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  • Touch Me - An Australian Coastal Town Romance (Alinta Bay Book 4)

    by Iris Blobel

    She loves the feel of his skin beneath her hands …

    Lexie Marshall packs up and moves 3,000 km east with her daughter Zoe, to forget and move on. Now, all that matters is her daughter and her new job. She tries hard to stay focussed, but the sexy and extremely kind park ranger, Jesse, is not making it easy. And when her husband shows up in the small coastal town creating chaos, all she can do is hang on and trust her new friends.

    After his las... more

  • Beyond the Sea: Annie's Journey into the Extraordinary

    by Nina Purtee

    See the world, search for a missing father, and find your greatest love.

    After a recent tragedy that sends Annie into a spiral of guilt and uncertainty, her Spanish grandfather offers her the opportunity to board his lavish sailing vessel for an extraordinary journey. 

    Her grandfather insists that this is exactly what Annie needs to lift her spirits and provide a renewed sense of direction in her life. So naturally, her inner horizons are expanded by her inte... more

  • The Clinician

    by Kim Souza Carson
    This story follows the life and romance of EMILEE EVANS, and her best friend, SALLY WYATT, who meet a well-known horse whisperer, DYLAN MURPHY, at an equine clinic one weekend in Sundance, Wyoming. That in turn leads them on a ride they will not soon forget, with Emilee's loyal companion, Juniper, by her side. Meeting Dylan brings her back into the world of horses that she had given up years ago, after an emotional falling out with her father. Dylan happens upon an injured wild Mustang, and afte... more
  • Seven Days In Seattle

    by Rita A Gordon
    Raven Nichols’ life is a mess. She flies to Seattle looking to recover from a breakup and reconnect with her sister the week before a career-defining meeting. However, her sister cancels upon arrival, leaving Raven to explore the city alone. Then, one night, she meets a handsome stranger at a bar. They strike a deal: one night, no names, no strings, just sex. Indulging in a one-night stand with a billionaire bad boy seems like the perfect distraction to her mess of a life. However, their one-nig... more
  • Mercy

    by Ian Haramaki
    A PRIEST AND HIS ANGEL... Father Ilya Pavlovich Sokolov is a lonely priest and pariah of his small town. Tasked with killing an injured monster in the woods, Ilya is certain of his death. Instead, he heals the monster's injury and lifts its curse, revealing a handsome, memory-less man. Cocksure Danya is a man lost in an unfamiliar world. He struggles to recall his past life, flashes returning as he and Ilya grow closer. Soon, his appearance begins to change once more, but not into a beast ... more
  • Life's Unexpected Blessings

    by Michelle Copeland
    There’s the adage “I am the master of my ship, the captain of my soul…” But people tend to forget that there’s a higher power that steers everything. Occasionally, when things fail to proceed as planned because they don’t live up to our expectations, we become frustrated. Always keep in mind that not everything goes as planned. It’s not because you aren’t worthy of it; rather, you are due so much more. Not everything in life works out as expected. It might occasionally be frightening to move... more
  • The Invisible Red String: A Love Story that Transcends Time, Place, and Circumstance

    by Ann Zachariah

    As the dynamic duo, Ann Zachariah and Peter Berlin, we've crafted a compelling narrative that weaves the lives of four strangers bound by destiny. Our book, a testament to the power of love and resilience, explores the transformative journey of these individuals as they transcend societal barriers. We're thrilled to request that our literary masterpiece be included in your library's collection.


    "The Invisible Red String" weaves together the intricate narratives of four individua... more

  • Sentenced to Christmas

    by Marshall Thornton
    A charming and wacky enemies-to-lovers rom-com from the two-time finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Gay Romance. When gay activist Gage Hammond is accused of burning down a patriotic Christmas tree that stands in front of a conservative radio station, the judge sentences him to learn the true meaning of Christmas: Hammond must join buttoned-up prosecutor Cal Cutler and his family for the holiday. There’s just one problem—okay, maybe a lot of problems. But at the top of the list: Cal’s ... more
  • Bound in Roses

    by Katherine Kayne
    A red-hot Hawaiian romance blooms for a buttoned-up botanist who must learn to let go and embrace the ancient voice within her. After a failed engagement to a high-society suitor in San Francisco, Lokelani “Lucky” Letwin returns home to Hawaii, leaving her beloved rosebushes behind. She’s desperate to establish a life of her own—a daunting task for any unmarried female in the early twentieth century, but particularly for one passionate about plants. A stubborn, song-filled girl grown into ... more
  • Lethal Woman

    by Carrie Pierce
    Labeled as England's most dangerous bodyguard, Lindsey Vasiliev is a woman raised from a young age to take out those who wish others harm, by any means necessary. But now, with her title on the line, Lindsey must redeem herself. She is hired to protect London's most prized heir, Thomas Pavlov, a man who is in the crosshairs from a choice he didn't make. Lindsey must make a choice. Pick her life and legacy, or save Thomas, the man who made her see that she is more than her calling card. Does her ... more
  • Forever Her Duke (Dukes Most Wanted Book 1)

    by Scarlett Scott
    From bestselling author Scarlett Scott comes a scorching-hot series that returns to the Notorious Ladies of London world. Six friends, one house party, and a whole lot of scandal... Vivi, the Duchess of Bradford, loved her husband from the day they first met. She was an unabashed hoyden. He was the heir to a dukedom and her older brother’s best friend. She vowed to marry him, but she never could have imagined just how dreadfully that youthful promise would go awry, shattering her hope for a f... more
  • Countdown to Christmas: A Sweet Romance Christmas Book (Holiday Countdown Series 1)

    by Dianna Houx
    Welcome to Winterwood… a small town with more heart than people! When Grace is told it's unlikely Granny will live to see another Christmas, she comes up with a unique plan to transform her home into a festive inn for the holidays, offering an authentic, old-fashioned Christmas experience to her guests. To make her plan a reality, Grace must convince her small-town community to get on board and help her bring her vision to life. Along the way, she meets a diverse group of people who all have ... more
  • A Brilliant Match

    by Jennie Goutet
    Lady Dorothea Rowlandson does not desire a love match. Only an advantageous match - a brilliant match - will do. Miles Shaw holds an encumbered estate, and it is only logical, therefore, that he commence the London Season on the hunt for a well-dowered wife. When chance forced Miles and Dorothea to partner one another for the first dance of the first crush of the season, Fortuna could only have been in a funning mood. To have fostered so unsuitable a connection was nothing short of absurd. For w... more
  • Alpha's Regret-My Luna Has A Son

    by Jessica Hall
    Everly is the Alpha’s eldest daughter and next in line to become Alpha. That all changes when she learns she is pregnant with the notorious Blood Alpha’s son. But Alpha Valen denies ever being with her, and her father refuses to have a “rogue whore” for a daughter. Everly is shunned by the pack for not aborting her child, stripped of her title, and forced to be a rogue with her newborn son. Eventually making something of herself and thinking her life was going back to some kind of normal, she... more
  • Love's Design

    by Carmen Melnyk
    Orphaned at the tender age of three and a half years old, Mandy Sullivan has moved from foster home to foster home never putting down roots long enough to make lasting friendships. Her most sincere wish was to be adopted into a loving family but that was not in the cards. Her only friend is a dwarf hamster living in her mind. Now at 24, she hides some very deep hurts and betrayals beneath a smooth, apparently self-confident exterior. She yearns for a true friend… Jamie Vandraegen, successf... more
  • The Viking Wanderer

    by Samara Knight
    Stunning illustrations accompany an epic story that transcends time and space, weaving together two ancient cultures and a love that knows no bounds. Lady Wang Mei was not looking for love; her life was occupied with managing the family estate and the obligations that befell a young gentry woman in Tang dynasty China. When the enigmatic Viking Leif Thorinsson literally fell into her world, her well-ordered existence was turned upside down. The alluring blacksmith awakened the primal within... more