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  • The Pilgrim Soul in You

    by Martin Mutka

    The Pilgrim Soul in You is the poignant narrative of Will Merritt, a bright college graduate from the East who moves to San Francisco in the early ‘80s to pursue his MBA.  There he meets Laura McKenzie, a beautiful, young law student from a prominent Northern California family.  The two are drawn to one another by a similar sad event in their past and that connection fosters a relationship that blossoms into affection and commitment.&... more

  • The Siren's Gentleman (Fate of the Worthingtons Book 4)

    by Laura A. Barnes

    To deny fate is to deny the love you hold in your heart.

    A gentleman smitten with a mysterious lady. A lady in search of a knight to rescue her.

    Graham Worthington had spent most of his career searching for a notorious villainess. Now, with her capture near, he becomes distracted by a lady who was just as elusive. While trying to avoid his family’s matchmaking attempt, he meets his mystery lady by chance in a moonlit g... more

  • The Fiery Vixen (Fate of the Worthingtons Book 3)

    by Laura A. Barnes

    Sometimes one must spark the flame to ignite the hidden passion.

    A fiery spinster. An irritating gentleman. One scandalous night filled with indulging in their desires.

    Eden Worthington strode through the London ballrooms with the confidence of an independent lady. She didn’t believe in the foolish notion of soul mates, nor did she wish to fall victim to the Marriage Mart. Eden was perfectly content to live her life fre... more

  • The Seductive Temptress (Fate of the Worthingtons Book 2)

    by Laura A. Barnes

    A fate already set in motion may hold unexpected surprises.

    A lady betrayed by her betrothed. A gentleman set out for destruction. Would his scandalous proposition entice her to surrender to the passion swirling around them?

    Noel Worthington’s happily ever after was only weeks away. She had finally secured herself a match with a divine earl who doted on her at every opportunity. However, Noel questioned if she should gi... more

  • The Tempting Minx (Fate of the Worthingtons Book 1)

    by Laura A. Barnes

    Time leads one along a soulful journey to find one’s true love.

    A spitfire debutante. A dashing imposter. One stolen kiss sets them on their path.

    Margaret Worthington was a lady who failed to escape the clutches of time. She was now forced to endure a dreadful season visiting the stifling ballrooms, wearing fancy dresses and false smiles. When she would rather ride her horse across the open fields in her comfortable ... more

  • The Song of Ramon and Maria: An Epic Historical Novel of Love and Revenge

    by Richard E. LaMotte
    The Song of Ramon and Maria by Richard E. LaMotte is an epic romance novel set against the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution at the dawn of the 20th century. Despite misgivings from her family, Maria Duranthon, of European ancestry, marries the love of her life, Ramon, a dashing Indian cowboy, in the small rural Mexican town of Rosario. But when Ramon is drafted into the Mexican army, and Maria's father is unexpectedly murdered, the two lovers will diverge toward very different paths in life... more
  • Black Switch

    by D. Van Bui
    Sebastian Sinclair is on his way to becoming one of the greatest spiritual healers of our time. He came down to earth with certain abilities. These gifts he gave himself are an evolution of what normal humans have never seen before in this lifetime. Seeing ghosts and angels are just the preliminary steps of what he will eventually receive in the future. But he must be careful about the many pitfalls that will arise while trying to fulfill his destiny. Never did he think that Sophia Freemont, th... more
  • Looking for Love at 82

    by Alex Gall
    The book chronicles and summarizes my trials and tribulations in the online dating experience. It describes the path on how to use the computer to locate, try to select and meet dates, companions and a soulmate, a future bride. I met my wife nearly 60 years ago through a friend of my mothers. Since then the dating process has changed radically, particularly for seniors. This book describes in detail the process of finding a romance and a new love using the computer to facilitate your search. I h... more
  • Worth Fighting For (The Worth Series Book 2)

    by Matilda Madison
    After avoiding his duty for five years, American Alexander Rhodes is backed into a corner. He must travel to England and inherit the title Baron de Greaves. Only his new home isn’t empty. The widow he’s meant to care for isn’t the old lady he had imagined, but a beautiful young woman. Widowed baroness Catherine has been waiting five years to meet the new baron, but when the arrogant man arrives, she is shocked. He’s nothing like she imagined. Surely, he can’t be trusted to care for Wembley Ma... more
  • Lucky Me

    by Genevieve Jack

    He’s lucky as sin, and we’re playing for keeps.

    Seven Delaney runs his corner of Dragonfly Hollow with the insufferable arrogance you’d expect from someone born lucky. The sexy billionaire leprechaun is responsible for the most humiliating experience of my life and is the reason I fled that fae city sixteen years ago.

    But living as an undocumented fae among humans isn’t easy. When a high-stakes poker game goes terribly wrong, I end up in mo... more

  • Now and Forever

    by Angela Lam
    Geraldine hates growing older. Even though she maintains her high school weight, she can't tolerate the crow's feet or the crepe paper skin or her husband's lack of sexual interest. Lionel battles two fronts—the arthritis that prevents him from hitting home runs for the Vine Valley Crushers and the lack of libido that leaves his wife feeling lonely and restless. Tensions escalate when Lionel vows to protect an employee's confidence and Geraldine toys with taking her flirting to the next le... more
  • Never-Ending Promises

    by Angela Lam
    Can a couple sustain the magic of their second chance love? Between Cassidy’s cancer diagnosis and treatment and Deb’s never-ending battle to stepparent a disabled adult son, the love they once felt slowly frays. Can a community of new and lifelong friends help the couple resurrect those precious feelings and heal their broken and blended family once and for all?
  • Deadwood: A Meet-Cute Short Story

    by Victoria Marswell
    Financial advisor Audrey Dunning arrives for a business consultation in touristy, and historic Deadwood, South Dakota. While en route to meet her client, chaos ensues when she runs into an unexpected stranger and his antics leave her unimpressed by the town's entertainment gimmicks. The encounter forces her to change plans and reschedule her appointment with ranch owner Dustin Landis—a true gentleman. Ever since she read his real estate proposal, she had an immediate interest in him, but Audr... more
  • A Journey of the Heart

    by Shaley Nagle
    Hannah is a seamstress living near Fort Kearney. She is happy with her simple life caring for her father. But when Sam, a newly widowed father of three, comes to town seeking help to get his family to Oregon, Hannah's world is turned upside down. Their marriage is purely for convenience, but as they travel the length of the Oregon Trail together, Hannah begins to see Sam in a new light. Could there be more between them than just a business arrangement? A Journey of the Heart is a sweet, cl... more
  • Cry Love

    by Eve Gaddy
    An undying love. An enduring threat. When Dr. Claire Westbrook and Dr. Jonas Clark meet, the attraction is immediate and dangerous. Jonas is a topnotch neurosurgeon. Claire is a trauma surgeon in a failing marriage. The last thing either wants is to become embroiled in a complicated workplace romance. From their first meeting they feel a strange connection. Though they try to deny it, their link is only strengthened when they’re together. Claire and Jonas are both professionals who’ve seen to... more
  • Lilah's Limit

    by Suzanne Smith

    Lilah's Limit is a dark romance that takes place in New Orleans circa 1871. The story revolves around the passionate, yet strained relationship between the wealthy scar-faced gentleman, Philippe Renault, and the mysterious prostitute, Lilah. Soon after they meet, Renault feels his lust for Lilah evolving into love. After Lilah is attacked by an unknown assailant in Madame Cheney's opulent bordello, her place of employment, Renault realizes that Lilah's life is in immediate danger.... more