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  • The Silent Woodsman

    by Cat Treadgold
    Holed up in a cabin in the Hoh Rain Forest, county music idol Joe Bob Blade is under doctor’s orders not to utter a sound. A woman, chilled and afraid, faints at his door. Back in civilization, neither can forget those two magical days.
  • L Amour, Le Sacré , La Vie

    by Le cercle de la vie
    La plus vieille histoire du monde: l'Amour mon âme est tombée folle amoureuse d’un homme à son premier regard la passion m ‘emporta au plus profond de mon âme dans les abysses d’un océan d'amour dans l’invisible pour m'amener par dela les montagnes aux pays imaginaires des contes de fées de ce monde oublié.. Ce monde enchanté de L’amour dans la volupté des grimoires au pays des lumières pour ne faire qu' 1 avec l'amour de ma vie cet homme que je ne connais pas et pourtant tout nous lie au plus... more
  • Let it Love: A Contemporary Romance Novel

    by Emma Aiseman

    Life hasn’t been easy for Pilates and yoga instructor Chloe Barrett. She works two jobs to keep afloat and fights her way through college, especially with Jimmy, her own personal dream smasher, thought-provoking-insulter, and professional-mansplaining boyfriend. She certainly does not believe in love, and happiness to her is nothing more than a mere decision. Fairytales are just not what life has in store for her, so why fight it?

    But her well-crafted walls and fences may be crack... more

  • You First

    by Caitlin Moss
    He's her brother's best friend. She's his biggest regret. Genevieve Michaels didn’t realize how much emotional preparation she needed to do for her brother’s wedding. But when Leo Bishop walks into the bar five days before the wedding, she’s reminded of exactly why she can’t stand her brother’s best friend...and exactly why she plans to steer clear of him all week. But within minutes, Leo and Genevieve are back to their usual childish antics. They grew up together, and they have a lot i... more
  • A Wager With an Earl

    by Tammy Andresen
    He’s the most notorious rake in all of London… Which is why every lord of the realm wants to be friends with the Earl of Somersworth. He’s the life of every ballroom and backroom gaming hell alike. The problem? When he needs a fiancée, not one of those so-called friends will let him anywhere near their sisters or daughters because everyone knows he can’t be trusted. So when Viscount Northville practically tosses his niece in Somersworth’s path, he’s suspicious. There must be something wron... more
  • Under the Light of a Texas Moon

    by Lanae Joy

    Genelle Golden hopes a move to the Southwest will mean a chance to restart her life but when her plans fall apart she finds herself living in her car. Desmond Wright is an ex-military man dealing with an entitled adult daughter and his mother, who won’t let him forget he’s still single.

    And that’s just the beginning of the story.

    A novel about family, community, new beginnings and the power of love.

  • The Dating Dance

    by Danielle Nowell
    When Sarah Shuster meets Theodore Caddel, she's certain she's found the perfect man, although after what happened with Jake Leifhour, she's hesitant to get involved in a relationship. Sarah has a good job as a dance teacher and a steady life in Grenvale. As their relationship blossoms, Sarah is presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity: a dream job in New York City. The problem? it's over 2,000 miles away from Grenvale, and Theodore. Sarah is torn between her budding relationship with Theo... more
  • Bad Luck Charm

    by Julie Johnson

    A bewitching new standalone romantic comedy set in magical Salem, Massachusetts!


    As owner of an occult shop in downtown Salem, Massachusetts she’s accustomed to all things odd and otherworldly. But when a bloody animal sacrifice is left as a warning outside her place of business, the police seem to think Gwen might be the target of some truly evil-doers. Suddenly, her sunny existence is riddled with danger in t... more

  • Violence & Roses (A Thousand Scars for You)

    by Justin Bourne Boring
    Bizarre worlds full of savage fighters collide explosively with fraught, forbidden love in book two of the “Thousand Scars for You” series! More than a hundred years after a barbaric, bloody gender war between the Sinteverete sorcerers and the Pentavi shapeshifters ended in subjugation of the Pentavi women; an even bigger, more incendiary fight is brewing within the Earth realm. This burgeoning conflict threatens to ignite an apocalyptic war throughout all the realms, where no man, woman, dem... more
  • Beauty is a Blade (A Thousand Scars for You)

    by Justin Bourne Boring
    There is no force more compelling on Earth or in the parallel realms than forbidden love. It beguiles and inevitably self fulfills. It finds a way. Right or wrong, forbidden love can be a very beautiful thing, but that beauty is a blade, and it has a razor's edge. Impossibly, love blooms amidst a savage gender war that has raged for millions of years within a parallel realm. The Pentavi shapeshifters - an all female clan, and the Sinteverete sorcerers - an all male clan, were sworn enemies; d... more
  • A Love Affair with Baseball: A Novel

    by Nicole DiCicco
    In A Love Affair with Baseball, readers are transported back to 2002 into the glamorous world of New York baseball, where the biggest stars shine bright, and anything can happen. When Alexis Matthews, a passionate baseball fan, meets Ryan McNeil, the sport's biggest star, she is immediately drawn into his world. But when she discovers a deeply guarded secret that could shake the foundation of his career, Alexis is faced with an impossible decision. As the novel follows Ryan's career through t... more
  • Everything Happens for a Reason: A Sexy Novel

    by Nicole DiCicco
    Delve into the intricate web of life’s events, revealing the hidden connections and purpose behind every twist and turn. Follow Natalie Morelli as she navigates her way through heartache and the search for true love after her latest breakup at age 42. Along the way, she meets two men – the handsome New York billionaire architect, Steve Falconeri, and the charming, sexy Italian artist, Maximus Ricci. Their worlds are turned upside down and their beliefs about love and life challenged. This... more
  • Her Dangerous Beast

    by Scarlett Scott
    Exiled from his country long ago, Theo St. George forged a new life in London’s dark and seedy underworld. As a coldhearted mercenary, he’s willing to do anything for a price. But when he accepts a position as bodyguard to a duke in danger, he finds his true opponent in the nobleman’s prim and icy sister. Pamela, Lady Deering, has been forced to accept her brother’s generosity after the death of her husband. One of society’s irreproachable pillars, the last thing she needs is to dally with a ... more
  • Lair

    by David Sullivan
    A young woman fleeing an abusive past. A mysterious billionaire yacht owner with a nature more monstrous than her ex's. Will she live with it . . . or dare to save him?
  • A Smile in a Whisper

    by Jacquelyn Middleton

    Not All Farewells Are Forever

    Evie Sutherland throws herself into everything. Like many on Scotland’s picturesque Orkney Islands, she works several jobs: managing her family’s shop, researching genealogy for tourists, and writing historical romance novels. Evie aces most challenges—except love. With a childhood diagnosis of Crohn’s disease and a disastrous dating history, Evie has convinced herself that guys won’t date the “sick girl” and the bl... more

  • Within These Walls

    by Holly Hill Mangin
    Set behind the heavy wrought-iron fence surrounding it, Hillfield Manor has sat empty for decades. Rumors of ghostly sightings and sudden disappearances plague the manor, and those who have dared step foot inside have sworn never to do so again. But Hillfield is opening its doors once more, and when Emma Beckett is invited to copy type the family journals, she’s eager to live and work at the haunted manor, a place she has longed to explore, especially after her sister’s recent death. Emma... more