Two protagonists with cerebral palsy overcome their real and imagined obstacles to find true loves they never imagined possible. Despite his cerebral palsy, Alan Jones has overcome many obstacles in life. As a senior systems analyst at a Fortune-500 company, he makes a great living and owns a generous condo in West Hills. Alan's attendant Selena Harris lives with Alan but occupies the other bedroom. Despite their chemistry, Alan doesn't believe a woman like Selena would ever be with a man ... more
  • Revere Me: Fleeing from the Fae King

    by Lina Jubilee


    I’ve waited an eon to find you. You, my bride, the other half to my soul. But I noticed you too late, the annual fete that was supposed to bring us together not your time to shine. My need for you threatens us all… Nonetheless, I will have you. The world is meaningless without you. Love me. Bow to me. Revere me.


    I was supposed to be safe. My years as an eligible maiden were behind me, so no fae should have sought m... more

  • My Mini Library Romance

    by Lina Jubilee

    Wallflower bookworm Quinn curates her neighborhood's Mini Donation Libraries, paying special attention to the Ooh-La-La Box filled with romance reads. When a series of steamy donated books wrecks her life for a few days, she's left wondering if the author is local. Before she can get her sleuth on for long, a friend introduces her to Allen, a man with deep pockets who wants Quinn to set up a Mini Library on his street—and can take her wildest fantasies from the page to under his... more

  • An Earl Like Any Other

    by Jemma Frost
    Lily Taylor has a tumultuous past with her neighbor, Owen Lennox, the Earl of Trent. A past she's been able to avoid for years while he's traveled the Continent. However, with Owen's return to Hampshire, she can't help falling into old habits and courting trouble whenever he's near... Owen Lennox still harbors pain from the betrayal of his childhood love, Lily, and while he'd prefer to forget their past liaison, he can't resist her stubborn, rebellious charm... One night will change everyt... more
  • Beyond Poetry: Above & Beyond

    by Nathan Jarelle
    In the summer of 1999, Junior (a.k.a. Leonard Gerard Robinson Jr.) is a freshman at Steny College of New York alongside Vanessa Bailey, his desirable girlfriend. Their uncensored romance appears enviable from afar, but the two lovers have an apt for trouble. They brazenly tempt fate between the sheets without protection and move carelessly throughout the book. Junior's eyebrow-raising love life isn't his only concern, however. He often battles with his older sister, Casey, over his responsibilit... more
  • Earl of Spades

    by Tammy Andresen
    She’s a beauty beyond compare… Ash can’t deny that her fragile beauty holds him captive. And then there’s the fact that he stands between her and the danger circling ever closer. What man doesn’t wish to save a woman like Lily? He’d protect her with his last breath even he can’t give her a future. They are worlds apart and deep down he knows that love isn’t for a man like him. Not even with a woman as perfect as Lily. But when fate and chance conspire, can this earl learn to share his hear... more
  • Time to Wake

    by K Thomas
    Time to Wake is the award-winning first book in the Time to Wake Series. Senlis is your typical artist. Empath, hater of mornings, and the bearer of a strange name passed down from her grandmother. With a penchant for caffeine and a pet ghost, she's just trying to live her best life. Did she mention she also happens to devour souls? No? Well, it's a bit of a conversation killer… no pun intended. When new neighbors move in across the street, Senlis strikes up an unexpected friendship w... more
  • Crush: A Sweet, Full-bodied Queer Romance

    by L. Dreamer
    When Mia Torwood’s husband Tom buys a winery on a whim, she decides to make the best of it. But when he dies of a heart attack during their first grape harvest, Mia is left grief-stricken. She also finds out that the winery is in debt and she must replace her indispensable vineyard manager, Jose. All Cal Sanders wants is to grow grapes and make great wine. When an opportunity arises to manage a vineyard on the central coast of California, he jumps at the chance—happy to get away from his trans... more
  • The Man Across the Alley

    by Emilie Barage
    Recently broken up with her long-time boyfriend, Holly Harrison finds that reading true crime stories on her favorite blog, Murder For Your Thoughts, is the perfect way to distract herself from heartache. When women start to go missing around her neighborhood, Holly is determined to help anyway she can. That is, until her attention turns to her attractive neighbor. Luke Morris is finally all moved into his new apartment and should be focused on unpacking, not his beautiful new neighbor Holly. W... more
  • HARBOR: Love & Disaster Trilogy Book 2

    by Tara L. Roí
    When the flood comes, can they find safe harbor in love? No flirting. No Dating. No sex. Pediatric surgeon Derek Foret is on a three-month fast from women, to end the toxic dating patterns that kept him from true love. But when Amira plows into him at the airport, one look into her soulful eyes triggers Derek’s deepest longings. Then he discovers his best friend is marrying her best friend. That means their paths will continue to overlap, and he’s in trouble. Therapist Amira MacKenzie may be ... more
  • The Ring - Italian Adventures Part One

    by Karla Miller
    Julie's life with The Ring takes an Italian flavour as she launches their Rome operation. Sun, Swimming Pools and Sex galore as the Italian Adventure starts
  • The Ring - Once You've Joined You'll never Leave

    by Karla Miller
    Julie and Mike are a typical professional couple. They work hard and play harder - and not just with each other. Both of them receive offers they simply cannot refuse. Once the Ring has them will they ever want to leave? An erotic tale of modern love and modern relationships with a cast of characters it will be hard to forget.
  • Summer Cursed

    by Kimberly Quay
    My worst enemy turns out to be my fated mate… and the only one who can help me. I was born marked by the Curse of Artemis. Even as the daughter of the Summer Alpha, I’m treated no better than an Omega: a rogue, a loner… a loser. Thanks to the Curse, I’ve been a punching bag my entire life. One good thing about being attacked every day is I’ve become a superb fighter. Which comes in handy when someone tries to kidnap me, and I find out they’ve been drugging and abducting shifters from all t... more
  • A Lady's Finder

    by Edie Cay
    Lady Agnes is a scandal thanks to her sister’s marriage to a prizefighter. Or rather, she should be, but as a charitable spinster-to-be, she remains firmly invisible, even to those she loves. Always dutiful, Lady Agnes should be the toast of her family, but only if she marries well. Finding the prospect of wedding a man unpalatable, Lady Agnes cannot be the social savior of her sister. Suddenly, receiving attentions from the unpredictable and surprisingly resourceful Mr. Jack Townsend, Lady Agne... more