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  • Boulder Girl, Remember Me When the Moon Hangs Low

    by Cynthia CLark
    When young, pretty, successful Lana Ross divorces her indifferent husband of ten years, Cadillac dealer Lucas Chisholm, she randomly chooses a local locksmith to change the locks in her home located in Columbine Point, nestled near the iconic Flatirons of the scenic Rocky Mountains and nearby Boulder, Colorado. The selected locksmith, sinister, grimy, and smoky, Leon Alvarez, unbeknownst to Lana, was a former classmate who had been infatuated with her in high school but forgot about her when she... more
  • Original Player

    by Montreal Evans and John Isom
    Big E’s dream is to open an all male strip club. He is finally being released from prison after 10 years and the future looks bright. But instead of his sister Kay, his brother and big time hustler Lil Jon picks him up from prison. While Big E does not agree with Lil Jon’s life choices, he respects him as Lil Jon was financially taking care of his daughter “Babygirl” and sister Kay for ten yearas while he was in prison. When Lil Jon goes to jail for murder the first week Big E is rel... more
  • Revenge Cake

    by Skyler Mason
    I didn’t want to fall in love with Logan, an infamous relationship slut. He fell in love too easy for it to ever be real. And I refused to end up just one more crazy ex-girlfriend. But he used his self-deprecating charm to wear me down, and I let myself fall. Even though I was afraid he’d abandon me once he learned about my anxiety disorder. And that’s exactly what he did. He shattered my heart into a million pieces, and now it’s time for him to pay. Revenge never tasted so sweet. ... more
  • Get A Life! Delilah Blue

    by Gail Hudson
    Delilah Blue has had her share of heartache. She's a runner... if anything bad, sad or mad happens in her life she hops on her beloved motorbike and runs for the hills. When her doting Dad encourages her to return home and set down some roots she finds herself on the beautiful Isle of Man having to deal with everything she's been running from. Will she stay and make a future or run again?
  • The Duke is Wicked

    by Tracy Sumner

    A wicked duke.
    A troublesome American.

    And the forbidden desire they can't deny...

    Worlds and leagues apart, two unlikely lovers ignite in passion...

    A fire-starting duke and an American hellion whose mind is a weapon.

    Leagues and lives apart, Delaney and Sebastian navigate a world they're not destined for together.

    He's harboring a fiery secret....

    The Duke of Ashcroft is determined to keep the League of Lords under wraps.  After all,... more

  • Pride of Valor

    by Andrea K. Stein
    Valor in battle is nothing compared to the courage required to face up to love. Harriet, Dowager Countess of Worthen, rusticates in the countryside outside Falmouth with her grandmother, a former beauty and Covent Garden actress. Although the elderly duchess’s days as the toast of society ended with marriage to the late Duke of Sidmouth, her aged mind has turned back to her earlier calling. Two mastiffs and Harriet’s naughty six-year-old son complete the havey-cavey household. While combin... more
  • Between Goodbye and Hello

    by Iris Blobel

    Can two seemingly incompatible people who judge each other on past events be able to find some common ground?

    Harrison Hendrix believes in second chances, but when it comes to Melody, he has every reason to doubt it’s possible. He’s conflicted when he sees her back in town and tries his best to see the change in her that other friends mention. Even more so when spending a night with her after being set up for a dinner date.

    Life hasn’t been kind to Melody Foster,... more

  • Love at Second Sight

    by Catherine Stein

    Theirs was a love to last forever. If only they could remember it.

    Anna Harper has no memory of her old life. Or even of yesterday. She’s alone, pregnant, and in a foreign country, but none of those things will stop her from investigating the mystery of her unusual ailment. She’s determined to explore every clue, whether it be a whisky company that bears her name, or a handsome man who shares her problem.

    Smith. Whisky. Newcastle. With his mind wiped b... more

  • The Girl in the Jitterbug Dress: WWII Historical & Contemporary Romance

    by Tam Francis
    ~ The past doesn't always stay in the past. Sometimes it comes to life on the dance floor ~ Enter a world of nostalgic fashion, classic cocktails, and dance halls. 18-year-old June finds herself face to face with one of her deepest desires. Dance. She embarks on a path of discovery and relishes the vintage skirt wrapping around her warm thighs on the crowded dance floor. And the way her partner moves her to distraction by expertly shifting his leg between hers, delicately pushing her into in... more
  • Lion and the Lamb: Easter

    by Elizabeth Rose
    ♥ Will the lion lie down with the lamb? ♥ Widow, Rachael Bainard is furious to learn that her uncle has betroth her to their enemy, the Lion of the South. Her young son needs a father, but one bad marriage was enough and Rachael is in no hurry to wed again. If she can stall long enough, Lent will begin. By the laws of the church, no marriages are allowed between the start of Lent and Easter. This will give her the time she needs to figure out how to break the betrothal. However, things don't ... more
  • A Change of Scenery - The Canon City Chronicles, Book 4

    by Davalynn Spencer

    A hidden fear.
    A daring challenge.
    A liberating love.

    A motorcar accident on a rainy Chicago night steals Ella Canaday’s fiancé as well as her ability to ride. Clinging to the remnants of her independence, she cuts her hair and her ties with her wealthy father and takes a train west as the seamstress with a moving-picture company. Colorado offers the change of scenery she needs. But she doesn’t expect the bold cowboy who challenges her to reclaim both the lo... more

  • Awake

    by Shirley McCoy
    Sleeping is overrated. How much could you get done if you didn't have to sleep? Dean and Madison are two scientists who have created a drug that makes it possible for people to stay awake. Only, they haven't. When the two discover that the drug causes dangerous side effects, they try to stop it from going on the market, only to end up on the run from the drug company that wants that drug available for purchase at any cost. Falling in love and losing could be the price Dean and Madison pay in Awa... more
  • The Wind and the Fire

    by Shirley McCoy
    In The Wind and the Fire, the search for the ring of Solomon continues with Ian, the prince of the Jinn, and Sarah, the woman who released him from his imprisonment, as he prepares to find the ring and save his people. The ring, hidden and kept safe for 1000 years by a spell that is waning, is also sought once again by the evil sorcerer Alaster. Ian will never allow Alaster to take his kingdom, his subjects or his lover. He and Sarah will pit themselves and all of their power against Alaster and... more
  • Rattlesnake Road

    by Amanda McKinney
    Welcome to 1314 Rattlesnake Road. A quaint two-bedroom log cabin nestled deep in the woods outside the small, southern town of Berry Springs – the perfect hideaway for Grey Dalton to pick up the broken pieces of her life. But the discovery of secret letters and a haunting presence turn her plans upside down. While Grey struggles to keep her focus, she finds herself thrown into a love triangle between two very different men. One, a tattooed cowboy, the other, a dashing businessman. One will steal... more
  • Duke of Dishonor

    by Tammy Andresen
    A hero in disguise… When a mystery man saves her from bandits, Emily Carrington cannot deny that she’s intrigued. Perhaps infatuated is the better word. But she’s got no time for such fancies. She has to marry quickly before her family’s secrets are exposed and she is ruined. The problem is that no matter how hard she attempts to pay attention to her parade of suitors, one set of glittering dark eyes haunts both her waking and sleeping hours. Who is Emily’s hero and will she ever get to see h... more
  • Escapades of a Personal Stylist

    by Leanne Lovegrove


    Being angry at the world isn't working for Max Cartwright, especially when he's trying to win over the girl of his dreams. But he can't seem to stop himself from fighting with the fiery beauty over every damn thing. To make matters worse, he's hiding who he is, and he knows when Sophie finds out, she'll cut him loose.

    Sophie Williams life is full of adventures she'd rather not have. Being a personal stylist to the rich and pampered isn... more