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  • Dive Babe

    by Suzie Quint
    Claudia MacAllister, the manager of an upscale hotel bar in Galveston, Texas, can't go to the police about her stalker because she fears they'd laugh themselves silly when she tells them her on-again, off-again friend-with-benefits is stalking her with matrimonial intent. In an attempt to dissuade his amorous pursuit, she tries to convince her stalker she's involved with someone else. Talk about being in the right place at the wrong time. Joe Sweeny, the part owner of a scuba diving excu... more
  • A Nurse's Revenge: Fight to Thrive Book 1

    by Rebecca Hemlock
    When Travel nurse Michelle Blackburn’s twin has been murdered, she comes back to her hometown to find her killer. Things quickly turn complicated when she comes face to face with the man who shattered her heart. Detective Aiden St. James is determined to solve Anne Blackburn’s murder, but too much about this case doesn’t add up. The Westview PD has had their hands full with a local drug ring and a new lead makes Anne their prime suspect. But Michelle is certain her twin wasn’t a criminal. ... more
  • Protecting the Mountain Man's Treasure (Brothers of Sapphire Ranch Book 2)

    by Misty M. Beller
    Jude Coulter is far more comfortable in his family’s sapphire mine tucked in the Montana mountains than on the bustling streets of New York City, where he’s been sent to deliver a shipment of gems. His relief at boarding the train for the first leg of his journey home is short-lived when an accident renders him unconscious. Angela Larkin worked hard to earn this assignment for the Treasury—an undercover mission to determine the source of the sapphires brought each year for auction in the city... more
  • Returning to You

    by Gwen Tolios
    Monica’s relationship with her father is falling apart, made more obvious when her return to Madison after years aboard results in him throwing her out of the house. Lisa Carson, her BFF and old college roommate, takes her in. Turns out Lisa has her own issues with her parents – they’re pushing her to date despite her lack of desire. So when Monica joins a Carson family dinner, she lies and says it’s starting a relationship with Lisa that brought her back to America. Lisa goes along with ... more
  • Kissing by the Mistletoe (Maitland Maidens Book 3)

    by Cora Lee
    She wants to marry. He wants to marry her. Will a faux courtship bring them together or break their hearts?
  • Back In My Arms Again

    by Cora Lee
    Two former lovers unexpectedly cross paths once again under troublesome circumstances. How will they overcome their turbulent past together to protect their future?
  • Save the Last Dance for Me (Maitland Maidens Book 1)

    by Cora Lee
    Mr. Benedict Grey is the only heir to a long-standing title, and he knows his duty: find a suitable girl, get married, secure the succession beyond himself. But if a gentleman could be called a wallflower, Benedict would fit the description perfectly. And for the past six years, he’s been out of Society more than he’s been in it. How will he find a woman to wed and bed when he can barely converse with the ladies of the ton? Lady Honoria Maitland has promised her dying father that, before he b... more
  • Marry Lies

    by Amanda Richardson
    In "Marry Lies," Miles Ravage, a man who never desired marriage, finds himself entangled in a web of lies as he enters a marriage of convenience with the cheerful and vibrant Estelle Deveraux. What begins as a desperate attempt to salvage his family's reputation evolves into an unexpected obsession for Miles. Stella, presented with a dream opportunity, must endure a year of marriage to the bad-tempered Miles for the sake of her clothing line. As they navigate the complexities of their forced uni... more
  • The Light at Corriveau Crossing

    by Amber Cross
    (Notes: Unincorporated territories in Maine are often called plantations, like Plimouth Plantation in Massachusetts. The name has nothing to do with slavery or the South. This book deals with suicide and those left behind.) Levi Turner ran from Greylock Plantation thirteen years ago, and he wouldn’t be back now if his father didn’t need him. He’ll stay just long enough to see the man on his feet and do his best to avoid Carissa Michaud while he’s there. Easier said than done. She throws dow... more
  • Selina: An Age-Gap, Opposites Attract Story (The Bellamy Sisters Book 3)

    by Minerva Spencer
    Lady Selina Bellamy is much more than a pretty face. And it’s about time everyone realized it… Being the sweet, biddable, pretty sister isn’t as easy as one might think. Selina knows this all too well. Love? That was never a possibility for her. Not when she was expected to marry a wealthy man and save her entire family from financial ruin. But then Selina’s shy, reclusive sister married a duke and relieved Selina of her only responsibility in life. Now, she’s free to do whatever she want... more
  • Lips Like Sugar (Bluebird Basin Book 2)

    by Jess K Hardy
    Fake Date. Real Feels. It’s official, Mira Harlow has finally lost it. Between running her small-town bakery, parenting her 14-year-old son, and taking care of her mom, she’s a stretched-thin mess. But kissing a total—and very sexy—stranger before begging him to be her date to Ashley and Madigan’s wedding just so her ex won’t see how lonely she really is? That’s a new level of chaos, even for her. The last thing drummer Cole Sanderson expects when he drives into the small ski town of Red ... more
  • Coup de Coeur

    by Halli Starling
    A queer historical fantasy/romance set in a version of 1899 New York City where magic is common and convenient, Coup de Coeur follows the journey of three men whose fates are tied to the seemingly sudden appearance of a strange, possibly sentient, grimoire.
  • The Viscount to Avoid

    by Tammy Andresen
    What if this princess didn’t wish to leave her tower? Fern liked being alone, tucked away from the rest of the world. People had a way of being so…disappointing. But when a viscount knocks at her door, he makes her an offer she can hardly refuse. Help him gain revenge on her evil stepsister, the very one who chased her into the tower, and he’d give her the means to pursue any future Fern wished. It was the perfect solution except for one detail. Leaving meant facing the demons of her pa... more
  • Out of Sight

    by Cleo White
    ISOBEL I know a bad idea when I see one, and the unfairly handsome stranger I meet on the airport shuttle is a really bad idea. Especially when the silver fox turns out not to be a stranger at all, and steering clear isn’t an option. This isn’t a vacation. I’m in Bora Bora for my sister’s wedding, to connect with my aggressively successful family members and focus on what matters most: getting into medical school. Judah Hale, with his broad shoulders and growly voice, is a distractio... more
  • Buried by Earth

    by Jemma Weir
    Sam has spent the last decade hiding her magic. If anyone found out she was an Earth Elemental, she would lose everything, including the land that relied on her. Hale has been the Highland Rift Pack Alpha for the last seven years, and his priorities are his pack, the rangers, and keeping the Highland Rift Scar monsters in check. When a full moon hunt ends with Hale stung by a Rift scorpion and stuck as a wolf, Sam is forced to allow him to stay on her land. Something her land is ecstatic a... more