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  • One Night His Lady

    by Sofie Darling
    Just one night changed their lives… When Spanish émigré Eva Galante meets French aristocrat Lucien Capet, it’s love at first sight. But their meeting isn’t by chance, and Eva isn’t who Lucien believed her to be. After a whirlwind romance and a flight to Gretna Green, Lucien learns the truth about what loving Eva could cost him. A single betrayal tore them apart… Four years later, Eva is London’s most sought-after modiste and Lucien is now Marquis de Touraine, about to become engaged to Eva’... more
  • Queen of Light and Ashes

    by Mary E Jung
    Queen Mèabh is running from mysterious anti-life magic called the Darkness. She later discovers that her ex-husband, Annanias the Second, is behind the destruction of her kingdom. He controls the Darkness and plans to take over the rest of the five kingdoms of Etrucia. Queen Mèabh is pregnant and cannot access her power of light to fight the Darkness, or the army Annanias is assembling. The biological pregnancy block for every female in the Etruciaverse is not her only obstacle. She’s been label... more
  • Unfated Mates

    by Lexie Talionis

    Fate is a cruel mistress...

    Wandering deep into the winter woods to escape her mother's boyfriend, Nat fears she may have run from one horror only to be devoured by another when she stumbles upon a terrifying giant of a wolf. But her fear quickly turns to concern for the enormous creature who is so gentle with her, and she looks for ways to care for him.

    Caleb is captivated by the soft girl with wounded eyes who so quickly recovers from her fright on... more

  • The Language of Love

    by Minerva Spencer
    Book 4 in THE ACADEMY OF LOVE Series! She’s not who he thought she was. But he’s not who he’s pretending to be, either… Annis Bowman lost everything when she trusted the wrong man. Now, she needs money, and she needs it fast. Finding a wealthy husband is her only viable option. It’s just her wretched misfortune that the only man who truly interests her is poor as a church mouse. Henry Singleton, the new Earl of Rotherhithe, is ready for desperate measures. He’s tired of not knowing i... more
  • Perfect Chemistry

    by Charmyra E. Fleming
    Cu + O2 yields “she,” and in a stark-white testing lab is where you’ll find a 5’7” brown beauty. Cool with cocoa-brown skin and hair like your next of kin, logically, this is where this romantic journey begins. At one point in her life, Dr. Zora St. James always knew the elements of her chemical equation with Dr. Stokely Allen had the potential for the hottest reaction. That is until he, Dr. Langston Mitchell, steps onto the scene. Soon, Zora realizes her relationship with Stokely isn’t enoug... more
  • Three's a Charm

    by Charmyra E. Fleming

    "Three’s A Charm” is a jaw-droppingly, sexy and utterly spicy story of one woman’s journey to happiness and redemption through the ups and downs of infidelity, love, and romance.Monica Storrow, a successful sports attorney, for years has been constantly taken for granted and emotionally hurt by her husband, Adam, and now she’s fed up. Derrick Longwood, however, has never gotten over his college sweetheart, and Issac St. James, only wanted to be a friend that she c... more

  • Captive Hearts

    by Kelly Miller
    Will Captain Wentworth realize too late that he has a second chance at love? With a successful naval career and a fortune to his name, Frederick Wentworth receives a hero’s welcome from his sister’s neighbours. One person, though, presents a source of vexation. Years earlier, Miss Anne Elliot had reneged on her promise to marry Wentworth, revealing a significant character flaw. Yet Anne’s unmarried state at the age of seven and twenty, her altered demeanour, and her resolute avoidance of Wen... more
  • Jasmine

    by ML Boyd
    Jasmine A Greater Love - the question is who's trying to kill Jasmine and why? Just when she finds love and happiness will she survive to enjoy it? Or will Jasmine lose everything including her life? Will she finally find out who wants her dead? No one is safe around her.

    by Anila Zurc
    In the middle of her life, Matilda happens upon an old friend and is thrust into a new realization that turns her world upside down. A weave of stories draws the reader in through a roller coaster of emotions, of love and loss, want and desire, as Matilda reaches into her past and struggles to figure out just exactly what happened so long ago. Haunted by secrets and tormented by lust and betrayal, she finds herself torn between entrenched moral codes and unbridled passion. Provocative and po... more
  • The Soulmate Battle

    by Tiffany Ann
    Caleb Turner spent his entire life believing that the soulmate call wasn’t real. He couldn’t believe that anyone could find him loveable, much less actually be created for him alone. It only took one look when his eyes met hers for him to know that the soulmate call was truly real.Pasiphae Lockhart dreamed of a fairy tale love that she never conceived existed for her, until an unexpected stranger took her breath away. Her soul immediately claimed his even though she already had a boyfriend. Will... more
  • The Soulmate Call

    by Tiffany Ann
    Lisabeth Gilbert was a young ordinary college student, determined to guard her heart. It meant her heart was for one person only. Little did she know that her soul had already found the one. During a chance encounter on campus, Lisabeth sees the one her soul had claimed. Her soul instinctively takes control and calls out to his soul, tying their souls together for eternity. Rey Turner’s family discovered the soulmate call generations ago. Rey knew who his soulmate was, but refused to accept h... more
  • Baron of Rake Street

    by Jennifer Monroe

    In this Regency romance by Jennifer Monroe, an infamous rake and a penni-less woman find themselves entangled in a liaison based on lies... and love.

    A woman he overhears at a party boasting of her family’s wealth.
    A woman who can change his life forever if she can believe just one little lie.
    A woman named Miss Emma Hunter…

    Lord St. John’s reckless ways at the Rake Street Gaming Hell has driven his estate to near bankruptcy. ... more

  • Redirection

    by Beth Scott
    A humorous contemporary sport-themed story with new adult characters. Grant and Rebecca meet when Grant trades an ice hockey puck for a bocce ball. They instantly make a connection, but their professional aspirations interfere with their budding friendship. Will their relationship develop into something more in spite of their career relocations? A sweet and wholesome 'situationship' perfect for all ages. If you are looking for steamy bedroom scenes, this book is not for you.
  • Leko (Lunar Uprising, Book 3)

    by Cyndi Friberg

    Hating aliens is Julia’s family business. Can Leko reach beyond a lifetime of resentment and teach her that love knows no boundaries?

    Leko, a powerful lunar raider, is working undercover in an anti-alien militia when he encounters Julia. Instantly he knows she is his mate, but he came to Earth to uncover a Morax plot, not succumb to bonding fever.

    Julia knows there is something special about Leko. She has never reacted to anyone the way she reacts to him. Still, she refuses ... more

  • Sutton's Surrender

    by Scarlett Scott
    A perfectly proper duke's heir and a fiercely loyal East End lady clash in this steamy Regency romp from USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Scott. With his impeccable reputation and undeniable good looks, Garrick Weir, Viscount Lindsey, heir to the Duke of Dryden, has earned his place at the apex of fashionable London society. Every lady on the marriage mart wants him as her prize, and every young fop wants to be him. When his foolish younger brother declares his intention to marry a devio... more
  • Needs & Wants

    by Tina Marie James
    Breanna Ellis hasn't been happy for the past five years of her seven-year relationship with her boyfriend, Elijah Bryson. Hoping that he will open himself to her more, she realizes that ship sailed a long time ago. That's when Nathaniel Morrison enters her life. Nathaniel gives her everything she's ever wanted, but there's just one problem. She and Elijah have a daughter together. Not wanting to end her current relationship with Elijah because of their daughter, Isabella, she continues to date b... more