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  • Heartsong Hills (Hearts of the Ridge Book 2)

    by Wendy Rich Stetson
    Amish girls don’t dance. Dancing is against the rules, and Nora Beiler always follows the rules…until a runaway logging truck shatters her world forever. Desperate to heal from the accident, she enrolls in Shuffle off to Fitness, an exercise class at the local senior center. She never dreamed it involved tap-dancing…or just how much she’d love to dance. Exiled from Nashville, country music star Tucker McClure has no one to blame but himself. Weekly gigs at the local farmers’ market keep the d... more
  • Caught A Vibe

    by Eva Moore
    Penny Maxwell is a sex toy designer who gets kicked out of a major tech conference right before the pandemic shuts the world down. Dash, her one night stand from the conference happens to be the reporter who blows up her story and makes her product famous over night. They have a modern epistolary romance through text and email and video chats until Penny gets sick and Dash drives 400 miles to take care of her. He becomes her de facto quarantimes roommate with benefits, and they experience the ea... more
  • False Front

    by Debbie Baldwin
    Emma Porter is not real. She is an accomplished young woman, living a fulfilling life in New York City, working for an online news agency, and striving toward normalcy. The truth, however, is something else. She was once Emily Webster, a child of privilege, and the twenty-first century Lindbergh Baby. Her high-profile, unexplained abduction and subsequent rescue led to a childhood of paranoia and preparedness, as her kidnapper remained at large and still on the hunt. With her father’s guidance a... more
  • Afterworld

    by Olivia Boothe and Victoria Liiv
    EIGHTEEN MONTHS AGO, THE WORLD LEARNED THE UGLY TRUTH: GOD EXISTS. HE JUST DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT US. After a deadly virus wipes out most of the world’s population, those of us who survive are left as food for the Damned, the walking corpses ravaged by the infection. Yet, something far more sinister stirs in the bowels of New York City. The Four Horsemen are prowling the streets, kidnapping young girls and dragging them back to their lair. And when a supply run becomes a rescue mission... more
  • Her One in a Million (Home to Harmony Book 3)

    by Rachelle Paige Campbell
    While renovating the MacKinnon mansion, Samantha "Sam" Holt discovers three prized ceramics in a wall. The one in a million find could provide much needed funds for the restoration—and her family's struggling auction business. She calls a Chicago expert for a second opinion. Zachary Reynolds arrives with his five-year-old daughter in tow, intending to leave with the vases immediately. Partly because the pottery won't reach its six-figure potential in a small-town sale, but mostly because the... more
  • Frisky Intentions: A grumpy-sunshine, steamy romcom. (The Frisky Bean Book 1)

    by Michelle Mars
    Summer, a quirky co-owner of a sexy bakery, and Jason, a driven agent to the stars, fall for each other through a steamy, modern-dating, romcom full of dreamy romantic dates, family, friends, heart, and tons of humor.
  • Diminishing Veil

    by Lonz Cook
    Renee Chadwick graduates college at the end of the semester. She fantasizes about the mysterious campus Adonis while ignoring a flirtatious underclassman. She’s eager to experience her first relationship and meets the handsome Marvin Yarbrough, a rising star in corporate America. With Marvin, her life is flawless, or so it seems. Dark secrets, bad advice, and uncertainty cloud her judgment. When the romance subsides, Renee discovers love also has a painful meaning. Renee survives but isolat... more
  • Secretly: Transformation Series Book 2

    by Talya Blaine

    Unquenchable chemistry. The rare gift of a second chance. Choices that could destroy it all.

    Quinn and Jonathan's sensual journey continues as sizzling tension tests their "friends for now" pact. The second novel in the Transformation Series, Secretly turns up the heat: A secret trip to a Parisian chateau dungeon, a last-minute wedding to plan, a bold—perhaps impulsive—career decision. Quinn and Jonathan each make choices that alter the course of their... more

  • The Treasure: A Fun Romp Through the Amazon with Love, Adventure and Headhunters

    by Richard E. LaMotte

    Early Review - "Action! Romance! Headhunters! 
    From a mansion in New York to dangers in the Amazon jungle in the 1930s, The Treasure is a classic fun adventure full of unexpected twists and turns, complete with a beautiful ex-showgirl, would-be heroes, ever-present villains, and life-threatening events."

    Beautiful Linda Dawson discovers that her older wealthy husband has secretly gone to South America to find a fabulous treasure. W... more

  • Sailor's Delight

    by Rose Lerner

    Self-effacing, overworked bookkeeper Elie Benezet doesn’t have time to be in love. Too bad he already is—with his favorite client, Augustus Brine. The Royal Navy sailing master is kind, handsome, and breathtakingly competent. He’s also engaged to his childhood sweetheart. And now that his prize money is coming in after years of delay, he can afford to marry her…once Elie submits the final prize paperwork.

    When Augustus comes home, determined to marry by the end ... more

  • Strife's Apple

    by Shoshana Rain
    Apollo: As the God of Prophecy, it’s my duty to keep my fellow gods safe. And to do that, I need Eris. Which means retrieving the Goddess of Discord from the pits of Tartarus—where I left her, seven hundred years ago. The now-freed goddess may think she can beat me, but I intend to tame her wildness before she destroys us all. I’ll do anything to save my family, including seducing her. And I'll love every second of it. I’ll have the little goddess on her back, hands, knees, any and every way... more
  • Season's Meetings

    by Devin Audrah
    Noelle Moran is fifty-five, widowed, and convinced that adventure and romance are rapidly receding in life’s rearview mirror. When her career-climbing daughter coerces her into spending Christmas in her least-favorite city, she is forced to add “free, on-call babysitter” to her dull resumé. But New York knows that love is ageless and has other plans for this vintage Cinderella.
  • Silently (Transformation Series Book 1)

    by Talya Blaine

    A sizzling slow-burn, friends-to-lovers contemporary romance

    Her needs, his limits. White-hot chemistry and anguished desire. The promises, and costs, of a shared future.  

    Award-winning novelist Quinn Layborn lost her muse the day her husband died. Still mourning more than a year on, the last thing she wants is a second chance. At writing or romance.

    Tonight, as dinner guests gossip i... more

  • Checked Out

    by Hazel James
    Tuesday Collins was born to stand out. As a college graduate, she’s *thisclose* to achieving her childhood dream of becoming a reporter. Too bad that breaking into the news world is harder than she thought. With no job offers, she’s back in Idaho. That’s where she meets Jack Price and his seriously talented hands. Things get even better when she lands a spot at Channel 3 with her idol, local hotshot Blaine Stavros. Suddenly, moving home isn’t such a bad idea—except for the part about ... more
  • Saved (The Battles Series Book 2)

    by Hazel James
    Leilani Moretti Life is out to get me. Humvee accident that took my right hand? Strike one. Cancer three years later that stole my breasts and hair? Strike two. An overbearing mother who seems to think I’m twelve, not twenty-seven? Yeah, I’m out of there. I thought moving to Oklahoma would give me a fresh start. I hoped life would finally cut me some damn slack. But between the inept people at the VA hospital and a boss who’s hell-bent on fixing me, I just want to be left alone. Haven’t I... more
  • Chased (The Battles Series Book 1)

    by Hazel James
    Paige Landry I finally made it. I graduated nursing school, and I found the perfect job. Things were great until a tornado blew through the emergency room, turning my life upside down. I don’t know if I can ever go back to the way things were before. Tornado survivors have a choice to rebuild, or pack up and move away. I’m twenty-two, and I know that one day I want the American dream: a husband, 2.5 kids and a white picket fence. But that’s the thing with rebuilding. What happens when the n... more